In Love With the Strongest Man

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Arc 2 Storm

Chapter 8 House Arrest

* * *

—Ideal, will you have sex with me?

How I wish I could say that so straight-forwardly…! I looked at Ideal sitting across from me at the small table in the master bedroom. A man with radiant good looks, who was currently eating his lunch with a cool face. He was the only person that my curse didn’t affect. On the contrary, he was the only one who could deter it. However, the method involved is mucous membrane contact and the exchange of bodily fluids… or, to put it simply, sex.

Since the last time… it’s been ten days now. I counted my fingers in my head to be sure. There was no doubt in my mind. We’d had sex the day before the storm, then I was in bed for six days due to various reasons, and it had been four days since I fully recovered. Ten days had passed without us having sex.

The curse that made the people around me feel disgusted with me could only be suppressed for three days by having sex with Ideal. For some reason, the curse had recently become stronger, so I couldn’t even go outside if it wasn’t suppressed. So the only way I could go out was to beg for Ideal’s mercy.

…I understand if you don’t want to hold me… I wasn’t particularly beautiful; I was just a small man who, until recently, was living like a vagrant. According to Ideal, it was atonement for his ancestors, but if he didn’t want to get an erection and put it in, I could understand how he felt. It must have been difficult for him to repeatedly embrace a man he didn’t like just out of a sense of obligation. But there was something inexplicable about it.

“What’s wrong, Shuka-san? Are you not enjoying your lunch?”

“Oh, no. I was just thinking. Lunch is delicious.”

Lunch was a lunch box with steak. Ideal had bought it for us in town, as he thought we would get bored with just the meals at the mansion. I was given food from the mansion morning and night, and it was all delicious. I’d been having trouble finding food before and my stomach had become small, but now I could stuff my stomach with food even if I had to strain a little. Thanks to the food, my skinny body had gained some flesh.

“I’m glad. Eat a lot.”


Ideal smiled and resumed his meal. His strong fingers deftly maneuvered the fork and knife to cut a slice of meat, which looked rich in flavor, and brought it to his mouth. His red tongue licked the sauce from his lips.


Instantly, a shiver ran down my spine. I hurriedly looked away, but it was too late.

“Shuka-san, you’re cute.”

“Shuka-san, you’re beautiful.”

“Shuka-san— No, leave it to me…”

—I was reminded of the Ideal who came out at night. In this master bedroom. On the bed that sat at the edge of my vision. I was conquered by those lips every night.

Ideal, who was eating his lunch with a straight face, was the one who made me squirm and debauched me at night with his gentle face. He kissed the scars all over my body, licked between my fingers, fingered my rear— We even rubbed our hardened cocks against each other.

Really, why? We do that stuff every time… Nevertheless— why won’t he put it in?

—And yet there was never any insertion. It was always only his fingers that entered me. There was even a time when his hardened member rubbed against my opening and I couldn’t hold it in, and I shallowly begged for it. It was not to deter the curse. I just fell into Ideal’s clutches, my stomach aching and pleading to be filled with that thick stuff.

Each time, Ideal would bring those glossy lips to my ear and whisper, “That’s enough.”

Every night, I was always determined to ask him why he wouldn’t put it in, but I never had time to do so, because before I knew it, he’d be tormenting me again.

I can’t go on like this. Ideal always locked the door from the outside when he left the room. That made sense, since it was probably to keep me, the cursed one, from getting out. But for some reason— I didn’t have any clothes to wear.

My clothes. I didn’t know why. I should have had some clothes in the bedroom across the hall, which was given to me as my room during my stay. If I could get the servants away from the house for a while, I could get them by myself in no time.

Ideal’s legs would have been able to make the round trip in just a few dozen steps. It wouldn’t take long to get the clothes. And yet, when I asked Ideal to help me, for some reason, he just smiled and let it slide.

In the first place, this was Ideal’s bedroom, and even when I told him that it was strange for me to be here all the time, he just smiled at me— and then pushed me down. It was just the day before yesterday that I was turned into a sloppy mess by his relentless caresses while the sun was still high in the sky. It was also that day before yesterday when he made me beg for penetration.

I ended up wearing Ideal’s shirt that I had in the room and spent most of my time in Ideal’s bed. I couldn’t wear any pants because of my much smaller physique and I had no underwear, so I was wearing only a shirt. Ideal’s clothes. Meals brought by Ideal. Ideal’s room. Now, everything about me was controlled by Ideal.

This isn’t healthy. My days were spent in the best room in the mansion, just being debauched in a bed that was spacious enough for two. A world where there was only eating, sleeping, and feeling good.

It was a life of comfort and self-indulgence that couldn’t be compared to the days when I had a stall in an alley. He gave me kisses in the morning and at night, and I never had to worry about the pain in my leg.

The only inconveniences were that I had no clothes and couldn’t leave the room, but I was a vagrant who had nowhere to go anyway. The room was spacious and warm, and the bed was soft. I had no complaints. My only concern was Akane, who seemed to be playing with the servants every day in the garden that I could see from the window.

So I was good. I could stay like this forever and nothing would bother me.

—So, no.

I have to do something before I drown in this life. That was what I kept thinking the whole time I was in that room. I honestly didn’t know what Ideal was thinking.

Why did he refuse to give me clothes when he lavished so much effort on me? Why did he caress me every night even though he didn’t insert himself into me? Was my presence a nuisance or not? I thought about it, but I couldn’t come up with an answer.

On the contrary, every time I tried to think about Ideal, for some reason my heart would beat faster and I would become distracted. But whatever I thought, I couldn’t continue to immerse myself in this life. Since there was no way I would be supported for the rest of my life, I needed to be prepared for the inevitable bankruptcy that would one day come. Thus, I came up with a plan.

As long as I can see Langetsu one more time, I can ask him to find a way to break the spell. So, one more time. If he holds me one more time, I should be able to solve the problem.

I couldn’t meet Langetsu in my current state. Even if I could, I would only make him feel disgusted. As expected, it would be unbearable to have Langetsu, who was an old acquaintance of mine, look at me with contempt. But if I could see Langetsu again with the curse under control.

Langetsu was a world traveler and an expert in espionage. He would be able to find a way to lift the curse much faster than I could do on my own. He would probably guess that Ideal and I were having a physical relationship, but with his personality, I was sure he wouldn’t tell anyone if I asked him not to.


“What is it, Shuka-san?”

I looked up from my lunch box with determination and immediately locked eyes with Ideal. He had finished eating first and was watching me.

Calm down, you have to ask him as if you’re used to it, as if sex was nothing to you. Ten days ago, Ideal said that what he did with me was a mistake and that he regretted it. If having sex with me, which I wasn’t used to, was going to be a burden, I had to pretend to be a little more used to it. I grabbed my fork and asked him clearly without looking away.

“Sex… with me— Will you have sex with me?”

I took another bite. 

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