This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 018 – In Reality

“Hey you love birds! Don’t make out in my house first thing in the morning!”

The moment I walked out of the room and heard what Kyle-san said, my face turned scarlet.

“What’s wrong with making out with your lover?”

Because of Vidello-san’s bold declaration, I hid my face in my hands.

I was so embarrassed that I felt like running and hiding. 

We were already in a relationship so I couldn’t bring myself to stop him.

Looking at my embarrassment, Kyle-san burst into laughter.

“I know I know. It must be Vidello who sweet-talked you into making out with him saying that your cute morning face was irresistible.” 

Kyle-san patted my shoulder, and looked at me warmly.

No, it was the opposite.

I was the one who tempted him…

That’s all the more reason why I wanted to run and hide. I couldn’t possibly be more embarrassed.

That was right. I had blacked out at Kyle-san’s place yesterday so it wasn’t surprising that he let us stay here.

No matter what, making out at someone else’s house was a faux-pas, even if it was because of puberty. What was I even thinking?

“I’m very sorry…”

My voice tapered off as I apologised to Kyle-san. He looked me over for a moment and gave me a knowing smile.

“To be young and in love~”

To be told that by a calm and mature-looking uncle stung. It stung because it was too true!


“What are you planning to do today, Mac? If you have no plans yet, why don’t you go collect the rest of the healthy plants?”

Kyle-san seemed to be changing the subject.

I was glad to be let off the hook, so I replied “Yes, I’ll gladly take them!”

I went outside immediately and Kyle-san showed me the field. 

“Ah, I want High-grade Herbs, and Burr Medic and also Curly Kale from there.”

“Take as many as you want. The herbs will appreciate it if you use them when they are fresh.”

“Yes, I want to make potions today and it’s also time for me to sell another batch at Crash’s shop.”

“Ah, come to think of it, Crash did tell me that recently there was a guy who was buying them in bulk as soon as they were in stock.”

“Eh, so it’s like that?”

He shared local gossip while I was collecting herbs. 

It might be better to make potions seriously. Should I change my job to pharmacist? 

“What about you, Vidello-san?”

“I’m off-duty today so I want to spend time with you but I think I’ll just get in the way when you’re working.”

My heart warmed watching Vidello-san cross his arms in thought.

I really liked when he was so considerate towards me.

“If I’m making potions, you’re not in the way at all.”

Even when I peeked my head out of the tall herb field, he didn’t give me a definite yes.

“I’ve heard that the making processes are very delicate, so won’t you fail if you’re distracted? I think I’ll pass today. Just if you’re free in my next off-duty, l want to spend time together with you.”


I replied to him with a smile but still ended up nodding in half disappointment. When would his next off-duty be? Would it be in the next three days? I could take a rest during his off-duty days so it was quite easy to plan a schedule. I would make sure not to take any requests on that day.

With that in mind, I shoved all the various materials into my bag and paid Kyle-san. What?! It was 10% cheaper than before. 

Kyle-san saw that I had noticed the price change and winked at me explaining,

“It’s a discount for friends. You’re an exception, Mac.”

It made me happy to be treated like Kyle-san’s friend.

While I was beaming happily, Vidello-san became a bit sullen. Then, he personally walked me back to my workshop.

“Are you sure you won’t come in? I can at least offer tea and…”

I was reluctant to be separated from him but I couldn’t say it out loud. Vidello-san was also thinking of me when he decided to return to his quarters. 

“I ended up staying out overnight without notice today so I need to go back. And also if I were alone with you right now we would end up continuing what we left off this morning and you wouldn’t be able to get any work done.”

“Vidello-san, I’m basically free and I have all the time for myself.”

“But if you prioritise time with me, what you want to do and your work will be delayed. You also need to take requests, right? That’s why from now on, I want you to prioritise yourself. If I don’t at least do this, I feel like I’ll be too demanding.”

When I was about to tell him that he didn’t need to hold back for me, I ended up gripping him tightly.

It was true that if there was an emergency quest like this one, I would probably prioritise the quest.

I thought Vidello-sanwas really mature for pointing it out to me first. 

But Vidello-san also left his job and came to my rescue. 

“….Okay. Then, Vidello-san, can you also promise me the same thing? Even if I’m in danger, your main job is to check for dangerous people entering the city and guard the gate, right?

Even if something were to happen to me on the highway, please don’t risk your life to save me like last time. I want you to protect the city from inside the gate. As for me, I can handle myself.”

I don’t want to see you dying in front of me ever again.

Listening to my heartfelt request Vidello-san stared fixedly into my eyes and after a while, he nodded saying “I understand.”

I wouldn’t be able to handle myself if I had to watch Vidello-san die…

I wanted Vidello-san to remember that I could return from death.

I wasn’t sure if I trusted Vidello-san’s reply, as I understood his position. I wasn’t sure if I could bear to watch him die, either… but it was different for me, and I wanted Vidello-san to remember I could come back from death.

I waved at him wistfully until he was out of sight, and when I could no longer see his figure, I turned around one last time and entered my workshop.

I wanted to be with him and it was not that I didn’t have a feeling like that.

When I remembered what we did in the morning, I could barely restrain myself.

I felt a tingle in my groin2 and I was embarrassed to look at myself. 

After arranging the materials on the table, I started processing the potions, but even making a simple normal high potion resulted in failure. I sloppily filtered the herbs and when I finished it, I accidentally spilled the residue and ended up in another failure. Even after all the pain, I still wound up throwing out the entire serum that I had filtered. All of my work was a mess.

“Ah—I can’t. This isn’t any good at all.”

I put down my tools and rolled over on the bed.

Then, I decided to log out for a change of pace.


I woke up from a floating state of consciousness and returned to reality.

Suddenly, I looked down at my hands. My hands were so different from my avatar ‘Mac.’

I lifted my clothes and looked at my stomach.

There was no trace of the scar that I had chosen.

Ah, this was the reality. The person called Vidello didn’t exist.

And yet, that bursting, blinding pleasure I felt before was real. If it was in a game-was it all fake?

I had never done anything sexual with anything other than my hands but such sensations of pleasure as I felt then couldn’t be compared to the level of doing it with only hands. This feeling was definitely real to me. I brushed my bangs with my hands and breathed out a sigh at the difference in hair length.

I thought my yearning for sex with Vidello-san was probably real.

But in reality, I had never wanted to have sex with anyone. Maybe it might be because I had never had real experiences, so in the game I mistook this unfamiliar, overwhelming feeling for love.

At any rate, the fact that I didn’t have someone I liked in reality was the main problem because I didn’t have anything to compare to.

I lifted my shirt and gently caressed the place where the scar was in the game.

When I recalled the look on Vidello-san’s face, I felt a slight ache on my hips.


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2 years ago

»I thought Vidello-sanwas really mature for..« Vidello-san was

Who says that it isn’t love just bc it happened in a game? :’D

Thx for the ch ٩(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )و

2 years ago

Thank you for the chapter!! Awwww, now I’m kinda sad that vidello only exists in the game, poor Mc ;w;