In Love With the Strongest Man

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Arc 3: True Identity

Character Profiles (by the end of arc 3)

■ Shuka, age 32.

Appearance: He has brown hair, blue eyes, and an ordinary appearance. He is short and thin due to his long-term injuries and lack of nutrition.

Despite looking younger due to his race, he usually keeps his face hidden with a robe.

Race: Hidden Village. 

Former Head of the Hidden Village. He was cursed after being tricked by Gokkan.

He has no greed and is easily swayed by the flow of life.

His emotions haven’t developed much from when he was twelve years old.

He picked up Akane in his hometown, the Hidden Village, saved Ideal during a mission, and helped Atu when he went out.

He is unaware of his own kindness.

He has a bad habit of neglecting himself, but is extremely kind to the people around him, often causing those closest to him (mainly Ideal and Akane) to be concerned that he’ll be taken advantage of.

■ Ideal Fierte, age 22.

Appearance: He has lustrous black hair and jewel-red eyes. He is a beautiful man.

Although he has a strong physique, he is tall and lean, so he is sometimes seen as slender.

Race: Incubus.

A newcomer to a species born with a natural sexual prowess.

Although Shuka was his first partner, he instinctively knew what to do.

However, his skills remained largely unused due to Shuka’s abnormal lack of inexperience.

Should Shuka desire it, he could offer pleasures beyond human comprehension.

He’d like to offer this.

He feels an immense debt of gratitude towards Shuka for saving him, yet at the same time, he harbors immense guilt and feels responsible for taking away Shuka’s life.

He is also very possessive and jealous of Shuka, and exudes pheromones to ward off other incubi that might approach him. It was his fault that Akane looked upset.

He wants Shuka-san to be happy, to make up for the life he’s taken from him. He’s willing to do anything for that.

Though he often says, ‘Shuka-san is cute,’ or ‘Shuka-san is beautiful,’ he’s never said that he loves him.

■ Akane, age 54 (though his mental age varies due to being a species that can live for a long time)

Appearance: A big cat with long, fluffy red fur.

He is a few times larger than a normal cat.

Race: Incubus.

A weak incubus in terms of power.

Having invested all his power into cuteness, he lives as a cat.

Praise cats, for cats are the strongest.

Having no abilities other than cuteness, he was no different from an ordinary cat. However, he wanted to talk to Shuka, his number one servant, whom he met again after a long time (the cat denies this), so he made a deal with the scary, or rather, the intimidating Ideal.

The information he provided was about Shuka entering a certain brothel.

If it’s not necessary, he prefers to speak in cat language.

Human language is too difficult to pronounce.

■ Atu, age 120 years (though his mental age varies due to being a species that can live for a long time)

Appearance: Long red hair and a tall stature. A confident beauty that captivates both men and women.

Race: Incubus. 

A man whose upper-class aristocratic features give way to a downtown upbringing.

He sometimes refers to Ideal as the ‘Cardinal’.

Despite his disrespectful attitude, he is Ideal’s subordinate (though this has not appeared in the main story yet).

With a personality typical of the incubus race, he generally has no interest in anyone but himself, but sometimes he finds Shuka entertaining and supports him.

However, while he has loose morals, sleeping with Shuka is absolutely out of the question. Ideal is too scary.

■ Langetsu, age 35.

Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes. Unobtrusive appearance.

Race: Hidden Village.

He was a former subordinate from Shuka’s hometown.

His village was destroyed by Rarigi’s attack, so he came here.

He’s hoping that Shuka-san will come back as the Head. He’s really hoping for it.

■ Rarigi, age 41.

Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes. Intimidating gaze with a strong presence. ※Has not appeared in the main story yet.

Race: Demon. 

Once a troublemaker among the demons, he now holds the position of a general.

He is Shuka’s most trusted friend among the demon tribe.

He was entrusted with the young Ideal and raised him to a certain age. However, he had no sense of being a parent.

■ Gokkan, age 39.

Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes. Muscular, tall, chiseled face. ※Has not appeared in the main story yet.

Race: Hidden Village. 

At the age of nineteen, he aspired to become Head of the Hidden Village but lost to Shuka, who was twelve years old at the time, because of his excessive greed.

After that, he tricked Shuka into accepting a false mission.

He is the current Head of the village.

■ Former nobleman who was the client

Shuka’s disappearance indirectly caused his downfall.

Currently enduring hardships worse than death. Likely won’t have a role again.

[Geography and Glossary]

  • The Four Great Nations of the World

 < Land of Orges>

<Land of Angels >      Dead Forest      <Land of Demons>

                    <Land of Humans>

※The Dead Forest is basically impassable, so diplomatic relations are mainly with neighboring countries.

  • Ogre Tribe

A race with superior physical abilities.

They have small horns on their heads.

  • Angel Tribe

A race that loves discipline and goodness.

They have small white wings on their backs.

  • Demon Tribe

A race that values displays of power. Rarigi falls into this category.

They have small black wings on their backs.

  • Human Tribe

A race skilled in deep thought and deliberation.

They do not have horns or wings.

  • People of the Hidden Village

They are almost the same as the human tribe, but are generally shorter in stature and have ordinary appearances.

Shuka, Langetsu, and Gokkan fall into this category.

Also known as the Assassins’ Guild. It is thought to be fictitious, but it does exist.

They are peaceful extremists who are selflessly dedicated to world peace.

  • Incubus Tribe

A race that fascinates people and manipulates their desires. Ideal, Atu, and Akane fall into this category.

They are also known as the Red People but the term incubus is more widely used. They are thought to be fictitious, but they do exist.

Some of them are naughty and some of them are not, but they are skilled at what they do.

They live longer than other races.

  • The Forest of Death

There are burning valleys, poisonous lakes, and many strong monsters.

The Hidden Village is located in this area.

  • The Island of the Red People

An island where the Incubus Tribe gathers (this has not appeared in the main story yet).

It is located in the distant ocean outside the four great countries.

  • Monsters

They exist all over the world. They are very strong. They love to fight strong opponents.

When defeated, they drop valuable materials but respawn after a certain period (usually several years).

Some of them have a certain level of intelligence and can talk to each other.

Basically, they only obey the strong, but the weak will often listen to you if you ask them, “I want to build a human town here, will you go over there?”

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