The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Geli

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Chapter 030 – Majin Leonhart[B]

Leonhart stared coldly at the woman in front of him.

The thought that suddenly came to his mind was—this sense of familiarity. He felt he had seen her somewhere before. He tried to remember where, but he then realized that he couldn’t feel that way anymore.1

The woman in front of him was a strong person who’d managed to accomplish a great feat against the Demon Army. Leonhart felt a little distracted even now, as she was standing before him. This was because of the exchange he had earlier.

However, he managed to push such thoughts to the back of his mind; he addressed the woman.

“…Well now, so you’ve met a majin… What will you do? If you surrender though, perhaps I’ll save your life?” 

Though you might have to give up everything else for that—was what Leonhart explained to her. 

The soldiers had been fighting for the past weeks, and they were made fools of by a woman, so they must have some pent up frustration. It was 180,000 worth of soldiers who weren’t able to vent their stress for such a long period of time. It might end up turning into a gangbang, which would very well break her.

Perhaps it was because she realized that, or maybe because she never had any intention of surrendering that the woman in front of him had a fierce expression and said,

“…I can’t do that.” 

“…I see.” 

She refused. 

Leonhart was disappointed by her answer. If she agreed, then perhaps he really might have helped her.

It was rare for him, but he did have a passing thought to save the woman before him, despite the damage that she’d inflicted on the Demon Army. He figured he would only let the demons moderately assault her, or that he could do what he did before and claim that he liked her and forcefully take her away. He could then return her unharmed after they talked for a bit.

He had such thoughts because he didn’t feel like harming her. While the fact that he was distracted by his discussion earlier was also a factor, it was more because he really didn’t feel like killing right now.

It was a rare feeling for him. Fortunately, he didn’t feel the excitement he usually had when he met a strong person at this moment. Therefore, he thought to let her return peacefully. He did have such thoughts, but—

“It seems there’s no choice but to fight.” 

“…So it seems.” 

The woman responded to his words. She took a combat ready stance.  

And the surrounding demon soldiers started heckling at her in response.

“Oi, it seems that woman wants to fight.” 

“Hahaha! What a stupid woman! Does she think she could win?” 

“Leonhart-sama is highly ranked even among the majin, he’s one of the Four Elite Majin! And he also serves as a demon army officer! A mere human is no match against him!” 

“If you surrender now, we could bring you to the world of pleasure with your body still intact, you know? Gyahahaha!” 

“…Four Elite Majin, such a pretentious name…” 

The woman quipped back at a part of the demon soldier’s vulgar words. Then she increased her guard against Leonhart. 

Even as he was a little dumbfounded at his subordinate’s words, he spoke casually, as if to agree with their brash statements.

“It’s not such a big deal… but well, it is true that it would be easier for you if you just surrender.” 

“Don’t joke with me… my purpose is still…” 

“Hm… purpose?” 

At the same moment that Leonhart frowned as he heard her words, the jeers of one of the surrounding demon soldiers reached their ears.

“You’ll only be messed up by Leonhart-sama if you resist! Just like that arrogant woman from before!” 


Leonhart didn’t react to the hollering around him. However, that was not the case for the woman in front of him. 

“No way…!” 

Her face paled, her eyes widened, and her lips trembled. She was clearly shocked by what she heard. 

Leonhart realized it too late and finally understood why she did so when he saw her acting like that.

…This is not good.

Leonhart finally figured out why the woman was here and wondered what to do. If it was as he’d imagined, then his actions from earlier were already in line with this woman’s goal, but it also meant that he wasted her efforts to come here. Also, he was not in a situation where he could tell her about it. All the eyes on them prevent him from doing so—

“…Let me ask you one thing.” 

“! … What is it?” 

Leonhart heard her call out to him and forced himself away from his musings. 

And the question she asked was what he’d expected.

“There were two people… there were two women who got left behind here—what happened to them?” 


Leonhart stiffened the moment he heard the question then sighed. —So it’s as I expected. 

And at the same time, he cursed his own bad luck. Leonhart observed his surroundings while meeting her gaze.

Obviously, the demon soldiers were still watching both of them. They might think that the woman’s attack wouldn’t get past him. One could say that it was a kind of trust. They had no doubt that he could kill the woman, or would incapacitate the woman and let her crawl under them later.

Leonhart kept his gaze on the black-haired woman in front of him.

Then he honestly answered her, based on the actual fact of the matter.

“If you meant those two — They’re not here anymore.” 


At that moment, Leonhart saw the woman in front of him disappear before his very eyes. 

Hunty Kalar felt her blood boil in an instant, and let this primal urge move her body. 

Instant movement—she phased herself into the admiral space and ran straight toward the majin.

As she returned to the real world, she swung her sword down.


