The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Hasr11

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Chapter 7: The Sage Expands the Demon Lord’s Territory (Part 1)

“I will surely stop your tracks here! No matter what happens, I won’t let you through! “

A lone soldier— the commanding officer entrusted with the place shouted.
A spear stabbed through his face.
It was the work of a skeleton who rushed, disregarding his life.

The skeleton who killed the captain was immediately slaughtered by another soldier.
Nevertheless, the damage to my side was minimal.
Their achievement of crushing the chain of command was great.
When I sent miasma toward them, the damaged skeletons rose up again, risking their life a second time as they rushed towards the soldiers.

This was a town in the north of the kingdom.
I was currently invading them with 120 of my men.
I destroyed the main gate using magic. Turning the soldiers who stood in my way into undead, I headed towards the mansion of the fief lord.

“Shit, they’re coming in endless droves…! “

“If you have time to complain shut up and fi—”

“Tch, they can use arrows too! “

The soldiers were cornered in a tough fight.
They could not intercept the arrows to undead released.
Even if they counterattacked and brought down several undead, the results were insignificant.
What’s worse, the undead who led the vanguard disregarded the damage and made them charge.

Among them were several ogres carrying large shields.
They were the demons who were Luciana’s subordinates.
I had them participate in the expedition this time as an experiment.

An ogre approached the soldiers in the face of their attacks.
With its enormous strength, it swung down a club and destroyed the formation of the soldiers with a single blow.
In addition, its roar triggered panic.

Hmm, not bad

The Ogres were well acquainted with the undead army.
There was no problem if I let them fight together.
On the contrary, they seemed to be nicely in sync with one another.

The ogres broke the soldier’s lines, and the undead rushed towards them.
Ignoring the sacrifices along the way, they ate through the holes in the formation.
It was a magnificent attack in waves.
We were closing in in the fief lord’s mansion.

“You lowly humans. Bow to the Lord of the Immortals before you…! “

Grom, the commander of the army, raised his staff.
A jewel on the handle lit up, releasing a jet-black fireball.

Drawing a parabolic trajectory, the fireball flew over the soldier’s heads, and hit the fief lord’s mansion.
A jet-black flame arose, raging across the mansion.
The soldiers were distracted by it, and the undead and ogres took advantage of that gap to begin an unforgiving pursuit.

Watching the chain of events unfold, I called out to Grom.

“This time, our purpose is not destruction. Don’t overdo it.”

Grom, who was called out, shuffled towards me with a hunched back.
He whispered in an exaggerated manner.

“No, Demon Lord. This is a necessary measure. If you wish to force them into submission, the more coercion they feel, the better!”

Grom was oddly confident.
I warned him, thinking he had gotten carried away with the massacre. But it seemed like he hadn’t lost sight of his original purpose.
Perhaps this was his own way of adjustment.
After returning to his original position, Grom once again shot a jet-black fireball.

“Bwahahahahaha, have a taste of my profound strength!”


His ecstatic appearance gave me a slight headache.
I was worried that he really had lost sight of his purpose.
Grom really seemed to like acting evil.

It was good to strike fear amongst humans.
But in his case, the power he had was too great.
Even if he made a slight mistake, he could destroy everything.
That would be a problem this time.
I have to keep watch to prevent his actions from becoming radical.

After that, we kicked about the soldiers and reached the fief lord’s mansion.
We gained complete control of the inside in a blink of an eye, and discovered the fief lord who ruled this town.

“D-Don’t come closer! You filthy undead! “

The fief lord grovelled on the floor as he cried out.
His guards had already transformed into ghouls.
As a result, there was no one to protect him.

“…You bastard. Don’t think you will die a happy death. At the end of an anguishing death, I will make you live bait for cattle.”

Grom spoke with a terrifying voice.
It seemed like the fief lord’s abuses were unforgivable.
I think a filthy undead is the most accurate description of me though.

“I take it from here on. Stand back.”

“Hah! “

When I ordered him, Grom quickly stepped back and kneeled.
He was as obedient as ever.

“The undead that destroyed the capital…”

The fief lord muttered in a daze.
He seemed to be sweating bullets, awfully pale.
It felt as if he would collapse the moment I left him alone.

I looked down at the powerless man.

“You’re the fief lord, I see.”

“So what?”

“I’ll deal with him.”

I grasped the fief lord’s neck and lifted him up.
I smashed him against the wall.

“Ah…Urk…!? “

At that moment, the whites of his eyes could be seen, and his limbs flailed about.
White smoke rose from his whole body, the colour of his skin changed and he melted.
Furthermore, he gradually crumbled and turned to liquid.
The fief lord rapidly decayed till only his bones tumbled down.
A black liquid pooled at my feet.

