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Chapter 054 – I Miss Vidello-san

I put a large quantity of ground herbs into a cloth-lined container and squeezed the cloth. 

While I was squeezing the cloth, the owner came near me. 

“Leave this to me. Keep doing other things.”

“Yes, please!”

It looked like he wanted to help me. Looking at those muscles in his arms, I handed it to him with a smile. Squeezing those herbs was such a pain. 

Beside him, I started grinding evening primrose herbs.

The owner also squeezed all those ground evening primrose herbs for me. 

Maybe it was because he used his strength evenly, a very clear liquid was squeezed out of the cloth. I have a feeling that this is gonna come out as a high-ranking potion. How beautiful.

Next, when I grabbed the stems and started crushing them, I heard a voice calling from outside. 


Eh, this voice, Yuuta? Isn’t he too fast? Then, I looked at the time on the screen and it had been about an hour since I started grinding the herbs. I was so absorbed that I forgot the time.

“I think that’s a friend of mine who collected and brought the materials I requested.” 

“Alright. You keep doing it.” 

He then stood up from his seat and went outside. 

After a while, he returned, holding a large number of herbs with small pink flowers.

“Here. I received them.”

“Thank you very much.” 

Uwa, how cute. In the recipe, it was written that I had to take these stems off and boil them as they were, so I still had to pluck the flowers anyway.

Talking to myself until I had finished all the preparations, I continued my work while feasting my eyes on the view of a mountain of flowers I created in front of me. 

“Okay, and next, this should do.”

I turned on the fire and put a beaker-like glass container on top of it. 

I poured the cure potion into the beaker and boiled it. Then, I mixed and stirred in one ingredient at a time, filtered it, and again mixed and filtered, repeating the process again and again. If all those instructions weren’t written in the recipe, this was the kind of thing that would’ve made it fail for sure. This took quite an amount of time and effort. 

At last, the flowers were added to the clear, yellow-green liquid until it came to a gentle boil. When the color changed, it was finally complete. 

I quickly turned off the heat and poured the finished product into empty bottles one by one. For one-time processing, I got five bottles of [ Remedy for Growth Inhibition Disease ].

According to the ‘Appraisal’, it looked like one bottle of this could treat 5 trees. This meant I could treat 25 trees for each batch. He said there were a total of 67, so if I repeated this another 2 times, it would be plenty enough. 

There was still time left before I had to log out, so I decided to make all of it in one go. 

Together with the owner, we continued doing our work in silence. 

All those mountains of flowers were completely gone after 3 batches. 

I also used a lot of aranne fruits. 

“How much is the cost for materials?”

When I asked him while stirring the mixture and looking at the final color change, the owner, who was standing near me, replied bluntly, “Don’t need it.”

He didn’t need it. He was saying the same thing as Kyle-san. 

Were all the plantation owners stubborn?

I filtered the flowers with a bitter smile and handed the bottles of [ Remedy for Growth Inhibition Disease ] to the owner. 

After receiving them, he carefully looked at the bottles and gave a single nod as if he was satisfied. 

The two of us walked into the plantation and then, we split up and sprinkled a bit of it on the nearest tree roots. 

Even though there was no wind, the tree on which the remedy was applied shook and a fruit naturally dropped to the ground. Was this a sign of recovery? Then, I appraised the tree and it was already rewritten as below. 

[ Meile Tree: It bears sweet, round, red fruit. Now is the time for harvest. ]

It’s cured!

I was so happy that I started sprinkling one after another. Every time I sprinkled it, the trees shook and the fruit dropped. This is fun. 

“I’m so glad that they’re lively again.”

I couldn’t help but cheerfully talk to the trees as I kept sprinkling the remedy, and before I knew it, all the fruit had fallen under the trees and I realized that the treatment was finally completed. 

“Thank you. With this, you saved me and this plantation.”

Before I noticed it, the owner was standing beside me, thanking me with tears in his eyes. At that moment, a notification appeared in the quest column. 

“I’m happy that I can be of help to you. I’m really glad.”

When I was closing the empty bottle with a sigh of relief, the owner took the fruit that had fallen under the tree and handed it to me. 

“You can take all the fruit that have fallen. You can eat them as they are or use them in all sorts of things. I’ll also teach you how to use them, so eat the dish I make with these fruits.”

“Eh, is that okay?”

When I took a look at the plantation, I was sure that at least one fruit had dropped from each tree, so there might be a total of 67 fruit. Is it alright for me to take them all? 

“These fruit trees are my pride… I’m glad that they’re cured.”

I’m really glad also. 

He said he was going to make a meal while I pick up the fruit, and he went back into his house. 

Right about the time I finished picking up all the fruit, I heard the owner calling me, so I went to his house. I ordered meals at the inn’s dining hall, but I ended up leaving without having them, so I’m glad I can have a meal here~

As I cheerfully entered the house, I checked the quest column. 

[ Save the Sette Plantation!

There was an outbreak of Growth Inhibition Disease on Sette’s plantation.

