The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Geli

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Chapter 030 – Majin Leonhart[C]



A demon general shouted the majin’s name. The demon soldiers around who managed to survive were also perturbed. After all, what they were witnessing was an impossible situation where the majin collapsed. Moreover, this majin was one of the Four Elite Majin. 

However, as Hunty continued to observe the situation, she frowned a little.

It was because Hunty noticed that the majin’s body twitched. This meant he was still alive.

And the next moment,


The majin lifted his body, bracing himself with his arm as he stood up. 

As the demons watched him, the majin finally stood upright, although he continued to look down as he did so—


The edges of his mouth twisted, 

“Kukuku… Kuhah, kuhahahahahahah—!!” 

And he laughed maniacally. 


Nobody moved as they watched the majin laughing as he clutched his head—nay, nobody could move. 

That was how much they feared the atmosphere and presence he was exuding at the moment.

Eventually, the majin stopped laughing; he used one hand to fix his hair, and then he looked toward the woman.

He wore a completely different expression from before. The majin spoke out.

Along with his smile,

“—That was effective. Very much so.” 

Majin Leonhart revealed his true nature. 

Majin Leonhart’s mind felt refreshed after getting hit by continuous strikes of lightning. 

The burdens that he’d felt were so heavy before, felt much lighter. It was as if their previous weight on him had been a lie.

Leonhart was reminded of his conversation with the human earlier.

—We can exchange words like we are now, so I think we are compatible, though?

—There are many kinds of people, regardless of whether they are human or not.

—There are evil people, and there are also good people as well.

These words had continued to bother Leonhart up until that moment.

To be honest, Leonhart agreed with her words to an extent.

…Yes, that’s right.

As he heard that before they parted, Leonhart imagined himself laughing together with people like her, and working together to resist the threat of demons.

If only—if only the settlement where Leonhart once lived had a person like her, then he might still have stayed human and continued to fight against demons.

However, that was a what-if story. The person that gave him the things he now saw as precious was not a human. 

Therefore, he became a majin and swore allegiance to her.

Therefore, he took the initiative to move to fulfill her wishes.

—But perhaps he was not as resolved as he once thought.

Leonhart acknowledged the words of the woman and was troubled by his cognitive dissonance.

He understood why it happened to him. Undoubtedly, it was because he didn’t approve of his actions, which caused humans to suffer unreasonably.

If his master had requested him to do it, then perhaps he wouldn’t be so worried. Even if he hated doing it, he would willingly become an asura for his precious master. If he had liked to do such things, he wouldn’t be worried like this, and because he really did like to fight against strong people, he wouldn’t have worried about it too much. He did worry about how to vent his pent up frustration, though.

In the end—it was he who lacked resolve and ego. 

Since he already resolved to do this, he ought to stick to it until the end. If he was capable of doing so, he could have just played along during his conversation with that human and then immediately denied it. Then he wouldn’t have shown such a pathetic state.

He would kill humans to achieve his purpose. He wouldn’t kill outside of that. There were indeed good humans, just like there were good demons. In the end, that was all he was worried about.

However, as Leonhart thought of this concern, he then realized.

—Aah, in this case… I’m sure I’ll continue to be troubled by this… 

Even for the sake of his goal, he couldn’t completely erase the slight trace of guilt he felt for his actions. Therefore, he would be haunted by this feeling forever.

And he realized another truth about himself. It was something he finally understood in his current euphoric state.

That was—to fight. 

For him, who’d suffered from many worries since his childhood, the only time he forgot about all of those things was when he fought.

Only during combat, only during the times he fulfilled his own desires, could he be his purest self without any worries.

He was calm and self-composed, and to achieve his goals, he would turn ice cold. 

Yet at the same time, he would burn with passion, and he would do all to fulfill his desire.

A majin of duality—this was the very essence of Leonhart as a majin.

As he came to understand and accept this, Leonhart turned at the person who caused him to remember this.

“It’s been a long time since I was last wounded by a human. Was it a few years—nay, a few decades ago…?” 


The woman didn’t reply. She kept her combat ready stance and kept her guard up against his every movement. In an attempt to goad her to move, Leonhart opened his mouth to speak. 

“No, I guess you’re not a human?” 

“—! What are you…!” 

Her expression finally changed. It made him laugh when he saw it. It was no different from her agreeing to what he’d just said. 

