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Chapter 077 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~Christina Wellin’s Strategies and Sighs~ V

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“Also, doesn’t the part where he said he hated women make Gerald-sama the proper model?”

“No, it’s not that Leold hates women, but the setting is more that he had bad luck with women. Please don’t change the setting without permission.”

Although their personalities were different, the one thing that was similar to her fiancé was the fact he had bad luck with a woman.

Leold was a knight hailing from a good family, and he was also handsome and capable, thus he was popular with women. However, that turned into his bad luck, as women constantly came into conflict over him. Due to how often it happened, he finally got sick of it and began to distance himself from women.

I just exaggerated His Highness’ bad luck with women a bit for Leold’s setting, so why did he end up being known for hating women?

His setting of having bad luck with women turned into him hating women for some reason, and Christina was weirdly impressed by some reader’s creativity to connect him with the boy named Nicole in a romance story.

That was despite Christina never depicting either of them expressing love for each other even once.

It made Christina think that she should have made Nicole a girl after all, but it was too late for that.

“Fufu, I’m looking forward to the continuation. Christina onee-sama, please give me a depiction of how Sophie worked hard at ‘The King’s Sword’ for the next volume!”

Lana, who had the most biased reading tendencies in this girls’ academy, made her request with a flushed face and fascinated expression. It was a beautiful expression that might make a man fall in love at first sight, but the things that filled her head were things that Sophie referred to as “reading between the lines.”

“Sophie seems to love ‘It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds’ more than my work, so she would be happier if you release the next volume.”

“Oh my, the great Christina Wellin is actually jealous?”

Christina casually ignored Celine, who always tried to tease her whenever there was a chance, and said,

“Lana is good at writing stories, so how about you write the continuation of ‘The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy’ instead?”

“That’s no good! I could write stories about the women in ‘It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds’ without my desire leaking out, but I couldn’t do the same for ‘The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy.’ If I did, my desires would become apparent, eliminating the possibility of the reader imagining and having delusions, unlike if Christina onee-sama was the one who wrote it. So that’s no good!”

Christina didn’t understand what was bad about that. She thought Lana could just write those desires upfront without any problem.

She thought it would be better to make it more apparent than not. But according to Lana, that wasn’t good.

“That’s right. Speaking of apparent desire, I need to have a word with you, Celine. I wish you refrained from publishing a book about my beloved Nicole depicted in an obscene situation.”

Sophie left the girls’ academy without learning about its existence, but in fact, there were books in “The Queen’s Rose” that couldn’t be placed in the library book storage.

Those books were by non-authors using characters in certain books and proceeding to make the story progress differently; and most of those books weren’t something cute that most young ladies read, but more of direct obscenity.1 

Indeed, even Christina, who said she would accept any form of love, couldn’t help but clutch her head by the time she read the fifth page of that content.

Celine was good at making derivative stories based on “The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy.”

Christina tolerated it during the period before Sophie’s enrollment in “The Queen’s Rose,” but now that she knew how Sophie was as a person, she couldn’t let Nicole, who was modeled after Sophie, be depicted in the book written by her friend where he was conquered by Leold.

“Oh my, why not? They are very popular among some people. Lana and Lilina especially gave great praise to it.”

“You let Lilina read that?”

To be honest, it wasn’t something that should be read by an unmarried girl.

But even if she said that, the person who wrote it was also an unmarried girl, so it was practically useless.

“Lilina is a pure girl. Is it okay to let her read that?”

“Oh my, what a thing to say about the book I wrote.”

Christina ignored the angry Celine and asked Lana, which she answered with an innocent laugh.

“You see, when Lilina read it, her expression gradually became pale then said, ‘What should I do if Sophie ends up conquered by Gerald-sama like this book depicts?’ as she cried. Lilina seemed to see Nicole and Sophie as the same person. When she heard the model for Leold is Gerald-sama, she seemed to become worried about Sophie. That was why I explained to her properly.”


I wonder why I have a very bad feeling about this.

“Gerald-sama is famous for hating women, so Sophie should be okay since she is a woman. When I told her that, she felt relieved and enjoyed the story that Celine wrote.”

Looking at Lana, who said that with an innocent smile, Christina felt her head become painful.

“Wait a moment. I told Celine earlier too, but why did Gerald-sama become known as a woman hater? Although he did seem to consider escorting a woman useless, it isn’t like he hated women in particular.”

