This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 019 – Suspicion of Yuuta’s Virginity

I went over to Yuuta’s house for a change of pace.

I thought he would be logged in, but surprisingly, he greeted me as usual before apologising and said he didn’t have much time as he was planning to go out. 

“Cause today I have a date with Yui.”

“…Yui? You mean a member of your team? Are you guys dating?”

“Ahh… And Brave and Kairi are also dating. Also Brave is actually a girl and Kairi is actually a guy.”1


I was stunned by this new information. I was surprised that the game obsessed Yuuta had a girlfriend but for Yui, Brave, and Kairi- all the members of his party- to be pairs of lovers was shocking!

What would you call it? A normie party?

Moreover, Brave was a tall and thin, bandit-like guy character but was a female inside, and Kairi, a beautiful female character who wielded twin blades, was a guy inside. That busty chest… Well, it was an avatar so he could make it as big as he liked.

I also made myself a bit taller than in reality and enhanced my appearance a little bit to look like a vaguely Asian person of unknown nationality. In real life I was just a baby faced Japanese man. 

I only added a little bit to my avatar during my conversion because I was afraid to change my appearance completely. If I had re-done it entirely I would be dejected by my real appearance when I returned to reality. I was a shy person so small changes were enough for me. 

Yuuta was a strong and courageous guy. His face and everything else except for his hair and eye colour were roughly the same as in real life. He was more muscular than in real life but his height was just as tall. I was quite jealous. 

“I feel like a crack has formed in our friendship.” I muttered and lowered my head dejectedly. 

Yuuta mercilessly countered back at me while laughing. “Aren’t you also having fun in your lovey-dovey relationship with gatekeeper-san?”

“It’s all in-game. He doesn’t exist in real life.” I replied while pouting.

Yuuta tilted his head. “But Kengo, you’re not shrewd enough to have relationships both in-game and in real life… Or are you doing as you please because it’s just a game? You aren’t like that right? When the gatekeeper-san was dying, Kengo, you were desperate to save him.”

He was right. I had already been seen through; as expected when Yuuta had known me for years. 

“But, well, you need to have a clear division between reality and the game. Would you like to go out with someone for real? Should I ask Yui to introduce you to someone?” Yuuta looked at me with concern. 

That could be a solution to this problem.

But could I fall in love with the person introduced to me?

I was sure that I couldn’t.

Even if I returned to reality, my heart was already full with Vidello-san. I couldn’t forget him. 

So, I shook my head helplessly.

“I don’t want you to. I don’t think I would be able to fall in love with someone else.”

“You won’t know until you go out with someone. But, well, I understand you but he’s a NPC? Don’t forget that, ok?”

I wouldn’t forget about that, not even for a moment. 

Vidello-san was my one and only. He was a person who would risk his life to save me without hesitation. That’s why I wouldn’t forget the fact that he was a NPC: because he couldn’t come back from death. 

I lifted my head to shake off my slightly depressed mood. Then, an ADO package sticking out from the cabinet caught my attention. I didn’t remember where I had left my own ADO package.

“Yuuta, can you let me take a look at that?” I said pointing at the package. 

Yuuta replied, “Here you go.” while handing it over.

I had read the manual on the net. I checked whether there were age restrictions and so on. 

When I turned to look at the back, the basic operation of the game and the basic explanation of the status screen were mentioned. 

“Hey, Yuuta. Do you know what changes in the game if your age is over 18? We’re still playing as minors for now right?”

“Well… I haven’t really looked into it myself.”

“Can I use your laptop for a bit?”

I opened the laptop on the desk and searched the official ADO page with Yuuta. We found the site quickly and there were proper descriptions of content for under 18s and over 18s.

“Ah, I thought it felt too real. So, it seems like you can do adult things when you’re over 18.” Yuuta muttered in admiration. Yuuta was too calm; I was even more suspicious that Yuuta wasn’t a virgin.

I glanced at Yuuta’s face for a moment while I was browsing the over 18 category. 

Yuuta was an energetic and athletic teenager. Ok, he was definitely not a virgin. Come to think of it, I had forgotten that he was quite popular. I hadn’t noticed it because there were only a few women around him. Maybe I didn’t notice because he had been nurturing his relationship inside the game and we were rarely together due to our different gameplay style. 

“Are you planning to do it for real today?” I asked him without thinking about it.

Yuuta grinned at me with a meaningful look. 

“I’m going to meet my girlfriend alone, so do you think that I wouldn’t do it today?”

