I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 85 (Part 2)

Cindy made her way over to us with her usual amiable smile.

“Welcome back Luca-kun, Zagan-kun. Good work today.”

“Hello, Cindy. You too, Eloi.”

“Welcome back, Luca-sama, Zagan-sama.”

“Good to be home.”

As always, Eloi greeted us with a sour expression, but he’d softened up quite a bit compared to our first meeting. Apparently, he did it because if he didn’t like the men Cindy trusted and behaved badly, Cindy would give him a scolding. Though he had peculiar preferences, he did his job well so I didn’t have any complaints.

Cindy was very happy when it was decided to release the Dark Organization under surveillance. She thanked me and Luca many times over.

She’d been anxious this whole time. She was worried that Eloi would die while the Evil God was being resurrected. Afterward, though he was unharmed, she was worried that he, a criminal, would be executed. And even if his life was spared, he could have gone to prison for a very long time.

All of this anxiety was now gone. Since then, Cindy seemed happy every day, and, as her friend, I too was happy.

“I see Camilla-chan isn’t here yet.”

“She called earlier to say that she just left the clinic and that she might not make it in time so we should start without her.”

“Is that so? I think it might take her another five minutes. Luca-kun, what do you think we should do?”

“Shall we go ahead and start? The food’s ready after all.”

As Luca said, the food was ready and everyone was already seated. A cover was placed over the plates of those who hadn’t arrived yet to keep their meal warm. It was decided we wouldn’t wait for them.

“Have a good meal, everyone.”


Today’s dinner was made up of omurice with beef stew, onion soup, and a salad. Mm, delicious. The meat, stewed in spices, was tender and seemed to melt in the mouth, and it tasted even better combined with the coddled egg of the omurice.

As I chewed my food, I glanced toward Luca sitting across from me. As always, he was watching me eat with a smile on his face.

“Is it good, Zagan?”

“Mm, it’s delicious.”

“Fufu. I’m glad.”

And, after this usual exchange, he finally started eating his own dinner.

Camilla arrived around the middle of the meal. 

Not long ago, she’d managed to complete the elixir so she had now safely gotten her adult body back. As Camilla herself mentioned before, she was a beautiful witch [t/n: “beautiful witch” either literally means a beautiful witch or a beautiful middle-aged woman who looks young for her age].

She had five apprentices. All of whom were dark attribute users who were learning alchemy and all kinds of other things from her. Her workplace was a clinic we’d built on our grounds.

“Sorry I’m late. A patient came in just before closing time.”

“Good work today, Camilla-chan.”

“Good work, Camilla-san. I’ll take the cover off your plate.”

“Thanks. Ooh, looks delicious.”

Camilla took the seat next to Bennett and immediately took a sip of her soup, letting out a satisfied sigh.

Bennett was taking care of us as a maid, Cindy was writing her travelogue, and Camilla researched alchemy in the clinic while also taking in patients and selling medicine.

The mansion was completed towards the end of January, but the three of them didn’t start living here until February. Up until then, they’d been travelling with Miranda, going to the 2nd and 3rd cities where they had previously lived. It was so they could prepare to move to the capital.

Since Camilla had originally lost customers because of her child-like form, the only thing she needed to do was say goodbye to her regulars and pack her bags. Cindy also simply retired from her job, packed her bags, and cancelled the contract on her house.

The problem was Bennett, though she did manage to properly confront her father.

Because of his debts, Bennett’s father fled to the 2nd city, and even though he could have died if things had gone wrong, he was in perfectly good health when the girls found him.

But as soon as he saw Bennett, he started yelling, asking her where she’d been and blaming his growing debt on her. Seeing that all too rotten father’s behaviour, Miranda flew into a rage and grabbed him by the collar while Cindy and Camilla tore him a new one. Apparently, they did this until he promised to break off contact with Bennett.

Since I’d given Bennett a communication device in advance, she reported to me that very same night. She said she felt completely refreshed and that she got to visit her mother’s grave and had no more lingering attachments. Immediately afterward, she started crying, but I could hear the other three comforting her in the background.

Then, at the beginning of February, the four of them returned to the capital. 

We’d heard their requests beforehand and had already built a clinic for Camilla and a detached room for Cindy. Meaning that they could move in without delay.

Afterward, we visited the orphanage and met with the dark attribute users that the magical beings were monitoring. There, it was decided that Eloi would come to the mansion right away.

He himself said that he didn’t want to be separated from Cindy for even a moment, but he had initially declined the offer to work for us because he would only get in the way of Cindy’s writing.

“Now that you’ve finally got the chance to have a normal job that doesn’t involve killing people, you’re not going to work? If Eloi-kun doesn’t work, we can’t have kids, you know. Raising kids takes a lot of money…”

“My apologies, I’ll work.”

Thus, he started working at the mansion. When I mumbled that he’d get to see Cindy during his breaks if he became a gardener, he immediately said he’d be a gardener. What an easy fellow.

As for the other employees, we let them know that Luca was the employer and that they’d be working under Bennett and recruited those who wanted the work.

Thankfully, even though it was a place where they would be exposed to noble society, ten people applied, including a woman who’d befriended Bennett after she got captured by the dragon.

As for Camilla’s disciples, we didn’t intend to look for them at first. It’s just that there were people who were interested in alchemy and volunteered for the position. Especially that guy Camilla had talked to in the 12th dungeon – he’d gone so far as to beg on his knees.

Seeing their passion, she decided to take them in.

As for Miranda, who wasn’t here at the moment, she continued being an adventurer as she said she would. However, now she had Sophie and a spirit with her as well. 

Miranda and Sophie were going around the country to help reduce dark attribute discrimination. And the spirit joined them as it greatly mitigated the amount of ill-will directed towards Sophie.

Even though the kingdom now knew the goddess of the dark attribute, Lune, had been protecting them this whole time, the discrimination could not be so easily uprooted. Since January, I’d been going to different places with Lune, but, as expected, there was a limit to what one person could do.

Which is why I’d asked Sophie and other combatants from the Dark Organization to make a move. Around a hundred of them were now travelling the country together with a spirit or a monster. When I explained that they’d have an S-rank magical being protecting them and that whoever attacked them would just get arrested, they agreed to do it for the sake of all dark attribute users’ futures.

Though I’d asked them to atone and deal with the hatred directed at their backs, they were just happy to be able to walk down the street like any normal person. I remembered their complaint from before – why are we the only ones who have to sneak around living in the shadows?

By the way, the four hundred plus non-combative members of the Dark Organization were living with Klage in the divine library. These were the people who didn’t have the mana to fight back and could only let themselves be persecuted. For those who had been living in fear, the divine library, which was constantly protected by magical beings, was a place where they could spend their days in peace. Of course, they also did the work of taking care of the many volumes in the library and received a proper salary from the government.

Whenever they wanted to leave the library, the magical beings would accompany them.

Having a job and getting paid. 

Walking through town and being able to buy stuff and have fun.

Though it seemed trivial, these people weren’t able to experience these things until now.

Furthermore, even if they did find love, they couldn’t have children because two dark attribute parents did not necessarily promise a dark attribute child.

But now they could finally be like any other citizen of Soleil.

I wished for them to have as much happiness as they had suffered until now.

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4 months ago

Everyone got a happy end!!! ^^/ Sophie too, now traveling with Miranda!