The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 147 – The Sage Reunites with the Demigod

That night, Grom and I headed to the Previous Demon Lord’s Territory.

It was a refreshing wasteland with nothing around.

The night sky was spread overhead with the stars and a full moon in full show.

This was the designated duel location.

It was originally Diella’s residence, but the demigod ignored that.

It was unknown whether Diella herself was aware that this place was being used for the duel.

Perhaps he had chosen this place since it was unlikely to cause inconvenience to unrelated third parties here.

Such a vast and uninhabited area was rare.

But even if the battle severely intensified, the aftermath of the fight would trouble nobody.

In that sense, it was the perfect place for a duel.

It was undoubtedly a consideration I was grateful for.

Here, even if we went all out, no collateral damage would occur.

Grom looked around cautiously.

“Will he really appear…?”

“He definitely will. I don’t think he would go back on his words.”

I affirmed as I was convinced about that.

Grom asked suspiciously.

“Is there any basis for that confidence in him?”

“It is the impression I got when I talked to that man — the demigod. He had a firm belief and wouldn’t forgive any kind of deception, whether it was his own or others.”

The justice of the demigod was consistent.

When I met him at the World Tree, he considered the damage to the forest and the elves.

He didn’t attack me at all before leaving, and he did so to prevent unnecessary sacrifice.

The demigod was hesitant to wield his own power.

At the very least, he wasn’t an evil person.

He was trying to kill me without considering the benefits or losses for himself, unlike the other nations.

His goal in dismantling the Demon Lord’s Army seemed to be for the sake of eliminating evil to turn the world into a peaceful place.

His belief could be affirmed.

Regardless of what might happen after it was fulfilled, his will to wish for peace was a good one.

I was conscious about the keepsake sword that hung on my waist.

I had properly brought it out for this occasion.

The demigod was a worthy opponent to use this sword against.

I have to make sure to finish him.

If it was to kill him without allowing him to escape, cutting him with the keepsake sword was the best choice.

At that time, I sensed a change in the air.

It was very slight.

So much so that it was likely to make one think it was only their imagination.

However, it had certainly changed.

And it remained changed regardless of how many times I checked.

I warned Grom.

“He’s about to come. Stay focused.”

“Hah! Roger that!”

Grom quickly took his stance.

He prepared himself to react whenever it might be.

I also kept a hand on the pommel of the sword.

I strengthened my body with reinforcement magic and sharpened my consciousness.

Depending on how the demigod showed himself, I might need to draw the sword immediately.

Eventually, a distortion of space appeared in front of them.

The person who appeared was the demigod.

He had dark skin and white hair, with blue spells inscribed all over his body; just like when I met him before.

The demigod saw us and opened his mouth.

“Did I keep you waiting?”

“Don’t worry. We had also just arrived.”

“I see.”

The demigod answered indifferently.

He looked calm, as if naturally so.

It didn’t seem like the appearance of a person who would be dueling soon.

However, that didn’t mean he wasn’t resolved to do so.

His eyes that peeked through the gaps of his hair were staring at me resolutely.

Those were the eyes of a person who bore a mission.

I could see his resolve to put his life on the line to achieve his purpose here.

The demigod stiffened momentarily, before suddenly pointed at Grom.

He then asked me.

“Why do you have an aide accompanying you? He isn’t necessary for a duel.”

“You didn’t forbid me from bringing my subordinate. Both of us will team up to defeat you.”

As I answered, the demigod frowned.

It seemed he was dissatisfied with my answer.

He said while looking at me suspiciously.

“…Are you serious? That undead may indeed possess extraordinary power, however, he isn’t strong enough to be involved in this battle. You should be aware of that.”

“That’s not for you to decide.”

I looked at Grom.

Grom nodded and stepped forward.

This was decided beforehand.

Grom would fight first, at his own request.

He intended to let me observe the power of the demigod as much as he could.

Grom stopped at a certain distance and confronted the demigod.

With a dignified attitude, he straightforwardly said.

“I’m not strong enough. You said that, right?”

“Indeed. I said so.”

The demigod answered immediately.

It sounded like a taunt, but it wasn’t.

He simply stated the fact.

Meanwhile, Grom sent miasma to his eight arms.

It wriggled and transformed into weapons, each lit in black flames.

Grom declared with a rumbling voice while spinning his eight weapons.

“—Very well. I will have to correct your misunderstanding.”


The demigod was still standing there naturally.

He was quietly observing Grom without worrying about it.

In the meantime, he shifted his gaze to me.

“You send your aide to fight while you observe from a distance. You sure are a great person.”

“I am the Demon Lord, of course I am great.”

I replied to his words with provocative sarcasm.

It would be good if his focus was reduced this way.

The demigod returned his gaze to Grom.

His body’s magic power flared up as the spell inscribed on his whole body began to glow faintly.

“You sure are cruel. Watch as your subordinate perishes before you.”

Right after saying that, the figure of the demigod disappeared.

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