After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Chapter 17 – I Shall Be a Sandbag

When weekends ended, weekdays would unfortunately come. 

Now that I was a teacher, that meant that classes were coming.

“I haven’t finished the preparations……”

Early in the morning at the beginning of the weekday, I sat at my seat in the staff room while holding my head in my hands.

One shouldn’t underestimate the fact that I only had three students.

If I just lectured, they wouldn’t be interested because they already knew most of the content.

Even practical classes were limited due to the bare minimum facilities at this dilapidated school.

I might as well make it a game where everyone climbed to the top of the roof and jumped off. It’s not like they could get hurt at their skill level. 

The winner would be the one who let out the best scream and flip when they jumped.

“Well, I don’t know what to do, so do you have any good ideas?” 

“Even though you were so confident the other day, what happened…?”

In the staffroom with only two desks, I bowed my head toward the only other desk. 

The vice principal, who was swiftly handling the documents that were stacked like a mountain on her desk, had a confused look on her face.

“Honestly, there’s nothing I can think of that I can do. Um, I’m really sorry for bragging when I just got here.” 

“It seems you finally understand the hardships I went through in the past.”

I was really made to understand the vice principal’s struggle back then. 

If my students were too strong, I didn’t know what to teach them.

Even though I told Cadenta all those dramatic things about the good I could do for the next generation as a teacher, I wished all of that never happened. 

Because now I didn’t know what to do.

“To be more specific… the three of them have nothing to benefit from classroom lectures, right?”

“Yes, both Erin and Kuyumi seemed to know all the tactical lectures beforehand, and Sharon picked up things so quickly that she progressed faster than usual.”

I sighed while flipping through a textbook. 

Erin and Kuyumi had received combat training at their family house, so of course they had already completed the normal curriculum.

Moreover, Kuyumi seemed to have already completed the more advanced curriculum as well. 

Wasn’t it weird that someone with such a slacker personality was actually that talented?

“For example, how about you talk about the wisdom you know in actual battle, Haruto-kun?” 

“The tactics I’ve been using generally involve finding the enemy and then cutting them in half. If it’s not effective, just repeat.”

“Then that one is not an option. You are ineligible to teach that.” 

Vice principal? 

Why did that sound cold?

“Also… how about increasing the scale, like, discussing what to do during a tactical operation, or like a joint operation with the national army of some nation. We do have a textbook for that, but you already knew about that, right?”

“The scale is so big, I never even heard about that before…”

That was why most of the time I spent on the class lecture was dedicated to Sharon.

Additionally, if my explanation isn’t clear enough, Kuyumi would ask questions.

They were all clear questions that were intended to deepen Sharon’s understanding of the subject. 

Rather than a student, Kuyumi was more like a senior teacher supervising a new teacher giving a lecture.

“Should I just make them sing ‘We Are the World’…?”

“I’m not sure what that is, but it seems like three of them are taking classroom lectures with a clear purpose in mind, so isn’t it okay to just continue as usual?”

Certainly, I guess there was no need to force myself to increase their level of satisfaction. 

“Not feeling like you are teaching properly is a problem that occurs even if the students aren’t geniuses. A teacher’s effort to overcome this problem would sometimes just be a matter of them trying to achieve self-satisfaction, and not necessarily for the students’ benefit.” 

“…You’re right. Thank you very much.”

If so, should I make it my goal to properly teach according to the textbook? 

“Then the problem would be practical classes. Do you have any advice?” 

“Isn’t it okay to just have Haruto-kun fight them as an opponent in a mock battle?”

“…That’s it!”

It really was. 

Eh, wait a minute.

Was it really okay to target me instead of a virtual target?

“So you really hadn’t thought of it…” 

The vice principal looked at me in astonishment. 

Was I too much of a genius?

That said, the curriculum had been decided. 

While replaying the “CHORD FRONTIER” opening song in my mind, I immediately started preparing for the class.

“So today, I would like to raise everyone’s speed.” 

“Teach’, I don’t understand what you’re saying…”

The three people lined up on the training field all had confused expressions on their faces.

I guess I should break it down so they could understand.

“Well, speed itself is just a joke. Sharon doesn’t really need it, while Erin and Kuyumi already have enough.” 

“Then what are we going to do?”

As Sharon stared at me with a blank, unimpressed expression, I grinned at her. 

“I’m going to have everyone activate their active skills to raise their proficiency.” 

“Sensei, I understand even less now♡”

Oops, this time the purity of incomprehensibleness became 100%.

