The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Lilia

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Chapter 045 – The King of the Night[NSFW?]

—Year 420 of the SS Era. 

Centuries have passed since humans first founded a nation. 

Human society was now well established and even flourishing.

Half of the continent was still occupied by demons, and they were still fighting the threat of the Demon Army even to this day.

However, people began to get used to such a life. Most nations’ territories shared a border with the land occupied by demons, so skirmishes with the Demon Army were common. Although this was stressful to deal with, there was a major benefit. It made a large-scale invasion from the Demon Army unlikely, because it was difficult for the Demon Army to invade one nation without accidentally invading others. 

When one observed the overall situation, human nations occupied less than half of the continent. They were mainly located on the eastern to southern region of the continent, and as long as there wasn’t much damage from the Demon Army, they enjoyed a certain degree of peace.1

—However, just as someone wise had said: humanity was greedy. 

It was natural for humans to want more once they had the leisure time to think of it, and then seek more once they had the ability to do so. 

That was human instinct and a natural course of action. Therefore, those in power had begun to take certain actions.

In this era of human growth, with relatively little damage from the Demon Army, a certain event began to occur more and more often. 

That was: plunder between humankind.

As each nation grew richer and stronger, they began desiring things from other nations. Goods, land, money, food, humans – anything the rulers were interested in could become a trigger for conflict.

At first, they tried to negotiate and compromise until they got what they wanted from each other.

However, once the discussions broke down, and nobody was willing to back off, there was only one method left — to take it by force.

In other words— it was war among humans.

During a period of peace, when the Demon Army wasn’t attacking, the humans shifted from the plundered to the plunderers. Of course, the rulers used various justifications to convince their people of this change.

As they surrendered to their greed, the humans began to fight among themselves.

—Center region of the Continent. 

The Rising Dragon Mountain, the tallest mountain in the world, rose from the center of the continent. At its base, it was surrounded by a massive sea of green. This pristine forest had little trace of human activity, and the trees grew tall and thick. It messed with people’s sense of direction, and it was said that if anyone were lost inside, then they could never get out ever again. 

However, today, the forest seemed to be filled with human activity. There were currently two groups of humanoid shadows in this forest. 



Human men, wearing rugged iron armor and wielding swords, slashed through the underbrush of the forest as they charged over the uneven terrain. They were affiliated with the kingdom south of this forest region, and this army was aiming to take advantage of the  abundant resources in this forest. 

Under the command of their captain, the soldiers continued forward, hacking their way through the forest with brute force. Within their eyes were reflected other humanoid shapes, the enemy that they were fighting.

And these humanoid shadows were,

“—Archer corps, shoot—-!!” 



A woman’s voice echoed from the depths of the forest, and barely a moment later, a hail of arrows rained down from above.  Many arrows found their mark, piercing through the gaps of the soldiers’ armor. Dozens of soldiers fell, screaming in agony and gripping their wounds as their blood dripped onto the forest floor. However, this was minor damage compared to the sheer number of soldiers that continue to stampede forward. The captain surveyed his losses calmly, then looked at the silhouettes of women that he could now make out against the shadows of the forest. He raised his voice above the din of battle:  

“There are some in front of us!! Charge—!!” 

“Kuh… this is bad. — We’ll have to retreat some distance away and regroup!” 


Upon seeing the human army, undaunted by their losses, continue their assault, the woman, teeth grit in frustration, ordered a temporary retreat. However, the soldiers were fast, and they quickly discovered that the retreating army they were pursuing were women. High on the excitement of combat, they taunted, 

“We finally found you! Now it’s our turn!” 

“You must know what awaits you after shooting that many arrows at us! Be ready for your punishment!” 

“Hahahah, we’ll make you our whores like we did the others before you!” 


When she heard those words that promised a fate worse than death, the woman who had issued the orders began to run faster, desperation and fear clearly painted on her face. Her subordinates fled with the same feelings. 

The unit of women whose goal was to repel these attacking soldiers belonged to the group that currently inhabited this forest. They had humanoid figures, but were not a pure human race.

These women were the demi-human species who all had long ears, a red or blue crystal embedded in their foreheads, and hair the color of the sky — the race that was known as kalar.

And this forest was where they, the kalar race, lived, and deep within, there was a large settlement. They had lived there peacefully for centuries, and no longer knew any other home they could return to.

Therefore, they had no choice but to completely drive off any humans who invaded this place, or die trying. They all desperately drew their bows and willed their legs to move faster. 

The tide of battle was currently shifting back and forth. The kalar were a race born with a high amount of magic power and innate affinity with bow. Combined with their familiarity with the forest and its geography, they could devise specialized military tactics that took advantage of these qualities, and stand on equal fighting grounds even if outnumbered. In other words, they managed to compete with humans in terms of quality.

But still, there was a reason why they were so scared. Even as the kalar unit fought bravely while retreating, they looked in horror at their comrades who had been defeated and caught by the human soldiers.

And before their eyes, played out the terrifying scene,


“Stop! Let go of me!!” 

“Heheh, you sure are giving me a hard time…! C’mon, let me shoot a load in you…!” 

