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Chapter 3 Changing Scenarios

Sometimes in a dream, there are times that you think, “Ah, this is a dream.” 

That’s exactly what was happening to me right now. 

There I was, in my familiar room in an apartment, and my appearance also turned back into the unattractive guy. 

There is no pain anywhere in the body, no sense of reality and I felt light. Yeah, this is really a dream, wasn’t it? 

It’s strange that you looked at yourself objectively, but dreams are like that. 

Well, if I can get back to normal, even if it was just a dream, let’s enjoy modern life for a while. 

The first thing I did was to turn on my computer and open the official website of “The Eternal Scattering Flowers” by possessing “me” who looked at this way blankly. 

Hmmm, this. 

But it was no use. Today’s date on the calendar was the day of the long-awaited official popularity poll. 

I want to know the result even if it was in a dream. 

Of course, I voted for Eterna, as I wanted her to be on the top. 

Then I opened up the popularity poll …… and there I saw something unbelievable. 

First place … Marie. It’s frustrating, but it’s somewhat reasonable. 

Marie is the most popular kuudere heroine in this game. 1 

There were always sub-heroines who are more popular than the main heroine at any age and time. 

Second place is Eterna. Unfortunately, she didn’t get first place, but it was a high rank. If there is a next popularity poll, I want to aim for the first place. 

And then came 3rd place… 4th place… 5th place, Elrise. Fuaa!? 2 


.… No no no no no. Hell, no way in hell.

Whoever voted for her must not have screws on their heads? Why did you vote for that Elrise? 

You know who Elrise is? The most hated person in this game. Everyone hated Elrise. 

The leading figure in the world of the hated role. The exemplar of a hated role. A towering pile of shit. Shit Fake Saint of the Year. 

It’s impossible for such a person to be the fifth place in the popularity poll. 

I hurriedly opened the comments page. Then, these kinds of things were written. 

“Elrise-sama is seriously a Saint.” 

“Saint among Saints, more genuine than a real Saint.” 


“Implement an Elrise route quickly!” 

“Elrise-sama! Elrise-sama!” 

“Even though there is no route, this rank … As one would expect, Saint(True)-sama!”

“The largest conscience in this game” 

“Guusei” (TL/N:ぐう聖  = It means the saint you can’t even make guu sound/ guu sound= refusal so a saint you can’t refute)  

“Surely, she is a fake saint… Because she is a goddess.” 

“5th place Damnnn ittt!” 

“The biggest cause of defeat was the lack of the main route.” 

“Actually, this one is the real deal. Come on Eterna just stole the credit of Elrise-sama. Saint (lol)” 

“↑ If you want to diss the other heroines, write it on the back of a flyer, Scum.”


“↑ × 2 Don’t go out of your way to demean other heroines when you’re trying to elevate your favourite heroine.” 

“↑ × 3 Go to hell” 

“The best fake, worthy of being called the saint.” 


……? ……?? ??? 

It was strange… It doesn’t match with the Elrise I knew at all. 

This was what Elrise is. She’s a fake saint who was mistaken for the real saint, Eterna, and she wasn’t just satisfied with doing whatever she wanted even after the name of the saint dropped  into the ground. Even in the original version, she did a lot of shit and earned the hate of the players, and in the end, she exited by a condemnation, she’s a shittier character than the witch. 

Even if I was mistaken, she was not a character who should be ranked this high. 

What is this? Maybe today is April Fool’s Day? 

No, the date is not April 1st, at the very least. 

What? What’s going on? What the heck am I looking at? 

With this train of thought, I did a search on the name of Elrise. Then, I saw pertinent information.


A character from “The Eternal Scattering Flowers”. Non-capturable character. 

She was an existence called the Saint, the counterpart of the witch. 

As a child, she was selfish, but one day she woke up to the self-awareness of being a saint and began to work for “someone’s sake” as if she became a different person. 

She had overwhelming magical power and swordsmanship that lived up to her name as the Saint, and her fighting power was the strongest in the game. 

As a symbol of light that stands in opposition to the witch, a symbol of darkness, she sometimes appears in front of players to help them. 

At the beginning of the story, she appears before the fourteen-year-old Vernell and helps him to control his darkness powers, and gives him a big turning point in his life as she entrusted him with a pendant. 

However, at this time, her life was shortened as she absorbed the power of Vernell. 

Also, due to the events of this time, she no longer aged, and her outward appearance was still that of a 14-year-old even at the time of the original version. 

If there was a place being attacked by demons, she would fight on her own and would not abandon even the small village, and healed anyone who was injured without discrimination. 

She was certainly an impeccable girl who looked like the very picture of a Saint, but she’s actually not a real Saint. 

She is just an ordinary person who was taken by mistake for Eterna when she was a baby, and naturally, she did not have the power to defeat the witch. 

However, because of her overwhelmingly perfect behaviour as the Saint, no one, including the witch, thought she was a fake. 

But, Elrise herself seems to have known that and revealed that she strove for the day when she would return the title of Saint to the real saint, Eterna. 

[Role in the main story] 

She is a character that cannot be captured but she appears on every route and makes her presence felt by other players.

It is common in all routes that her first appearance is in the opening scene when Vernell was 14 years old. 

• Elrise in the Eterna Route 

Her real entrance is at the Magic Knight Academy.4

Suddenly, as I looked at the character description of Elrise, my vision began to distort like a mosaic. 

Oh, no. This is when I am about to wake up from a dream. 

I can hear the birds chirp in my ears. 

Wai-, wait, wait, wait. Show me the rest. What is at the Magic Knight Academy? How will she make an entrance? 

