Trails with Cuddle-Cuddle Osbon

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The plot may seem rushed, but I’m glad that it ended up okay somehow.

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Chapter 006 – Fufufu, son. Let’s Have a Three-Way Meeting Together with Father 

The principal’s office was located on the first floor of Thors Military Academy’s main building.

There, the school principal Vandyck summoned three instructors and proceeded with a certain discussion.

The summoned instructors were Sara, who was in charge of Class VII, Neithardt, who was an instructor for military strategy, and Thomas Lysander, who was an instructor for history and literature.

Sara and Neithardt had a strange sense of incompatibility toward each other’s thoughts, and while they didn’t show it in their expressions, when they entered the room and saw the other party also inside, there was a slight hint of displeasure. 

It was inevitable that Sara’s flexible thoughts and Neithardt’s rigid thoughts would clash, but they still managed to work well together in battle, showcasing their strange relationship.

“Well then, my apologies for calling you all out of the blue. I called three of you because I wanted to ask about a certain student.” 

“A certain student?”

“It’s about Rean Schwarzer-kun. Sara-kun is obviously here since you are his homeroom teacher, but two other of you also teach him in class, right?”

When that name came up, Sara and Neithardt frowned. 

It was hard to see Thomas’ expression because of his thick glasses, but he leaked an “Ah~” as he recalled the person in question and agreed with the two’s sentiments.

“Principal, did Rean do something? Perhaps he caused another problem…” 

“No, to call it a problem… well, perhaps it could be considered a problem, but if anything, it’s more of a good deed.”

“What do you mean?”

“You were aware that he wasn’t at the dormitory or even in Trista for several days after the entrance ceremony, right? Apparently, during that time, he was protecting the nearby towns and villages from monsters and jaegers thugs…”


Sara let out a stupid sound. 

Although Neithardt didn’t make any sounds, he was also rendered speechless.

It was a fact that they didn’t expect and couldn’t connect to Rean, so their brain rejected the thought of understanding it.

On the behalf of the speechless pair, Thomas asked Vandyck a question.

“Um~ why would he do that?” 

“I have no idea. However, letters of appreciation and other things have been sent to the academy. There have been many reports of people being saved by a black-haired student wearing a red uniform. Since Worzel-kun was at the academy at the time, these incidents could only be connected to Schwarzer-kun. Apparently, he had been asking around a lot which direction was Trista at, which led to him being identified. I was really confused when I first heard the news from Marquis Hyarms.”

“…………It’s really confusing how to deal with the issue after all.”

At Neithardt’s murmur, Sara groaned while holding her temples. 

Among the first-year noble students, Patrick Hyarms was a student who,  even as a noble, behaved the most arrogantly, yet turned quiet recently, apparently because he had heard about Rean’s actions from his father.

As twisted as he was a person, Patrick was still a son of a noble, and he wasn’t foolish enough to forget the gratitude towards the person who had saved the people in his territory and clash with said person.

“Didn’t you ask Schwarzer about his circumstances at orientation?” 

“He said that he was searching for his friend’s pet during the entrance ceremony, and he insisted that the reason he didn’t come to class for a few days after that was to retrieve something that his friend forgot to bring… I knew those were obviously lies, but since the said friend, who was the valedictorian of this school year, also supported his claim, I decided to withhold judgment.”

“Emma Millstein, was it? I thought she was a student with good grades, good behavior, and with no particular problems, though…”

“She really is competent. She seems to know a lot about history, and we even discuss the War of the Lions eagerly together.”

“Instructor Thomas, let’s stop the topic there for now. Let’s just say that Millstein and Schwarzer are friends. The problem is…”

The document passed to them stated that there was no sign that Rean had traveled by train, and it was clear that he had left Trista with only the clothes on his back with him, as if he had been thrown there out all of sudden. 

In addition, there were sighting reports of him in the Sutherland Province, which was a very strange place to be if they assumed Rean had traveled on foot.

“I don’t understand the reason for his actions. Therefore, before I summon him here, I would like to know more about Rean Schwarzer-kun’s personality.” 