The majin eyes widened in shock, and he instantly drew the sword on his back. He managed to block her sword at the last second with his blue long sword.  

He’s fast, thought Hunty. His reaction speed and his raw speed were obviously faster than hers.

Her opponent was a majin. As expected, his raw physical ability was superior compared to hers. Obviously, he also possessed superior strength.

However, was her thought as she swung her sword and glared at Leonhart. She thought of the human woman who had been her friend, and this woman’s little sister.

Both of them were important people to her, people who had accepted her despite the fact that she was different from humans. No, she was not a human— 


 Hunty Kalar wasn’t a human. The truth was that she was from a woman-only race known as the kalar—which even then wasn’t exactly correct.

The kalar who lived in this era were based on humans. They were known as a demi-human race, but Hunty Kalar was born before that period.

—It was during the era of the dragon, the second protagonist race. There was also a kalar race at that time, known as dragon kalar. That was the true racial identity of Hunty Kalar. 

As for why her appearance was that of a human’s, Hunty Kalar also didn’t know the reason for it.

All Hunty knew was that the dragons had been hunted down by the angels. At the same time, the dragon kalars also received the same fate. Among all of them, Hunty somehow managed to survive, and her appearance had changed into that of a humanoid—that was all she knew.

From that moment on, Hunty became something different from everything else. She didn’t die, despite her lifespan already reaching its natural limits; even if she were wounded, her wound would recover faster than her natural regeneration speed. She was the sole black haired kalar among the other blue haired kalar.

She was later dubbed as the legendary black haired kalar. That was who Hunty Kalar was. 

At first, she was saddened by the death of her comrades and despaired at the fact that she was the sole survivor.

—No, to be precise, she still remembered that from time to time. And she would become scared every time it happened. She would recover later and would become frightened once more. Why did her comrades have to die? Why did she alone manage to survive? What was she now? Was it okay for her to keep on living? Was it okay for her to be in contact with humans? What if they suffered the same fate as her if she got close to them?

Once she started to think this way, her thoughts wouldn’t stop tormenting her. Did she seem paranoid to others? However, she couldn’t just ignore such a possibility.

Hunty was afraid to interact with people. She even thought at some point that it would be better for her to simply live on alone. That way, it would be easier for her and she didn’t have to be scared. 

And fortunately, she was strong. She possessed enough power to live on her own. The instant movement magic was a high ranking magic that she’d obtained when she had searched for the power to survive.

However, she had to give up on living alone. This was because of the human woman who became her best friend.

Their encounter had been quite simple; she had saved the woman when she got attacked by thugs, and she was invited to live in her village out of gratitude. 

After she received their hospitality, she had thought of leaving after a few nights. However, such intentions got blocked due to that woman’s attitude.

Hunty had been irritated by the woman’s unreserved attitude. 

At first, they quarreled frequently. However, as soon as they got tired of being angry, the woman would approach her and invite her to eat. Before she knew it, their conversation had turned lighter and warmer. There was a change that came over her.

She eventually thought that it was ridiculous to continue worrying, and Hunty began to act as she wished. Things had turned for the better in her new hometown, and the villagers who were initially scared of her  gradually came to accept her.

What, so it was such a simple thing? Hunty began to think back on her actions and realized how ridiculous she had been; she began to have a more positive outlook on her life. She might be unable to forget her past, but she was now capable of looking forward to her future. 

That person, who was her benefactor and who had allowed her to move forward—

Was killed by the majin in front of her—Majin Leonhart.

She couldn’t afford to forgive that. Therefore—

“I’ll have you—pay for what you’ve done!” 

Hunty shouted and activated her instant movement once again. 

At the same time, she began to chant.

She moved behind her opponent and then leapt back. What she would use was the strongest offensive magic she could muster.

Once her preparation was complete, Hunty phased back to reality.


The majin, who started searching for her the moment she disappeared, turned around, but—it was too late. 

—Thunder God Lightning!!”2 

It was the greatest rank of magic for the lightning element. 

Lightning rained in a wide scope of area with thundering sounds, which then centered on the majin. 

“Wha?! Evacuate all personnel!!” 


The lightning spread out and burned everything around them, including the demon soldiers who stood nearest to the area of the attack. 

The lightning struck the ground, causing the dirt to smoke upon impact. There were many demon soldiers whose bodies were burnt black after getting struck by it; these bodies briefly remained on their feet before collapsing. 

As for demons who managed to avoid it, the demon general among them called out to the center of impact.


Her opponent was a majin. The figure of this majin couldn’t be seen through the center of the lightning raining down on them. Lightning and smoke covered the area. 

And the lightning gradually subsided.

As the smoke cleared, what they saw there was,


The figure of the majin — which had fallen to the ground. 

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