“Fuh…kuh! Haah, haah… as expected, doing it in the midst of the battlefield is just amazing…!” 

— in which many kalar girls were being raped by human soldiers. 

This kind of scene wasn’t that rare during wartime. It was already considered an expected result when women who were captured during the war or during the occupation of a city assaulted or raped. It was because these women were considered spoils of war, just as food or land was. Soldiers fought for a variety of reasons; some fought for money or fame, others out of honor or loyalty, and still others fought to enjoy themselves, whether it was in the thrill of battle or in a woman.  

Of course, the Demon Army was infamous for participating in this, but it was a well-known fact that even human armies used this to reward their soldiers and keep their morale high. No nation in their right mind would ever openly state such a thing nor grant such a right to the soldiers, but they didn’t explicitly forbid such an act, either. In fact, sometimes, the generals leading the army would even take the initiative, and encourage their subordinates to participate.

Needless to say, the members of the human army were almost entirely men. 

Furthermore, the people in power were also men. Although this didn’t directly relate to the trend of rape among soldiers, it left a certain impression on the people. Even among commoners, who rarely saw the people in power, it was acknowledged that men were of superior standing, and they would answer this way if asked such a question. 

This dynamic had persisted since the dawn of the human race. Although many aspects of society evolved as time passed, in this age, when power was everything, men, who were in charge of hunting and fighting, belonged in the higher positions of society, while women, who were generally weaker and stayed at home, occupied the lower positions.

Perhaps because of this aspect of human society remaining unchanged for hundreds of years, the men were completely unfazed by the screams of the kalar they were assaulting. The scene that was happening right now was a scene that would have happened hundreds of years ago — it was a part of war. 

Therefore, it was quite fortunate for these men that the kalar race was a race with the appearance of beautiful women, but unfortunately for the kalar race, they were a race that solely consisted of women.

—Although the true worth of the kalar still remained hidden from humans, in the present moment, they were considered a delicious prey for men. The soldiers looked down on them and considered them little more than prizes to enjoy however they wanted.  

While it was true that the kalar race also looked down on human men in turn, this attitude didn’t matter in this kind of situation. 

“Nooo… stop it already… pull it out…” 

“It hurts…! Someone help…!” 

The victims would later notice that the crystal in their forehead had changed from red to blue. The kalar race were born with red crystals on their foreheads, but once they lost their virginity, the crystal would turn blue. 

“Gh…it’s the best kind of war to fight…! Combat is troublesome, but I just can’t stop fighting thanks to this kind of thing!” 

“This is definitely better than fighting against the Demon Army… kuh…!” 

As the soldiers’ voice quivered in pleasure, they kept raping the kalar girls. Since they were in the midst of battle, they couldn’t take their time like they wanted, but once they forced their opponent to retreat and advanced enough to fulfill the objective, the time to enjoy this kind of thing would come.  

As the sun slowly set and the shadows of the trees grew longer, the soldiers knew that their duties for the day were almost finished. Once the time came, they would retire for the night and rejoin with the squad under direct control of the captain. Nighttime activities in the forest were too dangerous, even as a group, so their jobs as soldiers were done for the day. Although they had gleefully participated in such atrocities, they still considered themselves part of the nation’s army. They wouldn’t dare to go against their superior’s orders just because of their own greed. So they made use of their remaining available time and enjoyed the rape.

It was at that moment…

“It’s finally my turn… let’s do it right away.” 

“Noo… I can’t do it anymore…” 

The kalar girl’s body was tainted with white liquid, and her hollow eyes stared hopelessly at the sky.  

Then a soldier approached her,

“Heheh, don’t think badly of this. It’s your fault that you were caught… well then, excuse me for a bit—” 

As he lowered himself to the ground and spoke, he realized something was strange. 


Suddenly, a dense fog spread through the ranks of the soldiers. And then, 



The soldier who had been kneeling in front of the kalar girl suddenly spat out blood. He touched his abdomen, and his hand came away wet and dark with blood. He stared at his hand in confusion, and then keeled over, motionless with a light thump.  

Something had stabbed his belly, it appeared. And then,


“Wha-what is it?! What hap—guh…” 

“Be careful! Something is attacking us!” 

One after another, the soldiers began to drop dead. Some soldiers screamed as they realized their fate, while others silently toppled over, dead before they even hit the ground. 

In midst of panicked searching, one of the soldiers finally looked up and saw,

“! — There she is! Up above!” 

After hearing that shout, the rest of the soldiers frantically directed their gaze  upwards, straining their eyes to see who was hidden among the leaves.  

“—So I got noticed.” 

A mysterious kalar woman stood on a branch. The moonlight, shining through a gap between trees, illuminated her slender figure.  

The soldiers couldn’t help but be fascinated by her appearance.

It was a beautiful woman with a blazing red crystal and short, light blue hair, wearing a pure black outfit, instead of a typical kalar’s white and black outfit. Despite having beautiful features, there was no emotion on her face. Her eyes cast a chilling gaze on her captive audience, and her mouth was a flat, expressionless line. 

