This is an Impossible Love

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Editor: Lilia

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Chapter 127 – The Stone Statue Requests a Drink

The carvings made it known that this was a grave marker.

“No no no, such acknowledgements are usually carved on the pedestal, right?”

I couldn’t help but comment on the stone statue.

I mean, wasn’t it a bit weird for the person who made this to have engraved that kind of information on a wrist bracelet?! Were they being mischievous?!

It was like they were saying, ‘Go ahead, there are more clues!’ or something like that! So maybe there was something written on the dog tag-like necklace around his neck.

It was quite high up so I couldn’t read it well. As I looked up at the stone statue’s neck, wobbling around on my tip-toes, Vidello-san came around behind me and lifted me up by my waist. Just like that.

Huh, wait, was I being lifted up like a child?! I didn’t know I was that light!

I was flustered and couldn’t resist, so Vidello-san easily sat me on his shoulders.

“Wait, I’m heavy!” 

“No, you’re light, so it’s okay. You want to read those characters, right? Can you see them now?” 

I could see them now! It was a complicated feeling, though. I felt a little down at being carried like this. But I was grateful, so I read the characters. Still, Vidello-san was really strong. I liked that.

“Um, it says, [ The Legendary Hero Jhal・Gar loves alcohol. Let him drink his fill ].”

I didn’t bring any alcohol. I was underage, so the concept of alcohol itself didn’t exist for me.

I wonder what would happen if I poured alcohol on this statue. Ugh, I regretted not carrying alcohol with me. I wouldn’t drink it myself, but I would buy some next time.

“Alcohol, huh? Let’s set you down for a moment.”


Vidello-san set me down and opened the bag attached to his waist, pulling out a small bottle from inside.

“Is that alcohol?”

“Yeah. Mac isn’t old enough to drink yet, but alcohol has many useful purposes, so I usually carry a bottle just in case. Should we pour this on the statue?”

When I nodded, Vidello-san approached the stone statue and gently poured some alcohol over its shoulders. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like he could reach the top of his head.


“Wow, the stone statue changed color!”

The area where the alcohol had been spilled gradually changed color, and bluish-gray fur began to appear.

Vidello-san stepped away from the statue and stood in front of me, sword at the ready.

A hairy stone hand moved slowly and pointed at Vidello-san.

After pointing at Vidello-san, the index finger bent slightly in a beckoning motion.

“What? Is it calling for Vidello-san…?”

“It seems like it. Mac, don’t move.”

“Is it safe…?”


With his sword at the ready, Vidello-san took one step closer to the statue.

The hand pointed to the bottle lying at its feet, then towards Vidello-san’s waist, and again bent its fingers in a beckoning motion.

Vidello-san, who had been following the movement of the fingers, looked puzzled.

“…Does it want more alcohol?”

The moment I said that, the finger formed the ‘okay’ sign.

So, did it start moving when alcohol was poured on it?

Based on its movements, it seemed to have some intelligence, so communication might be possible… but I still felt a strong curse emanating from the stone statue. If it attacked the moment it became mobile, there would be no way to defend against it.

As I was thinking that, Vidello-san pulled out another small bottle of alcohol and handed it to me.

“Mac, I’ll lift you up so you can pour this over this statue’s head. It seems to move only where the alcohol is poured, so if you get some on its head, it might be able to talk.”

“Ah, I see. Alright. I’ll give it a try.”

I nodded, and Vidello-san lifted me up again.

He placed me on his shoulders and held my legs.

“Can you stand there?”

“I-I’ll try.”

Dizzily, I slowly stood on Vidello-san’s shoulder.

Vidello-san’s hands were very firm, so it was surprisingly easy for me to stand up. Vidello-san was indeed dependable. I like him.

I asked Vidello-san to move closer to the head of the stone statue so I could pour the alcohol without touching it. Carefully, I poured the contents of the bottle over its head.

Once the bottle was empty, Vidello-san stepped away from the statue and lowered me down.

[ Buhaa! How many years has it been? After so long, that booze tastes so damn good! ]

The moment I set foot on the ground, a deep baritone voice echoed from the stone statue. It was the kind of voice that resonated in the pit of your stomach.

I instinctively flinched and clung to Vidello-san’s arm. Uh, not because I was scared or anything. I just wanted to stick close to him!

[ Hey hey, bring out more booze. Just a taste isn’t nearly enough! ]

The wolf’s eyes, which looked down at us, were different from before. They were shining brightly.

They seemed to possess both reason and intelligence. Despite that, the stone statue still emitted a cursed aura.

“Sorry. We don’t have any more alcohol on hand.”

When Vidello-san apologized to the stone statue, it lowered its eyes slightly and murmured, [ I see… ] in a disappointed tone.

[ Could you bring a big bottle next time? It’s been 15 years since I’ve had alcohol. I want to savor it more and more. Please, I’m counting on you. ]

“Got it. I’ll bring plenty.”

[ Thanks bro, you’re a good guy! ]

Seeing Vidello-san and the stone statue having a normal conversation, I could do nothing but cling to Vidello-san’s hand.

Vidello-san is very adaptable, isn’t he?

[ Hey, hey, something’s been bothering me. Did the sage manage to save that woman? He said he’d come back to report once he did, but he hasn’t shown up at all. ]

With only his head and hands moving, the stone statue tilted his head.

Was he talking about the sage that helped defeat the Demon King?

“If it’s the same sage from the time of the Demon King, it is said that he perished in the battle against the Demon King 15 years ago.”

“What? Did he spread such rumors? He has to be alive and kicking. I met him after the Demon King’s magic disappeared. He gave me alcohol 15 years ago, so I remember it well. I never forget a debt when it’s a drink.”

Vidello-san and I exchanged puzzled glances at the words of the statue, which was smiling broadly.

“Vidello-san, could it be true that the sage is alive?”

“No, as far as I know, only the hero and the champion returned alive.”

[ He’s really going all out. Truly, as expected of that sage. So, does that mean he still hasn’t saved that woman…? ]


[ Yes. She offered her own body as a vessel to seal the Demon King. The sage is running around the world to save her from that fate. ]

Wait, I remember, didn’t it say in that alchemy recipe book, [ The Demon King is just sleeping ]? 

The words of the stone statue suddenly reminded me of the alchemy book.

“[ I’m leaving this book behind to help Rook. ] Taking this body to the Demon King’s coffin, could it possibly mean…”

“Um, that woman the sage is trying to save… Sarah-san…? Could it be that she’s still alive and currently sealing the Demon King within her body…?”

If that was the case, I felt like I understood the warning in that book.

And the one referred to as ‘Rook’ must be the sage.

I felt like something had connected, just a little.

[ What, you know what I’m talking about? Are you also a sage? ]

“No, I’m a pharmacist.”

[ A pharmacist? You know a lot for a pharmacist, don’t you? The pharmacists I know are a bunch of fools who just keep repeating what they’ve known for decades. They’re like idiotic parrots. ]

“Eeeh, have they been like that since your time, Stone Statue-san? It’s no wonder they’re so slow to advance their skills…”

Forgetting my tension around the moving stone statue, I found myself dumbfounded. It was no wonder the prime minister was so worried. Wow, pharmacists, how long have you been slacking off?

As I let out a sigh, the stone statue opened its mouth hesitantly, and said, [ By the way. ]

[ Are fake bodies in fashion nowadays? I’ve been seeing a lot of people with fake bodies around here lately, and I was wondering if it’s a new trend. ]

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