“……If I were to put aside the rumors that were spread, I would say he is a serious and innate person.”


“Not only did he not complain about the volunteer service activity that was imposed on him as a penalty, I could see that he is doing them seriously. Many students prefer to watch him from a distance, but the students who were involved in the student council’s miscellaneous tasks said that Rean wasn’t as weird as the rumors suggested.” 

“What about you, Neithardt-kun?”

“I think he is an obedient and serious student. Moreover, in terms of physical ability, even compared to upperclassmen… I think his physical ability is clearly beyond the level of a student. Even during the military style training I specially gave him, I could see that while he seemed tired, he was able to follow them without a problem.”

Neithardt was amazed at Rean, who followed him without slowing down during the rivalry training method he practiced in the water training class, and were it not what Rean did during the entrance ceremony and the next few days after that, Neithardt would honestly praise Rean for his accomplishments. 

Neithardt’s admiration toward Rean was suppressed by the fact that regardless of how talented Rean was as a student, he had a tendency of skipping classes.

“If I were to add more, then it would be that, not only his physical strength, but if his combat skill is concerned, his abilities are so great that even we might be at risk of defeat.”


“The great Purple Lightning-dono actually praised him that much?”

Neithardt frowned while Thomas let out a sound of admiration. 

Sara might love drinking but she couldn’t even clean her own room, showing her livelihood as a woman in jeopardy, but as far as her ability to take care of others and her strength was concerned—— there was no need to doubt those aspects considering she was a former Rank-A Bracer.

Hearing that Sara claimed Rean was so competent in combat that even she was at risk of defeat, Neithardt and Thomas grew interested in Rean.

“During the orientation, I already thought he was strong by a student’s standards when he came through the basement of that old schoolhouse with his bare hands. He might be able to come out victorious against that gargoyle alone. Because he wasn’t wielding tachi, his supposed weapon, back then, I proceeded with a mock battle to see how capable he was in combat. Naturally, I had the upper hand from the beginning, but until the end of combat, for just an instant, I could see the image of myself falling to the ground… but obviously, that didn’t actually happen.” 

“I see… then what about your impression, Thomas-kun? How’s his attitude in your class?”

“It’s not that different from what those two have said. He has been following the classes seriously, I have seen him studying together with Emma-kun to catch up on what he has missed, and he has been asking me questions about parts that he didn’t understand. It’s to the point that I couldn’t help but find it strange why he did what he had done at the entrance ceremony. However, although it was just casual conversation that had nothing to do with class, he showed a wealth of knowledge and deep political knowledge that is unlike that of a student. It’s as if he had another brain that gave him advice on that aspect…”

“The interpretation is almost the same, but you said he is clearly not at student level, huh.”

Vandyck sat at his desk and rested his chin on his intertwined hands. 1 

When Thomas saw that, he said the following.

“Do you suspect that he is a spy sent from somewhere?” 

“…………Is it about ARCUS?”

“Yes. It’s the reason for the existence of Special Class VII. Although the class can be said that it was created under the arrangement of Prince Olivert, the technology used there is likely so desired depending on organization.”

“Even if we assume that he is a spy, would the person who received such a mission act in such a blatantly suspicious manner? Why would he go out of his way to act so conspicuously? If his goal is really ARCUS, he could just disappear by the time he went missing, as he had no reason to return to the academy.”

“I heard that Rean’s ARCUS was left on his desk in his room at that time, you know? Also, I heard that the Schwarzer family might be a baron family, but they were deeply trusted by the emperor. Since it is doubtful for a family like that to hold ambition, I don’t think it was a request from his family.”

“……U~hn, there are dots, but they can’t be connected into lines.”

Everyone in the room agreed with Thomas’s point. 

“Ah, if I have to say more, he gave a strong impression that he is running around every day.”

“Certainly, Schwarzer seems to always be moving around whenever he has free time, like talking to someone or doing something.”

“I also saw that a lot. I even asked him about it, but all he said was that it was a marathon.”

“The more I listened, the less I understood.”

“Wouldn’t it be best to just ask directly?”