“S-so- you’re going to do it!”

His answer knocked the wind out of me.

It was my first time seeing Yuuta make this kind of expression. I couldn’t help but find his strong and manly aura slightly alluring.2

When he saw my shocked face, Yuuta laughed with his normal expression. 

“I won’t do it. It’s a joke. Today is a pure and healthy date because I don’t have money for hotel fees.”

“H-hotel fees!”

“I’m also out of condoms but I’ll receive my allowance next week.”



I left Yuuta’s house in a daze.

There was no room left in my mind for a change of mood.

I felt like I was the only one who fell behind in experience.

But even so, I had never thought ‘I don’t care who, so sleep with me.’ I could only sigh at my own pitiful state. 

‘The fact that it’s possible to do erotic things in game when i’m 18 is going to be the only chance I get.’ I said to myself with a faraway look in my eyes. 

Then, I went back home, regretting that I visited Yuuta’s house.

My parents had random off-days on the weekdays and today it seemed like they had already left for work.

I came home to my silent house, back into my room and then I put on my VR headgear.


I logged in to ADO again with a floating sensation. 

The table beside me was in a mess with all the herbs and failed products. I tidied them up and this time I decided to work with the alchemy cauldron. 

I opened my status window and searched for something that I could work on among the recipes I learned at Kyle-san’s house.

Production skills in this game gave you experience points (XP), plus bonus XP when you succeeded making things for the first time.

This bonus was why whenever I got my hands on new recipes I always tried to make them if I could.

In case your level was not high enough, you could start making them 5 levels lower than the recommended level and if your level was 10 or more higher than the recommended level you would receive much less XP.

It seemed the reason I could make the pesticide yesterday was because my level was barely in the recommended level. That’s why I took so much time to even collect the raw materials. My MP consumption was faster than normal and I was completely exhausted.

Maybe the quest occurred because my job level reached a certain level? Or maybe the quest occurred with no relation to my job and something terrible would happen if I failed because I didn’t reach the recommended level for the quest?

There weren’t any details on this matter so I just tried to raise my basic level. There was also a possibility that a crowd of NPCs might disappear if I failed the quest that occurred, regardless of the level. Just like the other day when a dragon suddenly appeared on an emergency quest.

It was better to be safe than sorry.


With that in mind, I opened the alchemy recipes that I could make with the materials I had on hand. 

Then, I carefully put the ingredients one by one into the alchemy cauldron. 

When the ingredients dissolved entirely I started stirring.

While I was swirling the brown liquid, I remembered Vidello-san’s hands holding the stirring rod together with me.

I grinned contentedly as I remembered being held by Vidello-san’s strong and reliable palms.

The act of that morning came to my mind and my face blushed instantly. 

The next moment, the liquid in the alchemy cauldron suddenly changed into a pink colour.

“What? The colour changed!”

In a panic, I lifted the cauldron but ended up spilling a different nearby container. 

I put the cauldron down and checked the liquid. 

In alchemy if there was a failure, the contents would smoke and the ingredients would disappear. So should I say this was a success?

“Well, [Growth Activator Medium]? What’s this? Appraise!”

[Growth Activator Medium 

Stimulate the cells in living beings and accelerate growth.

Overuse will have the opposite effect. 

Range : One individual]

Wow! This was a great start!

If I used this on something, this would accelerate its growth.

This is exactly the kind of item I would like to try out. I would definitely not sell it and keep it to myself. 

The reason it wasn’t that difficult to make was probably because of the ‘one individual’ range.

I was worried that there was no further explanation of its effect range but I guessed I would find out soon. Should I put a planter in my workshop? I decided to ask Kyle-san for advice.

I put one of the items on the table and turned around and walked towards the cauldron to make more ‘Growth Activator’.

I made many smoothly and successfully. It felt as if all the failures before were lies. 

I forgot about Vidello-san for a while and concentrated on alchemy.

When the ‘Growth Activator’ numbers went up to double digits, I lost my concentration. 

“Ah, now I’m thirsty.”

This was a world where you’d suffer negative status effects when you were hungry or thirsty. I rolled my stiff shoulders around and stood up to get a drink.

At that moment, I bumped the table beside me with my hand.

The table shook with a bump, and one of the items on it rolled off. 

“That was clos…e!?”

In the heat of the moment I made a poor decision and reached out my hand..

One of the ‘Growth Activators’ I so happily made earlier fell over along with its loose stopper.

As I tried to catch the bottle, my whole body was soaked with the pink liquid. 


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