After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Chapter 16 – On the Way Home from Interview

After leaving the royal castle, Erin and I continued walking solemnly in silence. 

“Let’s take a moment to rest.” 

“Eh, ah, okay……”


I wanted to confirm what she said with Zanba.

While heading to the royal castle, I made a mental note of places I saw on the street we could rest at without being detected or interrupted.

Among them, we decided to go to a coffee shop that looked rustic and cozy from the outside.

“Teach’, are you used to the royal capital…?” 

“Well, I used it as my base for a while after all. That being said, it has changed quite a bit.”

As expected, the number of unknown buildings increased greatly in the cityscape in just a few years’ absence. 

“In a place other than the school… like in the castle earlier, I was so nervous and I couldn’t even remember what expensive things there were.” 

“You don’t have to remember anything like that.”

Anything decorating the castle was likely just for show.  

If I had come there when I was a student, I might have tried to break a few pieces on a whim together with my classmates.

“I guess it’s because I changed my hair color.” 

“Aah……you dyed your hair when you enrolled, didn’t you?”

Zanba didn’t say anything about that in particular. 

But wasn’t it his first time seeing Erin after her gal debut?

Did he say anything about that? 

Perhaps that could unexpectedly crush her spirit. Girls are sensitive about their appearances, after all.

As I was thinking about such nonsense, we arrived at our destination. 

When I opened the door of the coffee shop, a bell rang.


“Welcome, how many……”


The clerk walked toward us, looked at Erin and I alternatively, and nodded as if he understood something.

“Please, follow me. Your companions are waiting.” 


The store clerk respectfully guided us with his hand. 

There, we saw two of my students sitting side by side at a booth meant to seat four people.

“Welcome back~♡”

“Uwah, they really came here……”


It was Sharon and Kuyumi, not in their uniforms, but in casual clothing.

Both of them were dressed quite fashionably, but I had no idea of the brands they were wearing. Had they always had them? Or did they go on a shopping spree just beforehand?

No, that wasn’t the problem here.

“Why……are you two here…?”

The question that Erin muttered was exactly the same as the burning question in my head. 

Although I did tell them I was going out with Erin today, I didn’t tell them the purpose of the outing, or the location.

In response, Kuyumi grinned and waved her finger at us.

“It’s something that can be figured out if you think about it~♡ It’s definitely business related to SwordX family, no matter how you think about it♡”

“Even if you managed to figure that out, how did you know that we would end up in this exact cafe?”

“On the way from the carriage waiting area to the royal castle, I looked into a few shops that were easy to get into and had a calm atmosphere, and out of all of them, I thought about what place that sensei would like the most. In other words, I narrowed down all the places you could enter without feeling nervous, and this is the only one♡”


It was totally the analysis of a great detective.

She predicted my thought process and actions accurately.

“Well, this was mostly based on the assumption that sensei doesn’t know about any trendy restaurants ♡ I believe sensei is a lame adult who doesn’t know how to properly date, so I was able to predict it accurately♡”

“Kuyumi, you said too much. I won’t deny it though.”


I cried a little on the outside this time. 

She had totally gone too far.




For the time being, I shared that we met the third son of the SwordX family, Zanba, and reported on their battle against the demon to him. 

After the drinks for all of us had been served, Kuyumi rested her elbows on the table and drew closer to Erin.

“So Erin got noticed by a sca~ry adult♡”

“Rather than a scary adult, it’s just her usual family reunion. Well, the SwordX family is certainly a gathering of scary adults, though.” 

Sharon pointed out with a listless expression while mixing sugar into her coffee. 

“I’m not bragging, but my family isn’t that good either.” 

“Heeh~…… Sharon-chan, aren’t you an aristocrat?”

“In name, at least.”

What did she mean in name? 

I’ve met many nobles in social circles, and they weren’t all that bad.

Since we were acting in order to generate profit and prestige, they would cooperate with us if we got their consent.

“That’s right. Our class has surprisingly high-ranking families.” 

Erin said that and glanced at me and Kuyumi. 

It seemed she was implying that our family situations were probably as complicated as theirs, or maybe she was wondering if it was alright to ask.

If the topic was going to continue naturally, of course it was normal to bring it up here.

I glanced at Kuyumi. 

She was supposed to come from a family of assassins.

Although it wasn’t as well explained as Erin’s family in the game, it was certain that she had undergone training before entering the school.

Otherwise, there was no way she could become that strong.

“……The SwordX family is the biggest among them, after all. I was nervous today.”

So I changed the topic. 

I doubt it would lead to a fight, but it didn’t seem like the previous topic would make people comfortable.

Erin read my intentions and quietly gasped when she realized the close call.

“As expected, are they going to bring Erin back?” 

“U~hn, from what I heard from that person, that seems to be the case.”

Did “that person” refer to Zanba? 

Upon hearing Erin casually refer to her brother with such an unnatural term, Sharon’s expression stiffened for a moment.


“What did you talk about?” 

“Hm……he told me to come back sometime. Also, he asked me about sensei’s combat style.”

Was he gathering information about me in advance? 

However, at least that meant he didn’t ask about Erin’s current situation.

“Why now, after all this time…… well, I can’t help but think that way.”

Erin laughed awkwardly. 

As I studied her expression, my expression tightened as I thought about what she meant.

Let me confirm the basic premise of the current situation. 

From my experience, there were things in this world that could never be changed.

For example, Haruto was born with the skills that I knew about. Even though he never really used them in the game, they were always present. 

Another example was how Mariemaia could never have a Job other than “Healer.”

It was just a maybe, but perhaps Erin leaving her family home and coming to adventurer school was also an event that couldn’t be changed. 

If that were to change, not only would the course of events of the sequel game change, the entire main quest, so to speak, would disappear entirely.

That was why Erin left home back then. 

However…… now that her value had increased, was the SwordX family trying to get Erin back?

If so, I could understand. 

The reason why the SwordX family was moving at this point of time was probably because a situation different from the game’s story had arisen. It was regarding Erin’s value when she left the house, compared to now.

It was unexpected that the third son Zanba would appear here, but was it safe to think he would basically still follow the scenario in which he appeared? 

It was a bad idea to decide so prematurely, but if a similar situation occurred, it should be okay to just keep it as reference.

“──Teach’, what’s wrong?”

“Hm, aah……”


Perhaps, because I was absorbed in my thoughts, the three were staring at me intently before I realized it.

“Sensei, are you okay? Do you want to change your straw?”

“Eh? Ah……”


Looking at it, it seemed I was unconsciously chewing on the straw stuck in my iced coffee.

The straw looked like a wilted stalk of celery.

It was pathetic to do that in front of students.

“Sensei, it seems like people who chew on straws are frustrated about their inadequacy in love♡”

“That’s just a myth…”

Kuyumi looked at me as if she could see right through me. 

Give me a break.

“Ah, that’s right. Teach’, thank you for the stuffed animal.” 

As if she just remembered, Erin took out a stuffed bear. 

Come to think of it, Cadenta gave us a bag before she left.

“Eh, what? Did he buy it for you? That’s cheating……”


Sharon looked at the stuffed animal and spoke with a lower tone.

It wasn’t that expensive, so I thought it wasn’t a big deal.

“Heeh~…… but about that stuffed animal.”

Kuyumi quickly reached out and pressed the bear’s nose with her finger. 

“This kuma-chan has a somewhat similar atmosphere to sensei♡”

“Ah, you’re right. It looks somewhat similar to sensei.”

“Hey, do that bear and I really look that similar?!”

Wasn’t it strange that everyone agreed? For starters, that bear was designed for cuddling! 

However, my objection wasn’t accepted, and in the end, the bear was proudly displayed at the back of the classroom.




Finally, the four of us were on our way home.

Erin rested her head on my shoulder and fell asleep with no protest. She really was exhausted.

Kuyumi stared blankly at her sleeping face while Sharon looked out of the window with no expression on her face. 

It was quiet inside the carriage.

“Are you going to kill that third son?” 

“I think it would be best not to kill anyone.”

Sharon looked at me in shock. 

Kuyumi grinned and a faint light shone in her eyes.

“I see. Then let’s see how you handle it♡”

“Well… thanks for the support, I guess. I’ll do my best.”

No good. When I talked to her, it felt like I was talking to a colleague rather than a student. 

I felt bad for Sharon, who stared at us, open-mouthed, with a stunned expression.

It must be a very surprising exchange for her.

“As much as possible, I want to avoid killing someone related to my student.” 

“So it’s just as much as possible, huh♡ it’s not a firm no~”


Sharon looked like she had an upset stomach.

I’m really sorry for that……

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