“…Well then.”

I turned my head and stared at the corner of the room.
The trembling humans there froze.
They were the fief lord’s wife and children.

“If you don’t want this to happen to you, submit to me. It won’t take your lives then.”


Hearing my warning, the wife and children of the lord were awfully frightened.
I doubted if my words reached them, but asking them would create the opposite effect.
I’m sure I’ve scared them so much that they won’t act stupid.

The lord here took advantage of ownership becoming vague when we invaded to snatch the territory.
They prioritised their own interests and did not show any intentions to cooperate.
He had no interest in dealing with the new manifestation of the Demon Lord, only in lining his own pockets.
That was not humankind should be like from henceforth.
That was I made him a target to set an example.

“Let’s go.”

I turned heel and signalled.
The undead army left the lord’s manor at once.
We walked along the deserted, blood-stained path.

“Wow! As expected of the Demon Lord! Such flawless execution!”

Grom praised me while wiping my hand with a handkerchief.
I shook my head and replied.

“Stop with the flattery. More importantly, what’s the situation on the ground?”

“Yes. The lords of each domain are declaring allegiance to the Demon Lord in quick succession. It seems like the purge for setting an example was effective. If this continues, conquering the whole continent will no longer remain just a dream. “

“I see.”

I was satisfied with Grom’s report.


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3 years ago

Did Dwight change his goal from being their enemy to ruling over them?

Anime fan
Anime fan
3 years ago
Reply to  LØCK

At first I thought he was going to put a gun to everyone head but it seems that’s not the case. He just want some to scare them off and become a eternal undead. As long as he’s alive they’ll keep focusing on him thus making peace for humanity. Sounds far fetched though, I think there are probably better ways

3 years ago
Reply to  Anime fan

His dialogue and actions sounded like he changed his plan to subjugation instead of eternal enemy, but I’m probably missing something.

2 years ago
Reply to  LØCK

subjugation of the kingdom responsible for their death, followed by becoming eternal enemy.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anime fan

yeah, that’s basically it. he reign as eternal enemy of humanity so they had no choice but to work together for greater good. yes, it is as far fetched as it sounds. by the end of story which is centuries from the beginning, it still not complete peace there. the way he did it is like he is the god of that world that control everything, which not my liking, personally.

2 years ago
Reply to  LØCK

the personal vendetta resolved, so he’s back to earn world peace. his version, that is.

Akiyo Moua
3 years ago

At the beginning I loved how mc killed everyone but I hate his goal….
Build world peace by making an enemy out of everyone…
How can this mc be so dumb? Those superficial peace only last for a few years after mc is dead the the human will wage wars on each other again…

Jose Vega
Jose Vega
3 years ago
Reply to  Akiyo Moua

He is immortal now

2 years ago
Reply to  Jose Vega

yeah, but it took long years before his thought softened… just a little. until then, he is just rockhead, i mean, skull head.

Jose Vega
Jose Vega
3 years ago
Reply to  Akiyo Moua

He got his revenge on the people who betrayed them, now he is going to make the hero’s dream come true

2 years ago
Reply to  Jose Vega

funny thing is, he is the only one who felt betrayed, the hero doesn’t. she already expected it to happen, at least according to her reaction.

3 years ago
Reply to  Akiyo Moua

lol i think you haven’t reading the previous chapters…
he not gonna get himself killed for peace like what Lelouch do…
he gonna keep situation where ‘mankind united to fight Demon Lord’ for ‘eternity’….
so he create peace with Terror…

and he’s basically Immortal, for you to kill him, you need to destroy every existing undeads out there since he can just transfer his existence to other undead bodies or nuke enitre ‘Valley of the Dead’…

Kaneki ken
Kaneki ken
3 years ago
Reply to  Nematoda

Lelouch was Japanese jesus

2 years ago
Reply to  Kaneki ken

it didn’t show circumstances in far future, which i’m sure the war will resume. humans are just that foolish after all.

2 years ago
Reply to  Nematoda

neither method is valid, since there’s no way he’ll allow the Valley to be attacked, and he could just replenish number of undead as they were destroyed, so humanity would first perish before he died.

2 years ago
Reply to  Akiyo Moua

basically, everything in that world are assholes and idiots, including the hero he so idolized with. to be honest, i don’t see his goal worth the effort, and what he did is basically domesticating humanity under title of peace.

3 years ago

Thanks for the chapter

2 years ago
Reply to  FFriday

thx for the comment

3 years ago

Never gonna give you up,
Never gonna let you down,
Btw thanks for chapter

2 years ago
Reply to  LaFortuna

it’s rickrollin’ baby!
thx for the comment btw.