This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 064 – An Impossible Love and My Unstoppable Feelings


Holding back my laughter at their dumbfounded expressions, I repeated my words again. 

“The tart I made yesterday at my workshop — when I ate it, it increased my max HP by 5.”

“Wa-wait. You, what?!”

“Yuuta, aren’t you acting a little weird?” 

“No, no, no, no, Gouno? This isn’t such a simple matter, is it? Are you… serious?”

I nodded my head telling them this was all the truth and the two of them quickly came next to me. 

“Give us.”

“You’re telling us, meaning you’re gonna treat us. I’m not guessing this wrong, right?”

“I was planning to do that from the start. I’m now at my workshop in Tre. Can you come over to my place?”

When I asked them, the two energetic guys answered in unison, “Of course, we’re going!”

It looked like it would be difficult for Yuuta’s group, who were still at the elf’s village, to return back to Sette on their own. 

“Guess I’ll beg Harpon-san that I want to go back, but I’m sure he’s going to ask us why, can we tell him?”

“All the ingredients are hard to get, and if it becomes well-known, it’ll put me in a difficult position… But if it’s him, I think it’ll be fine. I don’t ever want this to spread to those people who don’t treasure their comrades.” 


Both of them lowered their gaze hearing my words. 

It was because they saw me arguing back and forth with Seven right in front of them. 

But at that time, I felt happy when Yuuta became angry in my stead. How should I say, I wanted to thank him for coming to my rescue, and for the many things he did for me. 

“Ah, it’s okay. I’ve already got that feather amulet fixed.”

When I grinned from ear to ear, both of their expressions relaxed as if they were relieved. 

“That Seven, after that, he was reprimanded by the lady at the inn and it was a bit of a spectacle to see. But it looked like he went off somewhere on his own afterward, so we don’t know what happened to him.”

“I see. I’ve already unfriended him though.”

“I’m surprised that you became that furious. Well, he’s the kind of guy who thinks ADO is just like any other offline game.”

“But I’m glad that your amulet got fixed. Your feather amulet is so beautiful that I became curious.  You got it from someone, didn’t you?”

Masuda handed me a chocopie, saying it was an after-lunch dessert. I’m happy. 

“Yes. I got it from my precious one. When we went to Quattro together, he bought me that feather amulet from a shop called [ Magic Store ] in a back alley. It’s in the hidden area where players can’t enter.”

When I told him while biting into the chocopie, Yuuta hung his head down again completely dejected. 

“Not again… I’d also like to know where that shop is…”

“I’m not sure, but I’ll make sure to ask the owner-san if I can bring you next time.”

“Anyway, how did you get there? Is something like a quest related to going into a back alley lying around or something?”

“Ah, it’s not a quest, but a date…”

“So ‘he’ is the gatekeeper! What?! You took the city guard gatekeeper and went to the next city!”

“Well, he was off-duty that day.”

Somehow, the more we talked about this, the brighter Yuuta’s eyes shone. Until before I discovered his relationship with Yui, I could tell all we talked about was everything game-related and we never discussed anything love-related at all. 

Maybe he became interested because he got a girlfriend himself? 

While I was lost in my thoughts, Masuda was looking at me in amazement. 

“Gouno, so you’re already in that kind of relationship where you can go on a date. But was there a woman in the gatekeepers?”

“No, this guy’s boyfriend is a perfect manly male who’s all muscles.” 

In response to Masuda’s question, Yuuta described my love life in a strange way and as a perfect manly male… somehow the sound of it was already erotic. Well, when he was above me, he already had that supreme male aura on him… 

He’s so erotic, so cool, so sexy, and… haa, okay I need to stop this train of thought, I’m now at the rooftop on the school grounds. 

Thank goodness, my son is about to wake up remembering my time with him.1 

When I looked at them, both of them narrowed their eyes and were looking at me with distant looks. 

“Gouno, isn’t your love fruitless? It’s gonna be hard on you later.”

These few words from Masuda already pained my heart. 

I know. I know it, but knowing it doesn’t mean I can stop my love for him. 

“Hey, Masuda, whether that love is fruitless or not, that’s for him to decide.”

“I see. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

I shook my head a little telling him it was alright and reaffirmed how lucky I was to be friends with Yuuta. 

Yuuta… he really is a great guy. I’m sorry that I ripped you off that time. But I’m not saying I won’t do it again. 

When I logged in again, my body had returned back to normal. Thank god. 

I was about to become that famous ‘child in appearance, but an adult in mind.’

Sighing a relief, I put on a robe and readied myself to go out. 

Looking at myself when I logged in, I only had a shirt on top with my sleeves rolled up to the elbows and my default pants. Although I sighed at myself, it was good to be able to wear my shirt again without having to roll my sleeves up. 

Speaking of which, I suddenly remembered what Yuuta had said. 

