In Love With the Strongest Man

Translator: Shizukuku

Editor: Evelet

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Arc 1: The Strongest Man and the Cursed Merchant

Introduction of the characters (at the end of arc 1)

■ Shuka, age 32.

He has brown hair, blue eyes, and an ordinary appearance. He is short and thin due to injuries and lack of nutrition.

He looks younger due to his race, however, he generally keeps his face hidden by a robe.

When he was 12 years old, he failed to fulfill the request of a nobleman and was inflicted with a curse that causes the people around him to feel disgusted by him.

Because of the scars from that incident and the branding of the curse, he avoids showing his skin.

His grip is weak, his body is creaky, and his bones are twisted in several places.

Even though he is cursed, he never gives up on living, and he works as a merchant as a means of making ends meet.

He has a good eye and gathers high-quality medicinal herbs, so he still has some customers despite the curse.

He is puzzled by Ideal who talks to him normally, but also enjoys having a decent conversation with someone for the first time in a long time.

After meeting Ideal, the curse suddenly intensifies, requiring Shuka to have mucous membrane contact and exchange bodily fluids with Ideal.

Just as he decides to accept the favor, even though he isn’t good at relying on others, he finds out that Ideal is a tremendous hero.

He suspects there is more to it than meets the eye, but he doesn’t need to know that kind of backstory.

He was a virgin who had never even been kissed before, but he lies about having experience with women.

■Ideal Fierte, age 22.

He has lustrous black hair and jewel-red eyes. He is a beautiful man.

Although he has a strong physique, he is tall and lean, so he is sometimes seen as slender.

He is a self-proclaimed wandering mercenary.

He’s an annoying customer who continues bringing rare materials to Shuka’s stall for purchase, even after being banned.

His true identity is the ‘Hero of Salvation’ who ended the war.

Shuka collapses because Ideal reveals it to him so casually.

After the war ends, he travels around the world in search of something.

He meets Shuka in a town he stops at along the way and he falls in love with him.

Shuka’s curse was created by Ideal’s ancestors, and only Ideal can suppress Shuka’s curse.

He intends to do his utmost to suppress Shuka’s curse as atonement for his ancestor’s deeds. However, when Shuka tells him that he can do it whenever he feels like it, he gets impatient and kidnaps him to his mansion for the time being.

■Printemps, age ??

Ideal’s favorite horse.

He has an immaculate black coat and a huge frame.

He is a strong horse who can run distances that would normally take ten days to cover in less than two days.

He is a high-spirited horse, but he is loyal to his master and listens well.

■The townspeople

Although originally good by nature, their minds are distorted by the curse when Shuka is around.

The sudden changes sometimes confuse his brain.

For this reason, Shuka tries to avoid getting involved with people as much as possible.

■Commercial guild official

In fact, he not only exploits Shuka but also embezzles the guild’s money, and gets caught a few days after Shuka leaves town.

He is a normal bad person who intended to pin the crime of embezzlement on Shuka.

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