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Chapter 098 – An Unexpected Big Shot Appears

“Excuse me. I apologize for the trouble our knights may have caused you earlier.”

“Why did a person like you come out here?”

I heard a polite tone of voice that was the complete opposite from earlier, and Monto-san was quite surprised to hear it. Did he know him? I held my breath as I was watching the situation, and Monto-san brought in a well-dressed man with glasses. 

“I heard Emily-san appeared so I thought I should appear as well.”

“Ah… well, I know you handle things fairly but aren’t you quite busy yourself?”

“I’ll manage somehow. Oh and excuse me.”

He greeted us with an elegant bow, and we greeted him back. 

We had already put away the dispensing kit, so we were sitting down with a nonchalant look on our faces when that person quickly sat down in front of us. 

“Greetings. Though I’ve only ever seen Crash-kun once when he was 5 years old. My name is Mihael Andrus and I’m the prime minister of this country. My apologies for the trouble my men caused you earlier.”


I could do nothing but sit still in front of him, looking at him with my eyes wide open in response to his incredibly polite words.

The prime minister… How could a big shot like him come out of nowhere?

While I was stunned, Crash stared straight at him the whole time and started a conversation. 

“Are you the one who brought the stone of the covenant and bound my mother?”

His voice, though low, trembled a little. 

The prime minister nodded to his question without a change in his expression, confirming his doubts. 

“Yes, I’m the one who took out the stone of the covenant and made a contract with Emily-san.”

“By any chance, are you saying that my mother has been restricted by a breach of contract?”

“No, she hasn’t. Please be assured.”

“I see… Then the stone of the covenant?”

“It’s fine. It’s not going to turn black from just this incident.”

“Thank goodness…”

Listening to their conversation, I had no idea what they were talking about. 

What is going on? Was this related to Crash?

As I was listening without raising a single question, Monto-san made a fresh batch of tea and poured a cup for me. He sat down at an empty seat nearby with a flop. 

“Anyway, it’s already late, so let’s get down to the real issue.”

“Ah, that’s right. Are you Mac-dono?”

Urged by Monto-san, the prime minister turned to me. 

When I nodded, he bowed his head low, “I’m really sorry.”


I wondered if it was really okay for a person like him to bow so easily. 

When I looked at him in surprise, he raised his head and showed a sign of relief. 

“Raymond, who tried to abduct you, will be stripped of his title. As expected, the king will not forgive him for this second blunder of his. And Mac-dono, as a foreigner, I’m truly sorry for involving you in this power struggle.”

He bowed deeply once more and all I could do was look at the man in front of me in surprise. 

“This country is on the path of destruction. Remarkably so from fifteen years ago, when we destroyed the future of four young people, including your mother, Emily.”

So after defeating the demon king, the country becoming stable and prosperous was nothing more than a pipe dream. 

Once the demon king was defeated, the country’s aristocrats, freed from the threat, now began to look out for their own interests. 

Until now, they had been working in arms because of a powerful enemy called the demon king, but once that entity was gone, they turned their backs on each other and thought of nothing but dragging the others down.

Moreover, only two heroes returned victorious from the demon king’s subjugation. The other two young heroes lost their lives in the battle. 

Even the two who returned were in a very difficult position, as some people began to make noise that the mighty power that dwelled in their bodies was too much for the king to control, now that the demon king was no longer around.

In order to somehow change the internal division and the gradual decline of the country, the king approved the acceptance of foreigners five years ago. 

All in the hopes that this would revitalize the country. 

All in all, the prime minister told us that the situation in the country was like this. 

And, was it really okay to say this?

Also, the more I heard about all these complicated things, the more I couldn’t help but think that this world has existed for a long time. 

“The country has changed a lot with the acceptance of foreigners. There were some dangerous guys among them, but we already have someone who can manage them, so they’ve been taken care of. But more importantly, Mac-dono.”


“I’ve been told that you are an excellent pharmacist.”

I froze at his words. 