The hidden village of the elves seems like a place full of alchemy materials. [ Mysterious Material ] doesn’t mean it’s alchemy-related materials, but the likelihood of it being alchemy material is much higher.

Maybe I’ll try asking Crash’s mom about it. I’m meeting her today anyway. 

If the elf village really is a treasure trove of alchemy, then maybe Crash’s mom is a hidden alchemist or something like that. I mean, I did buy that cauldron from Crash’s shop. 

As I pondered over the many possibilities, I headed to the guild. 

When I arrived at the guild, there were a number of people wearing equipment that looked like they were just out of beginner level. Among them, there were some with strong equipment, but most of them were in a group talking about various things. Are they discussing quest-related matters? It sure looks fun.

While enjoying this adventurer-like atmosphere, I called out to the receptionist, “I’m supposed to be meeting the guild master for a private appointment.” 

Then, it became a commotion at the reception desk.

The receptionist led me to the stairs at the back of the reception counter in a hurry. Eh, did I do something wrong?

Dragged along with him, I was rushed up the stairs and was told to go to the innermost room. 

Puzzled by the situation, I knocked on the door of the designated room, wondering if I was somehow late. Then, I heard a reply from inside the room, “Yes, it’s open,” so I quietly entered the room. 

Crash’s mom was buried under a mountain of documents on a large desk.

“Thank you very much for giving me your time, even though you are very busy,” I said. 

Then she stood up and beckoned me to come near her. 

“He’s an important guest so I’ll leave work for later and also clear out the people around here for a while. He’s a close friend of Crash,” saying it to the secretary beside her.

The secretary then bowed her head saying she understood and left the room. 

“When you close the door, the room becomes soundproof. Isn’t this convenient? Sage drew a magic circle for this. Now, now, please sit there.”

Crash’s mom offered me a seat and she headed to the back door. 

She soon came out with a tea set. 

Having been served tea personally brewed by the country’s hero, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by her hospitality. 

“Don’t be modest and drink it. I can’t guarantee the taste, though.”

“…Thank you for the tea.”

I reached out for the teacup, feeling nervous, and took a sip. Ah, right. It’s bitter. It’s very bitter, but can I drink it? But this is a tea she personally brewed, so it’s a waste not to drink it all. Do your best, me. 

I put down the cup making my best effort to smile and looked at her again. 

She looks exactly like Crash. The more I look at her, the more she looks like him. I’d always known that Crash was good-looking, but now I’m convinced looking at her. Yuuta told me it’s a common thing that elves are beautiful. 

While I was in my own world thinking, she took a sip and was shocked by the taste.

“My god! It’s bitter!”

Looking at her reaction, it seemed like this bitterness wasn’t a normal taste for elves. 

“Crash’s mom,” I called her. 

Her lips curved into a bright smile, happy with the way I addressed her. But immediately after that, she cleared her throat and changed her expression. 

“I hope you will call me Emily. I’m so happy that you call me ‘Crash’s mom’, but it’s a little long, so isn’t it a bit hard to say?” 

I knew she was really happy and her expression was already reflecting it.

When I was thinking that Crash was loved greatly by his mom, Emily-san changed the topic. 

“Let’s get down to business. Do you want to talk about the reward first or the things you’re planning to tell me first?”

“Then, I’ll tell you first.”

I wish to tell her all the things that happened during the quest. I straightened myself up and she then nodded for me to start the conversation.

“It’s about my escort mission of delivering potions, there’s something that has been bothering me.” 

Immediately, a gleam appeared in her eyes. I felt as if a single blink of her eyes had urged me to continue what I was saying. Then I continued.

“While we were on the road we were supposed to take, the bandits were clearly waiting to ambush us, as if we were their known target. Though they were bandits, they weren’t aiming at the goods They were clearly aiming at us with their bows and weapons. I’m quite sure that their target was Crash from the start.”

“I see. Is there anything else?”

“One of the underlings tried to kill Crash and it seemed like their leader ordered them to capture him alive. I don’t know about the rest, as we both ran away, but about Crash going out, is it possible that there was an information leak?”

“No, it was strictly confidential. It was quite an emergency that both Sei and Sette were short of potions. That’s why we allowed the use of the quick horse, but when it came to handling the matters of potions, Crash was the one we could put our trust in the most. We didn’t even have enough time to announce this outside of the guild. Well, if only Sei hadn’t run out of potions, we wouldn’t have treated this as an urgent case from the start.”

“Eh? Why?”

My surprise was blatant, and Emily-san answered me with a puzzled look on her face. 

“Well, Sei is the capital city where the Grande King lives.”

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11 months ago

»I’m sorry that I ripped you off that time. But I’m not saying I won’t do it again.«
True friends, eh? Hahaha >D

I wonder how long it’ll take for that foot information to float around the place. Or maybe they’re all people who can shut their mouths.

Thx for the ch ٩(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )و