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Chapter 63 – Martyrdom

Since the goddess returned, I tried to draw information from her just like before, but it seemed she went away once again, so my call ended in vain. But that vile goddess did designate my Palpal religion as a group of heretics to her believers before she left, so it caused great trouble in the newly acquired Miller duchy. Fighting a religious war against a religion that had an actual goddess behind it sure was painful.

Also, since the war occurred without a declaration of war, the number of uprisings in the Miller duchy was astounding. Thanks to that, the number of my slaves kept increasing. The slaves I acquired this way wouldn’t be able to be counted as a combat force, so I sent them to mine. Just work to death for the sake of the nation.

Just as I was thinking about that, the barons of the former Estoani Kingdom in the Miller duchy declared a crusade all at once. The trouble with the Knut religion was that it stated if they died in the crusade, they would be sent to heaven unconditionally.

Well, the doctrine where being a martyr would get you sent to heaven applied in most religions, and the thought process of “this lifetime wasn’t good enough. But maybe I could do better in my next life” was something similar for those who wished for other world reincarnations, but I really wanted to be spared them turning into dead soldiers because of that. They fed experience for immortal slaves who stood at the frontline. Perhaps those slaves could no longer die at this point?

Therefore, I added another doctrine to the Palpal religion. The content was that should another religion declare a crusade against the Palpal religion, making sure those crusaders were martyred, therefore, sending them properly to heaven, was considered an act of charity. Then as for the saints who did a lot of this, I, as the pope of the religion in the mortal world, would give them a reward. Since the opponents thought they would go to heaven if they died, wasn’t it correct to consider sending them to heaven as an act of charity? Just die while holding onto your ideal.

Other religions that weren’t Knut also mentioned their followers would be sent to heaven if they were martyred, and there were even disgusting ones that mentioned they could enjoy little girls as they liked every day in heaven. Compared to those religions, the Palpal religion, which helped them to achieve their martyrdom, was more decent… Well, I guess not.

And as my army kept repeating the act of charity of sending the Knut religion believers within Miller duchy to heaven, my people in other territories began to have an atmosphere as if thinking “Huh? Isn’t our king a very dangerous person?” I couldn’t help but think it was too late for that. Even invading without declaring war was already dangerous enough, but I didn’t even have any justification to claim Miller duchy, so it couldn’t be helped.

Anyway, I forced all believers of the Knut religion in my territory which wasn’t in Miller duchy to be migrated there while I gave preferential treatment to believers of the Palpal religion. Your home was something that was passed down through generations? The land you migrated to was poor and narrow? I didn’t give a damn. It was your fault for being a believer of the Knut religion. The lands I took away from Knut religion’s believers were distributed to Palpal religion believers. It was just the right moment since I had a bad feeling that things would get worse if I didn’t build a support base soon.

Outside Miller duchy, I thought the number of believers of the Palpal religion already exceeded the believers of the Knut religion in my territory, so I implemented this policy, but apparently, it was about the equal number. But thanks to preferential treatment to Palpal religion believers, Palpal religion spread nicely outside Miller duchy. As long as the era wasn’t developed much in terms of ethics and moral values, bullying the weak was considered legal, so there were few who could resist.

…As a matter of fact, the actual percentage of Palpal religion believers outside Miller duchy should have reached 80% by now. As for the remaining 20%, it should be the Knut religion believers who remained in hiding, but it was troublesome to eliminate them all. It would be easier if they were converted willingly to the Palpal religion, but it took a lot of effort to change one’s faith once they believed in it deeply.

Well, the Miller duchy was already wrecked because of the earthquake. Even if a salvo of cannons turned the city into a mountain of rubble, it had nothing to do with people who lived outside Miller duchy. As long as the other side thought they would be exterminated if they didn’t obey, I was sure they would break, and some opportunistic folks who were already broken even destroyed the goddess statues of the Knut religion one after another and converted to Palpal religion, so it was only a matter of time before they capitulated.

…Perhaps this was the reason I was considered the most evil human in this world, but I think the number two evil human was the King of Lust Alfred, so there was no need to be concerned about ranking. I doubt there were many people who could commit over 100 cases of robbery, rape, and murder in each category out there.

That king of lust wasn’t satisfied with just his wives and possibly forcefully assaulted village girls, so the number of rapes should be staggering. Robbery could be considered the same as looting. As for murder, since he directly took an active part in the battlefield, killing 100 people was simple. And more than anything, I couldn’t think of anyone else who could exceed that king of lust with a similar list of crimes.

In that case, Wagner would be ranked 3. He should be considered evil since he even resorted to causing a natural disaster in order to kill me and my slaves without considering the damage to his soldiers and villages. But well, it was common for humans to not mind sacrificing in order to kill a common enemy of mankind, so maybe he was the only one who didn’t accumulate negative karma. Yeah yeah, it was collateral damage.

…Not only did Wagner become independent, he even formed an alliance with the Carling Kingdom, so he should be able to manipulate the Carling Kingdom to some extent. If he was aware of uprising festivals in Miller duchy, it wouldn’t be weird for him to mobilize the two nations to attack me, but seeing as he didn’t do so, perhaps he intended to attack Borghardt Kingdom that suffered from the double blow of earthquake and pandemic instead? Or was he simply too exhausted to make a move at the moment?

While thinking about it, I dispatched my elite slaves to quell the uprisings that still occurred. I think Miller duchy would run out of people soon… It was a duchy with fairly large farmland, so distributing them to slave soldiers who played an active part wasn’t a bad idea. Just because it wasn’t a bad idea didn’t mean it was good, though.

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