This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 6: It’s really… a case that’s impossible to deal with

Vidello-san’s arm was still wrapped around my waist, our upper bodies naked, and our lips so close together that if we pouted, our lips would stick together instantly. 

I couldn’t refuse Vidello-san’s arm, probably because the mood was so intimate. Vidello-san’s palm gently stroked my optional scar, which ran from the middle of my belly almost to my back.

“Really, really…” Vidello-san murmured softly.

“A little while ago, it’s true that I could’ve moved my arm a little bit. I could have at least let go of Mac if I wanted to, but in reality, I couldn’t move my body as much as I wanted to because of the blood loss.”

“Huh, then why?”

“When I thought I was going to die, I thought that it would be a great death if I had Mac in my arms. So, I couldn’t let go.”

While I was listening to Vidello-san talk, I was thinking half-heartedly about the strange things humans think when they’re in a state of high tension and are about to die..

“But Mac was determined not to let me die. I was impressed.”

His murmurs became almost like sighs midway.

His downcast eyelashes lifted and Vidello-san’s beautiful dark green eyes pierced straight into mine.

“I’ll never forget the way you gave me the medicine with your lips rather than your hands.”

I felt a soft touch on my lips as I stared into his brilliant eyes.

Uhh. Wait a minute. Now.

My face is getting hotter.

I wonder if in-game avatar’s faces get red as well. Even then. Is this life-saving mouth to mouth?

What kind of lifesaving is this? Oh, that’s incorrect. It’s not lifesaving mouth to mouth. Oh, right. Rather, what’s with the natural kissing, this gatekeeper is—!


“Mac. Even though I knew that you were a foreigner, I’ve always been interested in you. At first I was a little wary, being told you were a friend of Crash. After all, there are a lot of people trying to suck up to the guild master. It’s no secret that Crash is the Guild Master’s son. But when you were passing through the gate, you always greeted us with a smile and didn’t look at us as if we were insignificant, unlike other foreigners. When you went out on your own, we were delighted that you reported various things to us when you came back, and soon we guards let our guards down. Everyone looked forward to seeing you come through the gates. When you were late on your way home or didn’t show up for a day, ‘What happened today?’ would even become a hot topic among the guards.”


I physically blocked Vidello-san’s mouth with the palm of my hand as he tried to continue, and stopped the words that were becoming like a curse invading my ears. It’s not a speech you can say with a straight face. Is there such a scenario in this game?

What is it?! Vidello-san. Does the handsome man option include seduction? Do you also hit on other players like this? That’s a little unacceptable!

I mean, what’s with my reputation among the gatekeepers? I was just treating the other person like another human being. I’m sure there are many others like me?! Well, I’ve read on the internet that gatekeepers are the same as the background, but to be honest, I think those people saying that on the internet should be left alone because they’re toxic.

“I don’t get many requests from the Adventurer’s Guild, so the only people I see every day are Crash, Vidello-san and the other gatekeepers. Ah, also Kyle from the farm. So it’s not a big deal for me, it’s just a daily thing, and it’s fun to talk to Vidello-san about various things. You could say it’s normal for me.”

When I opened my mouth to explain that as a player I wouldn’t treat NPCs as a background, Vidello-san, who was listening while looking straight at me, gradually lowered his gaze.

“Is that so… you’re right. I was so ecstatic when I thought I was special, but I guess I was being conceited. These lips, these pleasant lips that kept me alive, were just a part of helping people for Mac. For example, if the guard standing next to me collapses, you would be kind enough to heal him with these pleasant pink lips… I misunderstood, I was an idiot.”

My eyes widened at the words spun from Vidello-san’s lips, up close with his eyes downcast.

With my pleasant lips, you- you say…?! No no, that’s wrong. Healing him with m-my pi-pink pleasant lips…! No no, I just gave him a High-Grade Potion, so I didn’t heal with a kiss! What are you talking about Vidello-san?!

To the ears of a healthy high school boy, those words sounded indecent to me! My hot face got even hotter. Wait, seriously, did they have to include blushing in this game?

In contrast to my flusteredness, Vidello-san was dejected and hanging his head. Don’t you realise you’re making a misleading statement?

“Well, simply helping people, I wouldn’t go that far if the other person wasn’t Vidello-san…”

I tried to tell the depressed Vidello-san that I wouldn’t normally do such a thing. I was trying to convey my intentions, but once again, I felt like I misspoke. I made a mistake, it sounded like I was saying that it’s ok to kiss if it’s Vidello-san. And that’s how Vidello-san took it! His eyes lit up instantly.

“Because it’s me? Can I take that to mean the same thing as you thinking I’m special?”

“Special…?! Well, it’s true I think Vidello-san is by far the most special.”

After all, although he had to stay at the gate, he left his post to run to me, and he was always smiling and listening to my silly small talk. Also, he’s handsome. He might be my closest friend in this world. Crash and I simply have a professional partnership. When I said what I thought, I was interrupted when Vidello-san hugged me tightly and kissed me some more.

Wai-, it’s progressing too fast! I have no relationship experience, let alone obtaining any skills, what kind of situation is this where I’m being kissed by a handsome man!? I mean, is Vidello-san actually a hasty type?!


My tongue was entangled and I realised that I was deeply kissing him right now. The first deep kiss of my life was as an in-game avatar. It seems kind of sad, but then again, adolescent boys were weak to this kind of pleasure. It’s no wonder why kissing felt so good, even in-game.


Between the kisses, Vidello-san’s hand, which was caressing the scar on my stomach, became more and more indecent. I noticed something like, something like… The sensation of being stroked on a scar felt a bit different than being touched on the rest of the skin. What kind of optional content was this?

The movement of Vidello-san’s hands, which leisurely caressed my back, hips, and scar and touched the top of my pants with no hesitation, is really different from usual, and it has an erotic atmosphere. I’m being kissed so deeply that I can’t really speak, which is a relief, but it made me shiver all over. I felt a little tense, like I wanted him to stop, but also like I wanted him to touch me more in different places.

Gently, Vidello-san’s hand slipped inside my trousers. He rubbed my butt through my underwear, and I was startled and involuntarily bit his tongue lightly. Vidello-san was still playing with his tongue all over my mouth and his eyes were filled with lust. Oh my god, those eyes are too sexy. I mean, what do you mean it feels good to be kissed, stroked and rubbed? Somehow, I feel like he can do whatever he wants. Because it’s Vidello-san. He’s a good man, he risked his life for me. Also he’s handsome.

When I gently put my arm around Vidello-san’s back, his eyes clouded even more, and this time he reached for my underwear.


My underwear couldn’t be removed. Both Vidello-san and I were disappointed to see that my underwear was so tight that I couldn’t take it off at all as if it was stuck to me.

Author’s notes: 

Sorry, typo. Farmer Carlo-san → Kyle-san.

Translator’s notes: Also, he’s handsome. And handsome. And maybe just a little handsome. Definitely important to mention hahaha.

While tl’ing, I came across this:

Lu’s diary: Can I just say that I’m having a massive nosebleed while editing this chapter. :sobs:

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1 year ago

Vidello: “I am speed.”

Also, while I’m disappointed in IRL that they couldn’t go all the way, I’m also thankful that characters can’t suddenly go all the way in an MMO. Seems real sketchy if they could