“Kukuh, sorry, sorry. Kalar is indeed categorized as a demi-human race, after all.” 

“You, what are you…” 

She looked at him suspiciously, and in response, he shot her question. 

“I’m Majin Leonhart. You heard it earlier, right? Rather, I’m also curious about your name. Hey, tell me.” 

“…Hunty Kalar.” 

“Hah, I see. That’s a good name.” 


“…Oi oi, your silence is quite hurtful.” 

As the woman—Hunty, obediently named herself, he praised her, yet she didn’t respond. 

It can’t be helped then, was what Leonhart thought as he wielded his Demonic Sword Orpheil.

“Well, alright. I didn’t really feel like doing it a while ago —But I’ll play with you from this point forward.”

“! This, is…!” 

Both Leonhart’s aura as a majin and his sword aura rose as a red torrent. The presence and pressure he emitted as a higher ranked majin was violent in and of its own, producing a physical pressure that caused everything around him felt heavier. 

Hunty was hit directly by this pressure and she broke out in a sweat as she tried to endure it.

“Aah, I’ll tell you just in case —It’s your fault, you know? If you want to blame something, blame the fact you came at the wrong time.” 

“…What do you mean by that…!” 

Hunty put up a brave front and asked him, but of course Leonhart wasn’t willing to answer her. 

Even though he had been worried about it until just then, since the opponent in front of him incited him so, he didn’t feel like worrying anymore. He no longer cared, even if it was merely a misunderstanding.

Her goal has been accomplished, so I’m sure she won’t mind—even if she got messed up in the process.

Leonhart turned his body to the side and spoke out to clear the obstacles.

“It doesn’t matter —Oi, demon general!” 

“! Ye-yes!” 

“Play outside the village if you don’t want to get caught in our battle! I don’t think I can hold back right now…!” 

“Ce-certainly! All personnel, withdraw from the location so we won’t get in the way of Leonhart-sama!! 


After the demon general received his orders, he also immediately carried it out. It was the same for the demon soldiers, who all withdrew as if they were escaping. 

As he sent them off with a laugh, he then turned toward Hunty.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. You also can’t stand it anymore, right?” 

“…Not really. I’ll just go and burn you out…!” 

As she said that, Hunty increased her bloodlust against Leonhart. The pressure emitted by the sole surviving dragon kalar was incomparable to that of a human warrior’s. She wasn’t a legendary black haired kalar who has lived centuries for nothing. 

“Kukuh, you don’t have to be so scared. You’re so cute. So much so—that I might end up breaking you.” 

“! You perverted majin…!” 

However, the pressure that Majin Leonhart released far exceeded hers. The pressure he emitted was so great that comparing it to a dragon kalar’s was laughable. He was a higher rank majin who had earned his spot as one of the Four Elite Majin and a demon army officer from a young age. He hit her with his overwhelming pressure. 

Then Leonhart casually held the demonic sword with one hand, and used his other hand to invite his opponent, provoking her in the process.

“—Come at me, Hunty Kalar. You wanted to avenge them, right? Don’t keep this majin waiting.” 

“—I’ll make you regret that leniency!!” 

And with those words, the two non-humans clashed. 


Since it became too long, I split the chapter. Originally, Hunty’s chapter ended in a single chapter.

Also, I wrote up Carol’s profile on activity report.


As with Leonhart’s human profile from earlier chapter, I will post the activity report here; unlike before, I will only copy paste the related data

Name    : Carol

Age    : 9 years old, born on SS 291

Height    : 158 cm

Weight    : Secret

Place of birth    : A certain dungeon.

Occupation    : Apostle, President and founder of Leonhart-sama Fan Club

Level    : 27

Talent Limit    : ??

Skill LV    : Tactic Lv 0, Strategy LV 1, Sword Combat LV 0, Espionage LV 0, Command LV 1, Adventure LV 1, Tailor LV 1, Study LV 1

Special ability: Sewing.

Hobby    : Making Leonhart-sama’s goods, thinking about cool poses and sentences.

Goal    : Become the greatest, most perfect apostle in the Demon Realm (As for now, she saw Shichisei as her rival)

Okay, that’s her revealed skills. Before you ask why her skill LV is only made up of LV 1 and 0, it is because the majority of living species are like that; those with any LV 2 and LV 3 skills are the minority.

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