I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 82 (Part 2)

God, why did you, who supposedly adores humans, try to destroy this country? There must have been many humans, like my friends whose hearts hurt for dark attribute users, who did not hate Lune but worshipped her instead.

『That’s right. That’s why he should have only punished those children who tried to kill me. He could have established a law as well. But instead, he was furious and tried to kill them all… Soleil loved me so much that the first time he experienced someone trying to attack me he lost his mind.』

I also became livid that time Noel was almost killed, but, in the end, the target of my anger was only the woman who attacked her. I could understand though. Since it was the royal family who were targeting Lune, they could have sent hundreds of soldiers to attack her. In a situation like that, full of fury, I probably wouldn’t have been able to distinguish between the good and the bad humans either.

『Soleil treasured the little forms of life. Not only humans, but animals and plants. And, of course, magic beings as well. He still loves and adores them even now. He just hasn’t accepted the truth yet. Because of him, for no meaningful reason, many lives have been lost.』 

In other words, he will be crushed by that guilt. That’s why Lune wanted to win and force him to apologise. Because only once he had asked for forgiveness would Soleil truly be able to forgive himself.

For that… and for the sake of the god who clings to Lune, who said she would leave this kingdom, I had to win.

We were, however, far from reaching the conclusion of this fight. So, for the time being, won’t you keep looking into the heart of Luca, your descendant? You told me to show you how strong I really am, but my strength is all thanks to Luca.

Lune said so before, that from the moment I was born, she had been comforted by my resilient spirit. But that was just the strength I needed to endure on my own. The strength I hold now is something that was given to me by Luca. The strength for not just one person to live on, but two. The strength to trust and support each other as long as we live.

Look, even now while we fought each other, even as our blades crossed, Luca had faith in me. I could feel a lot of emotions, a lot of love from him.



I blocked the sword that was swung down with great force. We’d been fighting for hours now, but I didn’t feel physically exhausted at all. I was getting tired, however, with this kind of attack. Maybe because I’d been on the receiving end of it so many times.

I tried to take a little break from it without Luca finding out, and since I wasn’t putting up much resistance, Luca’s attack pushed me back and the two of us glided across the night sky.

If I slightly changed the direction of my blade and struck him from the side, I could spin us around in the air.

…It was fun.

Well, no, of course I was still fighting him since I had no intention of losing, but since I was able to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly, wasn’t it ok that I felt the urge to be a little bit playful? My opponent was Luca after all, so my life wasn’t in any danger.

I continued playing around, giving myself that excuse and Luca let out a giggle.

“It’s like we’re dancing.”


He caught me. He knew I was just thoughtlessly playing around. It was kind of embarrassing that he caught me fooling around.

“It’s fun, isn’t it, Zagan?” He pressed me for an answer since I didn’t know how to react and kept silent.

So I put some power into my blade and used the force of it to take some distance. And, as I flew backward, I pointed my staff at him.

“Dark Arrow, Dark Arrow, Dark Arrow!”

“I can’t! You’re so cute being a tsundere even at a time like this!”

I’m not cute so don’t bother pointing it out loud enough for me to hear! Don’t just block everything like it’s nothing, and don’t close the distance between us either!

As I readjusted my course to fly forward, I charged my staff with mana. Since I’d gotten used to flying over the past few hours, I could make a small turn even while going at high speed. Luca could too, of course, but he couldn’t reach me in time to stop me.

I put in more mana and… now!

“Blow it all up until there is nothing left – Explosion!”

“Gather, particles of light and protect me – Absolute Shield!”

After I released my ultimate magic, for a second, I could see light surrounding Luca as he chanted a spell. Immediately after, my attack struck him with a deafening noise and there was an explosion. Since I borrowed the goddess’s strength, the attack was powerful enough to blow something to smithereens if it was not used correctly.

When the smoke lifted, I could see Luca. I knew he wouldn’t die because he had Soleil with him, but still, the shield of light was half-destroyed and he was in a battered state. Blood was flowing down his forehead.

Though Soleil was more powerful than Lune, in the end, we were still only borrowing their powers. Since I was originally better at magic, it only made sense that he couldn’t fully stop my attack even if he also used an ultimate magic spell.

His breathing was ragged and his face was screwed up in pain.

“Can you keep going?” I asked, dagger pointed at him.

“Of course. I won’t give up until I’ve won.”

And, of course, he gave me the answer I expected, so I wasted no time in launching another spell.

“Twilight Blade!”

Ten black swords appeared above Luca’s head and he tried to avoid them as they fell, but since the swords had a tracking function, they changed direction and rose up at him from below. Luca jumped to the side again, attacking the swords as he flew backward, and with four slashes he made them disappear.

“…Gh!” Luca groaned.

I had rushed at him with my Twilight Blade. He blocked it but his eyebrows furrowed in pain. Apologies but I’m not going to give you room to pull yourself together. I won’t give you the chance to recover. If he dropped his weapon, even Luca would be forced to give up.

To make him drop his sword, I launched an attack that should have probably sliced his arm off. If I didn’t do at least that much I wouldn’t be able to win against Luca. However, Luca also seemed to understand that, due to his injuries, he would drop his sword if forced into a close fight, so he fought with everything he had.

He was in bad shape, but he was pushing me back to this extent. Damn it, what should I do? I can’t actually cut his arm off.

Perhaps it was because I was still agonising over what to do, that I ended up kicking him after his sword came down.