“And so, just think of me as a sandbag.” 

“What do you mean…?”

“I’ll have each of you unleash your skills on me.”

“ ‘Crushing star’.”

“Ah, wait a minute!”

She was too eager! 

Didn’t you stop to worry if you were actually going to hurt me, Sharon?

Before I knew it, her assault spear was pointing at me. 

“Let’s start with Erin, okay?” 


Sharon regretfully canceled the fire mechanism of her assault spear. 

It made cool noises as it retracted back into its inactive form.

I really liked it. It made me feel like I was gearing up for battle.

“Well then Erin, you were swinging your long sword horizontally the other day, so let’s try doing that vertically.” 

“Ehh?! H-how does teach’ know about [Vertical Flash Slash!]?!”

Ah, no good, was I not supposed to know? 

I just considered it a mere active skill, but perhaps it was actually a secret technique of the SwordX family?

“W-well, since it’s horizontal, I just thought a vertical one was also possible…”

“So that’s why… as expected of teach’…”

I just made an appropriate excuse and quickly readied my sword. 

Seeing Sharon and Kuyumi quickly distance themselves, Erin quickly drew her sword.

It was the thinner one, and that was the one used for [Vertical Flash Slash!]. It made me excited!

“I’m going, teach’!” 

The long sword that was drawn filled with light and the blade trembled. 

I avoided the flying slash that tried to cut me in half from the top of my head by taking a half-step to the side.


“Fire it in succession.”

“Ah, yes!”

Erin swung her swords in succession, and the ground of the practice field was torn apart each time. 

It was a technique that quickly filled up the SP gauge after all, and in the game, it would proceed to cycle using the gauge-consuming technique and the player would no longer have to manually trigger each slash.

“Don’t you think it’s easier to avoid than the horizontal one?” 

As I asked while easily dodging, Erin gritted her teeth and nodded. She still kept slashing, though. Good.  

“As for the target, for now, try to hit me. I can take it, so do your best.” 


I didn’t want to admit it since it was a more advanced technique, but it seemed Erin’s [Vertical Flash Slash!] was less sophisticated than her [Horizontal Flash Slash!] that I saw the other day. 

The time from pre-action to activation was too long.

After doing it about 50 to 60 times, Erin was panting and her slashes were starting to get less accurate. 

“Let’s take a break.” 

I said that as I knocked away the last slash that came flying toward me with my sword. 

Erin sat down and had a somewhat desperate expression on her face.

“W……why can’t I hit you…?”

“Your attacks were too straightforward and easy to read. You should’ve feinted, or tilted your sword in different ways to prevent the attack path from being read.”

While I gave advice, Sharon and Kuyumi came over upon seeing things had calmed down. 

“I guess it’s as expected of sensei… but how to say it… it’s like……”

“You were moving like you were performing a creepy dance, and it looked totally disgusting♡”

Really hurtful words came flying at me. They hurt more than any of Erin’s slashes could.

I dropped to my knees. Seeing me drop down next to Erin, Kuyumi laughed.

“But I only saw Erin’s vertical slash last time, but as expected, does it feel different from the horizontal one?” 

“Y-yes. Besides, it’s less complete~”

Erin continued speaking to Sharon while playing with the strands of hair that fell on the side of her cheek.

“About [Vertical Flash Slash!], um… I learned it by watching and imitating that person… Zanba onii-san.” 


I think my ears were broken. I didn’t understand what she meant.

Eh? Erin was picked up by the SwordX family and trained, so that’s how she studied SwordX sword technique, right?

No, rather than studying, it was more learning and practicing.

But no matter how I think about it, it must be the result of supervised training, right?

“Erin… what are you talking about…?”

“Seriously, what do you mean? You received a lecture for it, right…?”

“Eh, no? I did receive a lecture for [Horizontal Flash Slash!], but I didn’t for [Vertical Flash Slash!]. I just watched him and tried my best to imitate.”

This time, both Sharon Kuyumi were clearly taken aback. 

Within their gazes was a clear expression of fear that went beyond shock. 

“I think that’s why it’s incomplete. Maybe I should go home and watch him again…” 

I couldn’t find any words to say to Erin, who was laughing because she felt embarrassed about not mastering the skill, so I turned my gaze toward Sharon instead. 

She had a horrified expression on her face, but when her gaze met mine, she quickly became expressionless.

“…Of all people, you have no right to be scared, sensei.”

“Ah, yes.”

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