In Love With the Strongest Man

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Editor: Helen

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Arc 2 Storm

Introduction of the characters (at the end of arc 2)

■ Shuka, age 32.

He has brown hair, blue eyes, and an ordinary appearance. He is short and thin due to injuries and lack of nutrition.

He looks younger due to his face, however, he generally keeps his face hidden by a robe.

When he was 12 years old, he failed to fulfill the request of a nobleman and was inflicted with a curse that causes the people around him to feel disgusted by him.

Because of the scars from that incident and the branding of the curse, he avoids showing his skin.

His grip is weak, his body is creaky, and his bones are twisted in several places.

In this world, there is an Assassins Guild, thought to be a story to scare children, but in fact, it really exists.

Shuka was once the head of the guild at the tender age of 12.

Contrary to the name, assassinations are rare, and their main job is intelligence work.

Those from the assassins guild refer to their hometown as the village.

It turns out that twenty years ago, he was a powerful man, but he is emotionally stunted, especially in love relationships.

He is unable to recognize the love of others or his own love.

However, he is sexually experienced because he has to kiss and have sex with Ideal to keep his curse under control.

■Ideal Fierte, age 22.

He has lustrous black hair and jewel-red eyes. He is a beautiful man.

Although he has a strong physique, he is tall and lean, so he is sometimes seen as slender.

Shuka’s curse was created by Ideal’s ancestors.

Therefore, only Ideal can suppress Shuka’s curse.

The “Hero of Salvation” who ended the war in the past.

After the war ended, he was supposed to be looking for something, but since he kidnapped Shuka and imprisoned to his mansion, he hasn’t shown any signs of doing anything.

He is actually very jealous, but he does his best not to show it to Shuka.

He is usually very cat-like in his tone of voice.

He is fond of saying “Shuka-san is cute” and “Shuka-san is beautiful,” but he has never said he likes him.

■Akane, age ???

A big cat with long, fluffy red fur.

He is a few times larger than a normal cat.

A cat that understands human language that flew out of the forest.

He is usually very charming, although he can be a bit gruff at times.

He sniffs Shuka and reacts dramatically, but he never learns his lesson and sniffs Shuka again and again, refusing to leave.

He seems to think that Shuka’s lap belongs to him.

Recently, he has been able to speak through a mysterious power.

However, since it is difficult for him to pronounce human words, he calls Shuka “Mew-ka”. He sometimes calls him Servant Number One.

If it is not necessary, he speaks in cat language most of the time.

■Printemps, age ???

Ideal’s favorite horse.

He has pure black fur and a huge frame.

He is a fast horse that can handle a storm with ease.

He is a noble horse, but he is loyal to his master and listens well.

■???, age ???.

A mysterious visitor who visits Ideal early in the morning.

He asked a single question and got fierce backlash.

He swore to himself to never ask that question again.

■Extra snippet:

Shuka: “If you write my name in the letters of my hometown, it looks like this. It means ‘very hot summer’.”


Ideal: “Those are beautiful letters. They look like pictures.”

Shuka: “Yes, it seems that these letters started as pictures. Akane is like this and Langetsu is like this.


Shuka: “Akane is ‘the color of a fiery sunset’. Langetsu could mean ‘summer’, or ‘beautiful flowers and the moon’.”

Ideal: “Wow… Hey, can you write my name in those letters too?”

Shuka: “Ideal, huh? Ideal… Ideal…?”


Ideal: “That’s unique looking. Does it have a meaning?”

Shuka: “The exit is here …or something.”

Ideal: “The exit is here…!”

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