She seemed to be quite tall for a woman, but her body was full of feminine charm. The moonlight cast a glowing outline around her pitch-black clothes, showcasing her chest, thin waist, and curvaceous form. Upon seeing such a seductive figure appear alone and without any visible weapons, the soldiers relaxed and began to get excited again. 

“…Hah, what, so you came here alone? You sure surprised us.” 

“I thought I was being ambushed by a lot of people, but it’s just you, huh.” 

They were relieved since there was only one person. As the tension dissipated, the comments became more reckless. 

“Oi, Nee-chan! It’s dangerous to come here alone, you know? You never know what might be done to you, see?” 

“Did you come to avenge your comrades? Or did you come to join the fun with us?” 

“Even if you have other ideas, we’ll still do that with you though!” 

“GYAHAHAHA!” the soldiers laughed as they cat-called her.  

To them, it seemed like the finest catch of the day had shown up in their net out of her own free will. 

They were all giving her vulgar looks while licking their lips, but with a cold gaze, she,

“…Fuhn, scum.” 

Sneered. Her scornful gaze showed her heartfelt disdain toward the soldiers. 

As she stared down at them, full of contempt, she once again exhaled.

“Also, you people sure are carefree in front of your enemy.” 


The soldiers looked up at her, not understanding She continued on without waiting for their reply: 

“After all, I’ve— come here to kill you, see?” 



Suddenly, the energy she was giving off completely changed. The soldiers were slammed with a heavy killing intent. Their bodies instinctively stiffened, and their minds were trapped in their frozen bodies, unable to will their limbs to move. 

The intensity of her killing intent and pressure imbued in her gaze terrified the soldiers. While the soldiers gaped at her, incapable of speech, the captain alone remembered a certain rumor that spread through this area and reached human ears. With great difficult, he opened his mouth and spoke, shakily, 

“…Do-don’t tell me, you are—” 

Unfortunately for the captain, he never got to finish.  

“…My apologies, but I don’t see any need to exchange any more words.”

With that said, she chanted, 

“—Dark Mist.” 

As they heard the name of a magic they had never heard before, the soldiers were suddenly and violently attacked. The surrounding fog turned black and immediately encompassed their entire bodies, wrapping around them tightly in an unnatural way.  

The soldiers panicked as their vision was suddenly taken away. 

“Wha-what is this—?!” 

“I can’t see anything! Where on earth—” 

Unable to move or see, the soldiers began to descend into a full-blown panic. 


“What should we do—” 

“Ca-calm down! Our enemy is alone! First, we need to make some distance—” 

Suddenly, the words were cut off, and the terrified soldiers heard a slight gurgle and a thump as something heavy fell to the ground. 

That was enough for them to understand what happened, and the remaining soldiers froze, as if they wouldn’t be noticed if they stood still. They swore that they somehow heard her voice in the dark.

“The sin of laying your filthy hands on my brethren — I’ll have you pay it back tenfold with your lives.” 

Such were the chilling last words they ever heard.  

At that moment, the soldiers went completely mad.

“Ru-run away! Fighting in the darkness is too—” 

“U, uwaaaaah! Co-come if you da-re…” 

“No way… does the death-only result, await…” 

Some people immediately took the opportunity to escape. However, they bumped into each other or into trees. Disorientated, they were unable to move efficiently and were the first group struck down. There were people who swung their weapons wildly without minding their surroundings. They cut down their allies one after another, before eventually being cut down in turn by other agitated soldiers.

There were people who were panicked by the situation and were simply unable to move. They were all killed before they realized it.

…What the hell is this…!

The captain despaired. Was the enemy able to see in the dark? As he heard the screams of his allies steadily decrease in number, he could only guess at the situation. Were they fighting? Trying to escape? He had no idea what the current state of his soldiers were. 

The disadvantage of their sight suddenly being sealed was something the soldiers were unable to overcome in time, and they were quickly slain without any significant resistance. As the captain heard the screams slowly quiet down, until all he heard were faint, struggling breaths that only grew weaker, he remembered a certain thing.

—Never attack the kalar settlement during the night. 

It was because there was a certain king who rose up at night. 

That king used a wide variety of magic, most of which humans had never seen, and this kalar was rumored to be strongest at night.

And this fearsome king was known as,

“The King of the Night — Kesselring.” 

As the captain muttered that name with equal parts awe and fear, his consciousness finally came to an end. 


Introducing, the original magic and subtle sexual description.

I didn’t know how far I could take to keep it within the limit of R-15… recent novels are quite radical after all…

Please inform me if this might be OUT. I will try to change it.


As the author mentions, they were challenging the limit of R-15. This means, you’ll see more borderline scenes or plain euphemisms of what practically R-18 from now on. I put NSFW tag just in case for this chap, please tell me if it isn’t necessary

Also, why was Kesselring known as “King” of the Night despite being kalar, a women-only race? Well, this either goes back to dawn of humanity era, where the leader of settlement was known as “King” regardless the gender (her existence was mentioned along with Galtia in early chapter, in case you forgot) or just as depicted above, people didn’t aware what the “king” of kalar race looked like, thus due to current fad of male superiority, assumed that the “king” was male, a mutation of species or some sort.

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