“I guess… you’re right. Then Sara-kun, my apologies, but could you please tell Schwarzer-kun to come here after school?”



Rean, who had no idea such conversations were taking place, went to the principal’s office after receiving a message from Sara.

When Rean received the message, he noticed that he was receiving a lot of suspicious glances, but he didn’t really care and knocked lightly on the door of the principal’s office.

After knocking, Rean entered the room as he made his greetings, and was overwhelmed by Vandyck’s physique when he turned around.

The body was so well-trained that it was hard to believe the person was already over 70 years old, and the height that almost reached two arges (meters) made Rean give his respect as a man.

[“Fufufu, don’t worry, son. I’m sure you’ll also have a fine physique in ten years or so.”] 

Osbon’s words reminded Rean of Giliath Osborne’s appearance, the father whom he had yet to meet. 

The man’s appearance itself was similar to Osbon that Rean was familiar with, but Rean felt complicated imagining himself to become similar to that in the future.

Honestly speaking, he hated the idea.

If the Prime Minister knew Rean’s thoughts, he would likely have turned silent with a vague expression.

“Principal, do you need something from me?” 

As if to clear his gloomy mood, Rean switched his thoughts. 

As he was summoned by the principal, Rean didn’t have a good premonition, but he couldn’t escape either.

“Don’t be so nervous. It’s just something like doing a request you passed to you by Towa-kun, but I just summoned you to inform you directly instead of through a post.”


“Umu. It’s about the old schoolhouse that you guys, Class VII, used for orientation——”


There, Rean was asked to investigate the door and the suspicious voices that had appeared in the old schoolhouse for the past years.

Vandyck said he was sorry for taking away Rean’s precious free day, but Rean didn’t have any problems with that.

“As for investigation, you are to invite the members of Class VII who are free to investigate——”

“I’m sorry, but other than Emma, I’m not close enough with other members of the class to the point they would be willing to spend their free day with me…”

“Hm? Muu, well…”

“Is there something wrong?”

“This was meant to be a request to all members of Class VII.”

Rean was at a loss for an answer. 

If the request was meant to all members of Class VII, it meant Rean would have to get all the other seven people to cooperate.

Although I could talk with them to some extent, how could I suddenly ask them to spend their free day together with me? This worried Rean.

The problem at hand was that the one-sided feud with Machias was still continuing.

But since it was Machias who abided by rules, perhaps there wouldn’t be any problem if Rean told him it was the request from the principal? Rean also worried about how to invite others as well.

Seeing Rean thinking like that, Vandyck narrowed his eyes and stared at him.

Rean noticed this and asked Vandyck with some expectation.

“Principal, is there something attached to me?” 

“…………No, it must be just my imagination. It’s nothing.”

“I see…”

It’s a shame, but I guess it’s difficult if it’s not a witch, thought Rean as he sighed. 

“……Speaking of which, it might be a change of topic, but why didn’t you come to the academy for days after the day of the entrance ceremony?”

The sudden change of topic made Rean at a loss for words. 

It was easy to explain if he spoke about Emma and Celine, but Rean had doubts about whether it was okay to reveal the existence of the Hexen Clan in the empire and academy.

Considering Thors’ philosophy of “to become the foundation of the world” and the excellent instructors, it probably wouldn’t cause any harm, but Rean thought it wasn’t a good idea to talk about Emma’s circumstances without permission, so he held back.

Rean held his friendship with Emma as a greater importance than his duty as a student or suspicions held against him.

“My friend forgot something back home, so I went to retrieve it.” 

“You seem to treasure your friend a lot, aren’t you?”

“Yes. She really means a lot to me. She’s someone I’d like to be together with for the rest of my life.”

Hearing the words which sounded like a marriage proposal, Vandyck was taken aback. 

But he quickly returned to his serious expression and continued to observe Rean.

Rean didn’t know whether Vandyck did that out of suspicion or because he was just thinking.

On the contrary, maybe Vandyck knew everything about Rean’ circumstances and was just waiting for his words.

The one who saved Rean from his predicament was Osbon.



Now it is decided, he might not dig too deep if I bring up that topic, thought Rean as he shifted the topic to the issue of the old schoolhouse.