It happened in an instant so his reaction was delayed. He got hit on his side and was sent flying. However, he soon came to a stop, let out a puff of air, and calmly readjusted the grip on his blade.

He looked at me with eyes dyed by moonlight, and, despite the tense situation we were in, it filled me with joy.

Hey, Soleil, has it reached you? Luca’s heart? His strength to never give up because he wants to be with me?

In the same way I have Luca, you have Lune. The goddess who spent a thousand years by your side, protecting what was precious to you and never giving up. So if you are hurting, it’s ok to let her support you. Relying on others is not a weakness. The love she feels for you is an incredible force. The feelings she showed for just a couple of minutes were so much stronger than two months’ worth of purifying essence from me and Luca.


Luca charged at me again.

I also lifted my blade and the two crashed together with a clang. How many times had I already heard this sound tonight alone?

Ah, that’s weird

Every time sparks flew off our blades, I could see glimpses of something inside my head. These things I was being shown… were they the gods’ memories?

Soleil, who found a wounded animal, called Lune in a panic and asked her to heal it. The two looked happy as they watched the recovered animal scamper away.

Then the scene changed. Now they stood in a forest bathed by gentle sunlight, surrounded by a lot of animals and magical creatures. I could somehow tell that it was the Great Forest of Lune even though it was completely different from the gloomy forest that I knew.

Again the scene changed and I saw Soleil in human form picking up a crying child. He walked down unfamiliar streets with Lune by his side and smiled and talked to the humans around him. The two of them were adored by the people.

But, as the decades changed, I could feel the hint of something sinister starting to develop behind Lune’s back. The negative feelings towards her were getting stronger. But, perhaps because he was made of the cheerful and open-hearted light attribute, or because he had faith in the humans, Soleil didn’t notice.

In the last scene, many humans surrounded Lune. They began attacking her and she fended all of them off with a barrier. Soleil, who finally noticed the humans’ change, rushed to them and, in his fury, released his magic.

Since Lune immediately set up a barrier, half of the humans, including the king, survived, but many lost their lives in that moment.

And then a war started. A war between two gods. A war between Soleil who wanted to annihilate the humans who betrayed him, and Lune who wanted to protect the lives that were precious to him. Whenever the two clashed, the earth became a wasteland and those who lived there lost their lives, never knowing the reason why.

When Soleil, who had lost all reason, summoned a large number of spirits, Lune had no choice but to summon monsters in response. And the creatures born from the two gods were forced to fight to the death. In order to save the humans, newborn lives were created and extinguished one after the other.

Then I suddenly saw someone I recognised. It was Orobas. There was a man I had never seen before next to him and they were arguing.

Orobas yelled something and grabbed that man’s arm, but the man just shook him off. He turned into a demon and set off into the sky. Orobas too changed into demon form and chased after him.

That demon headed to where Soleil was rampaging. Soleil was struck by the demon’s ultimate attack, but the god’s shield only cracked slightly. And, he turned towards the demon who attacked him and opened his mouth.

A flash of light shot from the god’s open mouth, and even though the demon put up barriers, they were all destroyed, and… he was swallowed by the light.

Orobas, who had jumped back to avoid the light, reached out towards the crumbling demon’s back.


“See ya… Orobas.”

And, with a grin, the demon disappeared, only leaving behind a couple of items. Orobas chased after them and managed to gather the items safely, but the moment he landed on the ground he fell to his knees. I could see his body shake and hear the sobbing.

Orobas… you cried, didn’t you? Even though you told me you felt no sadness.

I saw Lune as she witnessed humans dying, magical creatures being created and destroyed, and demons who had been following her for thousands of years turning into dust.

Grief oozed from every corner of the kingdom. I could feel the fear, the cries of regret, and, above all, the hatred towards Soleil and the sorrow welling up inside Lune that made her stronger.

Lune then weakened Soleil. She sealed him, embraced him in her arms, and descended into the depths of the earth.

Down into the deep lonesome heart of darkness. Down to where the two lovers were alone in the bosom of Mother Universe.

“Dark Blast!”

“Shining Lake!”

The two mid-level attacks collided and set off a chain of explosions. I couldn’t see Luca through the smoke, but I knew that since he had a strong defence he would probably come at me through the smokescreen, so I shot off more attacks.

“Dark Arrow, Dark Ball!”


Sure enough, Luca came charging through the smoke, but it seemed he had predicted my move as well and managed to avoid it.

His sword came down. I blocked it and immediately slashed at him. And… seconds before our blades came to blows, I tilted my sword, and as it passed through the air, I rotated my arm and slashed him from the side. 

The sword fell from Luca’s hand.


Luca was startled for a second but soon swept down to grab his falling sword. As Luca moved away from me, I released a spell to prevent him from grabbing his weapon.


All of a sudden I felt a strong ray of light. It was so bright it made my eyes blurry. Ah, was it sunlight?

I see, at some point, night had turned to day. I didn’t even realise dawn had come in the middle of our dream-like battle. I also didn’t realise how high up we were. At first, we’d only gone a little past the chapel tower, but now we were much higher than that.

Looking down, I saw that Luca managed to retrieve his sword and was coming back up.

I was worried that he would keep on fighting despite his injuries, but he was rising towards me with no intention of giving up. Did he plan to keep on fighting until one of us declared from our own lips that we had lost?

I could keep fighting though, even if I were injured, since the goddess would heal me.

Planning to shoot another spell, I pointed my staff toward Luca, and then-


I seemed to have lost the ability to fly. My body started falling.

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