Refuse Harem

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Beeberry

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Chapter 001 – Dear Tenma, This Place is Hell

Tenma, are you well? 

It has been a few years since I first became aware that I am the reincarnation of Nakamura Tasuku and began to write a diary in the form of letters to you.

I’ve thought a lot about you ever since I regained my past life memories, about whether you managed to survive after that and whether you safely made it back to Japan. 

However, I am confident that with your incredible motor skills, the kind of luck that allowed you to hit the jackpot in the lottery multiple times, and being so handsome that it’s annoying, that you’re probably living safely.

What do you mean that being handsome has nothing to do with it?

Being born handsome is proof that fortune is on your side.

Anyway, I was reborn as the daughter of a baron, so I’m spending my days as a lady named Sophie Linier.

You must be surprised by the fact that I was reincarnated as a girl and am living in a completely different world from my past life. I’m surprised myself.

On the day I remembered my past life as Nakamura Tasuku, I decided to live on as Sophie Linier, the daughter of a baron house, and put down roots here.

Of course, it’s not like I forgot about my past life. Those are precious memories to me.

For years, sometimes I’d get emotional and have to tell myself Cut the bullshit, Tasuku!

Well, putting that aside. 

Tenma, I’m in hell right now.

This place… is hell.

As Sophie wrote the letter to her past life’s best friend—or at least a diary that took the form of a letter—the contents of what she was mentally writing made her want to run away from reality. But reality was inescapable, no matter how dizzy it made her.

In front of Sophie, eight men were lined up from left and right.

Each one of them, especially those standing at the front of the line, were abnormally good-looking with pedigrees to match.

“This is our first meeting, Sophie-sama. My name is Lorenzo Forsell. I was looking forward to meeting you today.” 1

Talking so politely to Sophie seemed odd considering this man was supposed to be the second son of a marquis. Moreover, despite still being in his early twenties, this Lorenzo Forsell guy served as the director of the Institute of Medical Science in the Orlando Kingdom.

His gray eyes, which were behind silver-rimmed glasses, seemed to pierce straight through Sophie, suffocating her. He was tall and had waist-length soft indigo colored hair, which was tied back; his figure, standing there with a noble smile on his face, seemed like something out of a beautiful painting.

“My name is Gerald Forsius. I shall serve as Sophie-sama’s escort.”

Contrary to Lorenzo’s greeting, this Gerald Forsius, the third son of a count, gave her a formal greeting. 

Although he had a neat face, his face was expressionless and unreadable.  He didn’t even smile..

Just going by appearances, he looked like a prince out of a fairy tale with blond hair and blue eyes.

At the age of sixteen, he had already earned his place as a member of the Holy Knight Brigade, an elite position granted to only a few of the most capable knights, which made it weird that he had been ordered to escort the daughter of a baron.. It wasn’t a duty that matched his position, but the order had come from someone he couldn’t refuse. Sophie wondered whether he was mad about that.

Every time somebody introduced themselves, Sophie lifted her skirt in a polite curtsy and put a smile on her face.

Even Sophie felt like her smile was too fake, but it couldn’t be helped. Right at this moment, she was at the King’s Sword Academy where only men attended.

The young lady Sophie was being forced to live at this school until she succeeded in a certain matter.

No matter how handsome they all looked, they were all men. No matter where she looked, there were only men.

Tenma, I’ll say it again. This place… is hell.

Tasuku had gotten used to being surrounded by men after going to an all boys high school, and then the company he had worked at was full of men, but he didn’t want that to continue in this life. It was a complete no go, no matter how handsome they were. Tasuku really didn’t want any of it. Sophie really wished she could be pardoned.

Why? Why did it end up like this?! I am the daughter of a baron. A young lady!!

The men were still introducing themselves, but Sophie didn’t feel like listening.

Instead of listening, she was desperately suppressing the desire to yell her head off.

Up until a week ago, Sophie had lived in heaven.

She had been surrounded by beautiful flowers and was enjoying this world’s springtime.

How did things end up like this in just a week?

Why was I sent into a place full of dudes! Give me back my Eden!

Those words weren’t fit for a lady, but since she was always careful of her usual attitude, she thought she could be forgiven for talking like a guy in her heart.

Until a week ago, Sophie had been spending her days at the academy for the daughters of aristocrats.

Though it was for the daughters of aristocrats, not just any aristocrat’s daughter could attend. Only excellent young ladies were admitted. There, Sophie had become known as a talented woman despite only being a daughter of a baron.

She never thought things would end up like this.

While it was true that this was the result of her own choices, the contrast between the heaven of one week ago and this hell full of men was too cruel.

Well then, let us talk about why Sophie ended up dropped into this hell.

It went back to that day when she first remembered the memories of her previous life…

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1 year ago

Pretty sure mc and Tenma is in love with each other… guess they will get together in this life. whew. Seems like mc will be together with boys, so I won’t continue.. good luck.

1 year ago
Reply to  exqalph03

if we were to believe a certain person is tenma’s reincarnation and he have the same personality as his reincarnated counterparts, rather than love its more that tenma only see his past family and tasuku as proper “human” everyone else just a mob

2 years ago

Lovin’ this so far

2 years ago
Reply to  anon

its our honor for you to enjoy it