I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 85 (Part 1)

After seeing them off, we went back inside the mansion and Luca called out to everyone.

“Well then, shall we go have dinner?”

Yessir! The attendants replied and quickly made their way to the dining room. The two of us also leisurely followed them.

The dining room in our mansion was built in the style of a restaurant so that everyone could eat together. There were, of course, table seats but there were counter seats as well. And, since the kitchen was on the other side of the counter, a person didn’t have to carry their food very far if they sat there.

Essentially, anyone could sit anywhere they liked. Luca and I, however, were the only ones with an established seat at a table that was set up on a small platform next to a window. And Bennett as well – she would always take the table closest to us.

Glancing at the attendants as they carried their dinner to their tables, I sat down on the sofa. Aside from Bennett, there were ten others, all with purple hair. They were dark attribute users who’d previously been part of the Dark Organization.

It took all of five minutes to decide on the punishment for Klage who created the Dark Organization. This was because it was something I’d requested as a reward for collecting the star fragments. The conversation at that time went as follows:

“My request is regarding the treatment of the Dark Organization. Their members have killed many people and they also attacked the capital. Therefore their crimes cannot be pardoned. However, if you were to execute them for this reason, then you must also execute every single person who has ever killed a dark attribute user, and all the members of the royal family, other than Luca, must also kill themselves as they are responsible not only for betraying Soleil but also for giving birth to the discrimination against the dark attribute. This is not a wish, it is a demand.”

“To kill every single person, you say… is that not impossible?”

As a king, he had no choice but to punish the criminal organisation that attacked the royal capital. However, if he did punish them, his life would end as well. In front of his god Soleil, he could not claim that what happened a thousand years ago had nothing to do with him. Not while he still ruled the Soleil kingdom.

Which was why the king squeezed out those words with an anguished expression.

However, there was already someone there to catch the king as he was trying to escape this unfavourable situation – Lune.

『For me, it is possible. I can sense every life, every negative emotion. Even here in this room, there are twelve who are nervous and fearful of your conversation. These twelve have killed dark attribute users. I do not mind executing them this very second.』

As expected, there were some here. The hall was full of nobles who paid a lot of attention to their image, along with knights and mages with high offensive capabilities. Of course, in a room filled with such people, there would be at least one who had killed a dark attribute user before. And, no matter how much they were discriminated against or how badly they were thought of, dark attribute users were still human, and killing them was murder.

Though a hundred people were gathered in the hall, the room was deathly silent. Did they have no counterargument or was it because of Soleil’s intimidation?

“As their leader, Klage was the dark attribute users’ hope. He was a king to those the kingdom had abandoned and oppressed. Therefore if Klage is to be executed, then the king of Soleil must also suffer the same fate. If all the members of the Dark Organization are to be executed, then all those who have persecuted them must be executed as well. God shall bestow an equal punishment. Please think carefully about what your decision should be.”

If I threatened him like this, Klage and the others probably wouldn’t be executed. And it wasn’t like I said anything wrong. Both were equally guilty.

Anyway, I didn’t think I’d get a concrete answer right away so the conversation was probably over. Thinking that, I took a step back and at the same time Luca stepped in front of me as if to protect me.

“Father, I have a proposal for you.”

“…Let us hear it.”

“Let us give Klage a lifetime sentence. However, he will not be confined in a prison, but instead in a different kind of establishment. A research lab or a library for example. If you do this, Father’s punishment would only be that you wouldn’t be able to leave the castle.”

“I see… though I am the king, being confined to the palace wouldn’t be that big of a hindrance.”

“That’s right. As for the members of the Dark Organization, I suggest they all be released, but put under surveillance. Furthermore, an official announcement should be made to the citizens summarising the royal family’s betrayal from a thousand years ago and the events that have occurred up to the present day. Maybe also the reason why the Dark Organization didn’t receive a heavy sentence. We must let the people know that those who persecuted people with the dark attribute are also guilty of sins… that discrimination will not be tolerated.”

It made me happy to hear Luca propose a plan that included my own wish for discrimination to be eliminated. Soleil too immediately approved of that plan.

『I approve of this. A thousand years ago, I behaved recklessly and took numerous lives. It is also my fault that Lune was made into the Evil God. I have finally returned to my senses and thanks to Lune and the others my anger has abated. Still, I am saddened to think of the number of lives that have been lost because of me』

Thus, with Soleil’s words, Luca’s plan was swiftly accepted. However, since then, Luca has been busy every day having conferences, going over documents, and doing fieldwork.

By the way, Klage ended up being confined in a large library that also became a new temple.

A thousand years ago, any texts mentioning Lune became taboo and were burned to ashes. However, there were demons like Orobas who safeguarded some of those writings. Between all the demons, there were tens of thousands of written records, so it was decided that a divine library would be built. Furthermore, a law was made that forbade the destruction of any of the tomes in the divine library.

The library was built in a rural area near the 12th gate. It was close to where the dragon, who had asked Bennett to make curry four months ago, lived. Other than farmland, there wasn’t much there so the large-scale construction project could quickly begin. The reason for this was actually because the viscount family who ruled the area were dragons who kept to themselves and would not give the other nobles the land.

Thanks to the magical beings, it took about two months to build the divine library – a building as beautiful as a palace. As expected of beings who’d lived for thousands or tens of thousands of years, they had impressive engineering skills and leadership.

A vast garden with a fountain was also built, and since the construction finished around the end of March, many flowers were in bloom.

There were also other great facilities added in addition to the divine library. So while it wasn’t as large as the king’s castle, it wasn’t too bad of a place to be incarcerated.

Incidentally, our mansion was also quite close by. It was something I’d decided on in place of the busy Luca… not. It was a decision that the two gods made.

To be honest, even after a week went by I still couldn’t get used to the royal palace. Though Luca made sure that no maids would enter the room, I could still feel the presence of people outside, as even at night there were guards standing by the door.

Because of that, I had trouble sleeping and would even pitch my tent despite being indoors. Luca was too busy to look for a new home for us and kept apologising.

Around two weeks after the divine library construction plan was decided on, Lune told me she’d also had a mansion built. This was around late January. She said that the mansion was appropriate for a prince and that it would make life easier for us. This was why the kitchen was designed in the style of a restaurant and why our bedroom was quite far away from the living room and other areas.

It also seemed that the construction workers gave priority to building the mansion over the divine library. This was because the gods had asked them to, but also because they wanted to thank us for resurrecting both gods. Due to this, I could thankfully move out of the palace.

The next problem we encountered was the issue of workers. 

A mansion suitable for a prince was naturally quite large, and Bennett couldn’t possibly handle it by herself. On the other hand, people still had strong misgivings towards me who was a dark attribute user. So, in order for everyone to be comfortable, we recruited people who wanted to work from within the Dark Organization. Thanks to Luca’s earlier suggestion to release them but keep them under supervision, it became quite convenient to employ former members of the Dark Organization.

Thus ten men and women worked around the mansion as butlers, maids, cooks, and gardeners. They, who had spent their lives close to death thanks to discrimination, were extremely happy to be able to experience a regular work environment and did their jobs with enthusiasm.

Bennett was the one who prepared our meals, and for now, the rest worked at whatever job was available.

At the tables around the three of us sat four people, and out of the ten workers, five hadn’t arrived yet.

By the time everyone in the room had found a seat and settled down, some people entered the dining room. They were Cindy, who lived in a separate room, and glasses guy, or rather Eloi, who worked as a gardener.

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