“Oh my. But isn’t it true that he isn’t interested?”

“Yes, he doesn’t seem to be interested in them. As proof, he’s already changed fiancées several times, and he doesn’t have any at the moment.”

“That’s not out of Gerald-sama’s choice, but due to the convenience of his family. Both of you should already know that.”

Even as Christina pointed that out, both of them pretended not to know about it.

Although Christina’s fiancé seemed to think that women were a troublesome existence and often looked at her as a creature he couldn’t understand, Christina could understand that view at times.

Especially, when seeing what two of her friends did right now.

Sophie respected these two as wonderful ladies, but in fact, they would turn white into black for their own convenience. They could even speak absurdities and treat them as a fact.

Christina was well aware she had no right to speak about those things, considering her own personality was not much different.

Perhaps they were all not much different, but Christina didn’t think her personality was not as terrible as theirs were.

Christina felt really glad from the bottom of her heart that Sophie left for “The King’s Sword” without reading any of those books, and she sighed at that thought.


(/・ω・)/ Hello

I think every one of you already noticed, but none of the female characters in this story are decent people (affirmation).

The one who seems to be most decent is Sunny. She is the last conscience from me, the author.

Perhaps there are some of you who thought Celine is quite decent, but I’m terribly sorry. Ah, don’t throw stones at me.

↓If I am to summarize it, it would be something like this↓

◎Lilina: the second greatest fujoshi after Lana.

She doesn’t write any stories, she just reads them.

◎Lana: Perhaps the greatest fujoshi in the story

She is the author of “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds.” The person herself had no intention of writing GL when she made this.

◎Celine: The almighty girl

She is great at writing fan-fiction, be it NL, BL, or GL.

◎Christina: She thought she could read any kind of love, but she’s bad at reading those fan fictions.

She is the author of “The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy.” The person herself had no intention of writing BL when she made this.

Well then, this marked the end of the girls’ academy arc.

We finally proceed to the “second” chapter, as to what was depicted in chapter one. I shall invite you to men’s hell in the next chapter.

Just like Sophie, even I, who wrote this, couldn’t help but think, “Get me a woman there instead of men all around!” in indignation since there is nothing but men there. It’s a battlefield with nothing but men that might make people turn to desert the battlefield.

Instead, for those of you who thought “Where is the reverse harem depicted in the title? Are we there yet?” I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I’m sure all of you are surprised by the slow development. I’m also surprised.

By the way, I intended to make a shoujo manga-style novel when I first wrote this. I wonder when I derailed from my initial plan? I can’t remember. No, I am still aiming for this story to be a shoujo manga-style novel. I am aiming for sparkly eyes. I still won’t give up on it. Ah, don’t throw stones at me. Don’t throw stones at me (Important).

People who read until this point, people who gave me evaluations, bookmarks, and comments, those who pointed out typos, I shall thank the gods for you. Thank you very much.

Somehow, the long note makes it seem like the last chapter, but this isn’t the last chapter. Everyone is to switch trains to head for the men’s hell. Everyone, let’s fall to hell together. I’m waiting for you <m(__)m>

※The next “chapter” is about character introduction (only for those characters that already appeared in the story), so please read it if it interests you.

【Additional information】I aimed for a shoujo manga-style novel, but the romance is dying. It didn’t seem to revive when I cast Ka○ing at it. Someone, help me cast Ka○ing at it.2


Though the author said they will release the character introduction for the next chapter, I will skip it and proceed to the story immediately; they put every character over the course of the story in that spot, so the content will increase as the story progresses. Therefore I will translate that last, or at least when I’ve caught up with the raw.

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1 year ago

Can’t wait to see her harem *u*

1 year ago

Thank you for the awesome translation!!

and most of those books weren’t something cute that most young ladies read, but more of direct obscenity.

I could only think of doujins ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

1 year ago
Reply to  Takusaka

yeah, that is what celine write, the doujin fanfics.

thx for the comment!

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No normal woman in this story …. How about normal boy? Did it exists?

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It does exist but they are called Victims.

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well, most victims are stereotype jerk after all, so…

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What the heck is ‘normal’?
Don’t make up a word my guy.

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indeed, we don’t know what’s “normal” after all…

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hmm… maybe?