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Chapter 63.5 – A Certain Spy’s Daily Life

Palmer’s next target after the Miller duchy was the Estoani duchy, the capital of the Estoani Kingdom. In order to obtain information about the Estoani duchy, Wayne, a former orphan turned spy, was sent to infiltrate it.

Since some nations were already aware that the Deal Kingdom made use of orphans as spies, Wayne, with his naturally feminine face, made use of the makeup available in this world and disguised himself as a wrinkled old woman. He used this disguise a lot since it was easy for him. As a physically weak old woman, people’s wariness toward him would be lowered, even if they knew he was an outsider.

Wayne actually didn’t like the Deal Kingdom. He certainly felt indebted to Palmer as a former orphan, but he saw Palmer as a heretical king after he hunted down the believers of the Knut religion and treated disobedient people in an extremely radical manner. If Wayne was to be blunt, Palmer was a ferocious and vicious king.

However, after the great earthquake disaster, that evaluation changed completely. In contrast with the Deal Kingdom, which quickly recovered from the damages, the Estoani Kingdom was still struggling to recover. Despite the Estoani duchy having suffered a similar amount of damage to the Deal duchy, there were still many displaced and homeless citizens.

Such was the case even in the kingdom’s capital, which was supposed to receive the highest priority for reconstruction in the nation. A nation ruled by a dictator was strong in times of emergency. It wasn’t just in war,  but also during disasters. The Estoani Kingdom was headed by a king, but their influence was limited, and they failed to issue strong orders to their vassals.

Between the two kingdoms, the system changed depending on the king’s capabilities. Palmer, whose sovereign political rule bordered on being classified as an absolute monarchy, employed a system where counts and dukes had to acquire permission to start wars, while he could freely mobilize them if he had to.

No vassal dared oppose him. If there was, they must be the vassal of the vassal of the vassals of barons. It was a complete reign of terror, but it showed its benefit during disasters. There were an overwhelming few who would dare commit crimes or take advantage of the chaos for their own benefit.

On the other hand, the constraints on the Estoani Kingdom’s vassals were not only less than the Deal Kingdom’s, it was also less than the Carling Kingdom’s. After the earthquake, the vassals focused on rebuilding their respective territories, so the capital was slow to recover. Many had taken advantage of the chaos, and at the same time, many nobles were killed.

At a stall in the Estoani duchy, Wayne was eavesdropping. A large, friendly man spoke to the weapons seller.

“Oi, have you heard? The second prince Gelgnar’s faction is demanding the throne.”

“Aah. They say the second son of Estoani family is skilled at war. Perhaps it might turn into a big civil war.”

“Rather than giving a chance to the neighboring nations, it’s better to just give the throne to Prince Gelgnar. The first prince doesn’t have a straight mind anyway, right?”

“No, that’s the first time I heard about that. What’s with that?”

“You don’t know? Just last month…”

Wayne discovered something off. The first prince and the second prince of this nation certainly didn’t get along well, but it was the first prince who had a better reputation. In addition, the second prince wasn’t that skilled at war. Wayne sensed that the distorted rumor mill had already started, so he decided to investigate further. Just as he was about to leave, but the large man from earlier approached him.

“Who are you? You don’t seem like an ordinary old woman.”

“And you? Are you affiliated with the second prince faction?”

Wayne confronted the large man, but the opponent seemed to think that he himself was stronger than Wayne with his large physique. He briskly closed the distance between them and swung hard against Wayne’s cheek.

The impact sent Wayne flying into the wall beside them. Without hesitation, the large man moved to kick Wayne in the stomach. It was definitely an attack that would kill an ordinary old woman. Wayne, thinking fast, clung to the man’s leg as it collided with him.



Wayne immediately took out a dagger from his bosom and mercilessly stabbed the large man’s leg. His opponent yelled in pain and crumpled to the ground as Wayne looked at him in disdain.

“I’ll ask you again. Where are you from?”

“The Anon Kingdom.”

“You’re lying. There’s no next time. Where are you from?”

The lie detection artifact that hid in Wayne’s pocket shone. Dagger pointed at the big man’s throat, Wayne repeated his question once again, and he answered that it was Masia Kingdom. It was a kingdom located south of the Estoani Kingdom. Aside from the fact that it was relatively large, the Deal Kingdom did not know much about it.

Knowing this, the Masia Kingdom made their move towards the Estoani Kingdom. Wayne thought it was enough to make a good report, but just as he did, he sensed the military police approaching, and fled. As he escaped, he lit five smoke balls to scatter, which enveloped the area in smoke.

It contained a poisonous gas that, if inhaled in excess, would kill someone. It had no effect on Wayne. When the military police arrived at the scene, they found that a corner of the back alley was covered in smoke. Upon discovering that the smoke was poisonous gas, they realized that a spy of the Deal Kingdom had paid them a visit.1

The large man, the spy from the Masia Kingdom, who had been knocked unconscious, was captured by the military police.

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