“That’s right, regarding the request to Class VII, is it okay if I request other collaborators?” 

“Who those collaborators might be?”

“It’s Beryl from Class III and Rosine from Class V. I got acquainted with them recently, and if it’s with them, I think I could work together without any problems.”

“So you have friendships with people who are all on opposite extremes… Although it’s not desirable to have the whole investigation done with only four of you, I will give permission to explore once with that group. However, you will be required to bring along only members of Class VII for the next exploration onward, okay?”

“Yes, I understand. Um, this has nothing to do with the old schoolhouse, but I have something I want to consult with you…”

“Hou, tell me about it.”

“Do you have any idea how to get closer to someone who distances themselves because of their status, principal?”

“I see… if it’s someone like that——”

“Also, if it’s someone who isn’t interested in me——”


After hearing on how to improve the relationships with the rest of Class VII, Rean left the principal’s office in high spirits, determined to try it next time.

Then, there was a certain instructor staring at Rean from afar.

“……It doesn’t seem to be dangerous, but it doesn’t hurt to prepare for insurance.”



“——And so, I would like to ask the three of you to come with me to explore the old schoolhouse.”

The location was the occult research clubroom. 

After getting Beryl’s permission, Emma and Rosine were called there and each reacted thoughtfully to the proposal.

“It’ll be done on a free day, so if you have something to do, I won’t force you to participate… but since it is still a request from the principal, I’d appreciate it if you do help.” 

“I don’t have a problem with it, but are Beryl-san and Rosine-san coming too?”

“Aah, there’s something I’d like to talk to you about.”

[“Fufufu, if you want to continue your relationships with them, you’ll probably need to explain about Miss Celine as well. You might as well take the chance now.”]

Rean did tell Rosine about Osbon, but Beryl hadn’t heard of it before. 

Beryl might have caught on about Celine, but Rosine had no idea about it.

Each of them had gaps in their information, so Rean agreed with Osbon’s words and was thinking of using this as an opportunity to reveal the circumstances, including his power of ogre.

There was no need to reveal all the secrets, but Rean still wanted the three of them to know about himself.

“Ufufu, I lent you the clubroom because you said you have something to talk about, but I never expected you to say something like this. As expected, I really can’t read you.” 

“If I may confirm, this is supposed to be a request for Class VII, isn’t it? Is it okay for us to get involved?”

“I’m sad to reveal my shame, but people have been keeping their distance because of what happened at the entrance ceremony. I intend to invite everyone from Class VII from the next investigation onward, but this time we’ll be exploring to some extent for a preview. In that case, there should be no problem for you two to participate.”

“Ufufu, so you used us as bait.”

“Beryl-san, Rean-san has no such intention…”

“No, that’s what happened in hindsight, so I apologize if it offended you.”

“No, I just mentioned it, so there’s no problem. I’m sorry if it bothered you too, Rosine-san.”

“Ah no, it’s okay…”

Emma smiled wryly, hearing everyone apologizing in the room. 

After the apologies concluded, Beryl accepted Rean’s request for cooperation.

“I’m fine with it. That old schoolhouse is the place where the Ashen slumbers… So I’d like to see it personally.” 



Emma was dumbfounded when she heard Beryl’s murmurings, but Rosine interjected as to cover Beryl’s words.

“I also don’t mind. But I hope I don’t become a hindrance to Rean-san and others……”

“No, you can just leave the battle to me and Emma. We have ARCUS after all. I’m just asking for follow-ups from both of you if we happen to miss some.”

“Okay. I’ll do my best to help.”

Rosine replied with a gentle smile on her face, and after Rean told them that was all for today, they disbanded. 

And so, on the free day, Rean’s group of four started to explore the old schoolhouse.

Author Note:

Uh~n, Emma and Rosine’s characters are people who speak with polite tones but words seem to clash.
Now it comes to Kurt (kuruto), I mean, to this (kuruto), I feel like the flavor of this fanfic would be better if Rean continues to develop his bond with Class VII.

This is all Osbon’s fault.

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