I am curious after I have seen this far! Hey! Hey! 

Damn it!

I woke up. 

Ahh, the morning sun is so bright, sweet fucking Jesus. 

I got up from the bed and stretched lightly. 

Then I stood in front of the mirror and lightly tidied up my appearance, and smugly admired my beauty, which is inversely proportional to how shitty I was on the inside. 

At the time of the original version, Elrise has become a round, fat pizza as she ate too much but I am not like that. 

Since I exercised moderately (bullying demons), I maintained a slim figure and the quality of hair and skin which was lustrous. 

By the way, it’s a secret, but I cheated a little with my magic. 

In this world, there are no convenient ways to keep your hair moisturized or clean the skin like in the modern era, so there is no choice but to do it with magic. 

Also, I’m seventeen this year, but my outward appearance hasn’t changed at all since I was fourteen. 

Well, I, who was a fake after all, took in the dark power (LOL) of the main character, the cells would become weird too. 

Well, the original story finally started. 

My goal hasn’t changed from the beginning to let Vernell go on to the Eterna route and see the enigmatic happy ending. 

So, I will leave after I confirmed that myself. 

The best thing to do is to die and leave so that the real Elrise won’t be resurrected by some mistake. 

Also, as an alternative plan, it may be good to go to a remote area by expulsion from coming out as the fake Saint and live a carefree and slow life there. 

By the way, I actually don’t have much fear of death. 

This is because “The Eternal Scattering Flowers” was set in a setting where there was an afterlife and reincarnation. 

The biggest reason why one was afraid of dying is because we don’t know what will happen to us when we die, and I think we have all been afraid of sleeping forever at one time or another. 

On the contrary, if there is NEET heaven where you don’t have to work after you die, the number of people who fear death will be reduced to less than half. 

That’s why it doesn’t matter to me if my life is shortened by absorbing Vernell’s dark power. Rather, the Saint role is troublesome so I want to die quickly and be NEET in heaven. 

………… What if I go to hell?

Well, let’s cross that bridge when we get there. 

After that, Vernell safely arrived at the village where the heroine, Eterna, lived and turned seventeen. 

And then, both Vernell and Eterna enrolled in the Magic Knight Academy that trained magic knights. Hmm, this is a clean, roundabout template without a single twist. 

This School trained future knights to fight against the witch and demons, and especially those with excellent grades were selected to become the Saint’s Guard Knights.5 Yeah, what kind of punishment game is this?

In the game’s original version, of course, Vernell and Eterna do not want those positions. 

That’s a matter of course. Who would want to be a Guard Knight of the pizza 6and shitty Saint who has been terribly infamous? 

The reason he entered the Academy was purely that he wanted the power to fight demons. 

However, Vernell’s protagonist nature worked against him and Elrise took a liking to him and invited him to become an imperial guard knight by various means. 

And then, when Vernell doesn’t agree, Elrise lashes out and starts to harass him in various ways, and even starts to viciously harass and bully other heroines who are near Vernell. 

Go fuck yourself already, you shitty fake Saint. Even though I am her now. 

So, several sub-heroines face misfortune because of this fake Saint. 

In other words, my current goal was not to do stupid actions like in the original version. 

I’m trying to support the girls who were supposed to face misfortune then so that they don’t face misfortune now. 

Such being the case, I was invited as a guest of the Academy, and while I observed the new students, I thought of how cool their uniforms were. 

In terms of design, it seems like a British military uniform from the 17th century, with the decorations and weapons removed. 

The colour of men’s clothing is a black basic theme and inlaid with blue as an accent, and the women’s are decorated with green on a white basic theme. 

It’s surprising. Neither of the sides uses red. 

“Now, Saint Elrise-sama, please give greetings to the new students.” 

Ah, it is my turn already?

Say something to the students? 

This is actually something they make me do every year, but I think I’m about to run out of things to say. 

In the original version, Elrise repeatedly said remarks like “Do your best to get my attention” and “It is my rule here” which further dropped her reputation that had already fallen to the ground as it was, and on top of all that, she expelled the ugly freshman in the front row on the spot, saying, “You’re unsightly, you don’t need to be here.” 

It’s too awful… 

Or rather, I don’t understand the merit of earning hate pointlessly on a routine basis. 

More importantly, I have to make a speech now.

Well, I’ve decided on the first thing to say. 

You guys did a great job getting through the entrance exam and getting here. No, splendid,  splendid, amazing, amazing. 

But what I’m saying is, being a knight was not such a good thing. It’s all about risking your life. 

So you guys need to reconsider once more. 

You don’t have to be willing to die, any way you and many others are mobs, so it doesn’t make a difference whether you’re dead or alive. 

You are just a bunch of faceless soldiers who will die sloppily while saying “Wow”, “Gya”, “Strong! Too strong!”, “No, I’ll be killed!” in the background where the main character’s party fought against the enemy. Is that ok? 

Like in strategy simulation games, it doesn’t matter how many small fish you kill, it doesn’t affect the plot. 

It is meaningless if you don’t kill the boss. 

Even if you enroll here, you’ll just be cannon fodder in the future. It’s a stepping stone for an underdog.7 Is that what you want to do with your life? 

If that’s the case, move to the countryside, live on a farm, and take care of your parents while you’re at it. OK? 

Instead of everyone here dying as a knight, you could probably make a better contribution to the world by living in the countryside or somewhere. 

It’s the thing called increasing the birth rate. 

That alone is a hundred times better than me, a single part-timer. 

When I said something like that, everyone was full of motivation. 

Did you guys really listen to what I said?

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