Just a moment ago, I was thoroughly lectured by the two to not do anything crazy.  

Without being bothered by my reaction, he continued.

“Are you aware that the current pharmacists in this country have no aspirations at all?”

“No aspiration?”

“Yes. Would it be appropriate for me to ask how foreigners improve their skills as pharmacists?”

The prime minister looked straight at me and asked a question. Was he asking me about the conditions of leveling up?

In the case of pharmacists, depending on the level, their skill increases. But after a certain level, even if they made the same recipe, the experience they got decreased drastically. That’s why they had to constantly make things that were appropriate to their level range or else they wouldn’t be able to level up from there. 

On the other hand, if they tried to make something that was beyond their level, the success rate would exponentially drop. But if by chance they succeeded, they would gain a lot of experience, so they couldn’t stop doing it. 

“When you make something new and difficult, your skill improves. If you keep making the same thing over and over, you won’t gain much experience.”

“I see. That’s it. Nowadays, the pharmacists in this country are only using those formatted recipes. They even oppose making a new recipe. Why? Because this would weaken their status. This is more evident in older pharmacists, but I believe that will spell the end of their careers as pharmacists. After all, they aren’t getting better.

“Their potion ranks are at best ‘B’. Even the ones that are close to failure are being sold. Perhaps, it might not be a good thing that potions become secondary just because healing magic can be used. After accepting foreigners, people are beginning to realize the usefulness of potions, seeing with their own eyes that foreigners use a lot of potions, but these main pharmacists refuse to follow the trends. That’s why, I’ve been selfishly placing my hope on you foreigners with unlimited potential. And I believe that this will improve our stagnation in skill and bring out new possibilities in the pharmaceutical field. And yet, we make you suffer due to our mismanagement, and for that, I sincerely apologize for the horrible treatment we’ve caused you.”

All I could do was listen to his story as he continued without pausing. 

Or rather, he was expecting me to do the exact opposite of what Monto-san had warned me about earlier. 

What should I do? I glanced at Monto-san, expecting a helping hand, but he was just as surprised as me. 

“I heard that a [ Flower Pharmacist ] is a higher-ranked pharmacist. There are very few people in this country who have attained that rank. And from the fact that Monto-dono is covering for that person to this extent, I can assume that he is a very talented pharmacist. Please lend your aid, even if it’s just a little bit, to this country.”

“Eh, then, does that mean I’ll be locked up in the royal palace and forced to make potions forever?”

“It’s nothing like that.”

The prime minister didn’t show any displeasure at my words, which I muttered unintentionally, remembering that old man, and he replied back seriously with a straight face. 

So I wouldn’t be confined. 

“I would very much like to receive your knowledge with a payment.”

“My knowledge with a payment?”

“Yes, I would like to purchase your knowledge and then spread it to other pharmacists.”

Then, Monto-san interrupted, “Hey, Mihael-san.”

“If that’s the case, those pharmacists who receive the recipe will keep it secret and end up making nothing but that. It’ll be the same as now. You want to change the current path of pharmacists, don’t you? If so, that’s not the right way.”

“I’m well aware of that.”

“You know that and still say this. Then what are you planning to do next?”

“I’m going to disclose the recipe publicly so that no one can keep it a secret.”

“Then, those pharmacists who have been trying so hard to keep their treasured recipe hidden won’t receive this well.”

“After all, if I don’t do this much, their closed world won’t open up.”

Wow, this guy is so daring. 

I wondered if he would end up losing those pharmacists by doing that.

Suddenly, I remembered that I had a friend who was a pharmacist. 

Unlike me, he was a proper apprentice of an existing pharmacist. 

I once wondered what his passion was as he kept making the same potion, but now I knew that this was the situation of pharmacists in this country. 

I was a little curious if he was still making them under his mentor, so I’ll contact him later.

Just as I was thinking, an alarm started flickering on my screen. 

Wow, it’s already this late? I have school tomorrow, so I have to log out quickly, but with the situation right now, wasn’t this hard for me already?

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