Currently in the third stage of disease progression. 

If it reaches the fourth stage, all the fruit will rot, and if you don’t burn the trees, there’s a risk that it’ll spread to the trees in the city. 

Let’s save the trees before it reaches the fourth stage. 

Time Limit: 2 days

Clear Reward: Meile fruit, Aranne fruit, Piera fruit, Recipe, ???

Quest Failure: Growth Inhibition Disease progresses to the fourth stage, a complete extinction of the Sette plantation.

【Quest Clear!】

The Growth Inhibition Disease has been cured in the third stage, and all the trees in Sette’s plantation are healthy again. 

Clear Rank: A

Clear Reward: Meile fruit, Aranne fruit, Piera fruit, Recipe, Korza oil]1

I was glad that this was a quest that even I could promptly deal with. 

Even so, what’s this Korza oil? I’m a bit curious. 

Feeling relieved, I sent a message to Yuuta saying thanks. Then I got an immediate reply. 

[ Anyway, the fact that we found a new road coming here is quite shocking. Now, I wonder whether I’ve missed a (hidden) path like this in all the locations I’ve been to. ] 

[ Seems like it. Even the shaded area, along with the flow of the event, I was able to go in there. ] 

[ What?! Maybe I should go back to Uno and talk to every single person along the way. ]

[ Stop it. You’ll just look like a pervert instead. ]

[ Anyway, I’ll go back to the lake again. I have a feeling that there must be a road beyond the lake. I do wonder if there’s anyone else who can get here. [ Mad Ride ] party is also really excited! ]

I see. So he’s going to explore that region. I also want to go back to Tre. Let me know if anything interesting happened. 

When I closed the chat column and sat down on the chair that was offered to me, a beautiful, delicious-looking dish was already before me. There was a grilled steak dish with an orange-colored sauce that seemed like some sort of dressing on top, and a colorful salad with a variety of vegetables. As expected, all the dressings were an orange color. And there was this lovely pink-colored jam on top of the yogurt-like thing and apple pie-like dessert. And there was also bread. They all look delicious. 

As I was gazing at all the dishes with sparkling eyes, the owner sat down in the seat in front of me and pointed at the main dish – the grilled steak dish. 

“I used aranne fruit in this sauce. I also used it in the salad dressings. I mixed it with the lemonade I got from the plantation in the neighboring city of Sei and mixed it again with the oil squeezed from flowers at the edge of the field. And this. This jam is made from meile fruit. This tart is a piera tart. Eat ‘em all, it’s all delicious.”

“Thanks for the food!” 

Wow, so this was how the fruits were used in dishes. Amazed, I took a bite. 

The next moment, I couldn’t think of anything else. 

Delicious! So delicious! 

It was so delicious that I forgot everything else and continued eating without being able to stop my hands and mouth from moving until the whole plate was completely clean. 

There was quite an amount before, but I couldn’t help feeling sad when I realized that there was nothing left for me to continue tasting after finishing all the dishes. It seemed like my face was showing what I was really feeling inside, so even the owner, who was always frowning, chuckled looking at me. 

“I still have more so don’t make a face like that. Which one do you want to eat more?”

“Eh, is it okay?! Then, I want more piera tart, please! It’s so delicious and I want to make something like this too!” 

I’m gonna make it and feed it to Vidello-san! I want to hear him say ‘It’s delicious!’ and make him happy with my cooking. I wonder if Vidello-san would like this. I hope he likes it. Now I miss Vidello-san. I like you❣️

The owner stood up and extended his hand. After lightly patting my head, he went to the back. 

He then brought back a piera tart. 

And, in his hand, there was also a piece of paper and a pen.

While I was eating, the owner started writing something down on the paper. 

“Here, take it with you. This is a recipe for piera tart. I’ll also give you oil to make this batter. It’s the oil extracted from the korza flower growing in my field. Wait a bit.”

After that, he got up from the seat again and returned back holding a lump-like something in his hand. So that’s korza. It was placed in front of me with a thud. 

No matter how many times I looked at that thing that was wrapped in silver paper, it just looked like giant butter. 

“Wow! It really has a nice smell.” 

It didn’t have the typical smell of butter, but more like it was emitting the soft fragrance of a flower. If I made something using this, I was sure it would smell amazing. 

“I’ll give you this. Take it with you.”

“This much, is it okay for me to take this? I’m happy.”

After holding it in my arms and savoring its fragrance, I put it in my inventory right away. 

I also checked the recipe in the cooking column. With this, I can always make the piera tart and feed it to Vidello-san.  

When I left the owner’s house, feeling very satisfied with a full stomach, it was already dark outside. I think I’ll have to go back to the inn and stay there for another night. I hope they still have rooms left for me. 

Yuuta might still be advancing beyond the lake, so I also walked my way to the inn. 

Author’s Note: an orange-colored sauce – a sauce made from aranne fruit, put on top of grilled meat (according to the plantation owner.)2

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Sounds like a great dinner.

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