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Chapter 30

I woke up with a refreshed feeling throughout my body.

The new blessings were the best, Goddess! There was no evidence left on my body! 

This made me feel like I could continue to work hard in the future. 

Although in my heart… I didn’t want to work hard. 

But I was determined to do whatever it took to reunite with the 20 million I left behind in Japan. 

I was up for a-anything… but I didn’t want to give fellatio if possible…

Today was a half-holiday. 

It was a day where I would help with miscellaneous affairs at the Knights in the morning, and then in the afternoon I could go to the capital for fun. 

It was decided that either Gilliam or Farangis would be by my side for the capital excursions. 

I heard that they were supposed to follow me, since I was not familiar with this world, and also to be my bodyguards. 

I was fairly confident that if someone picked a fight with me while I was out by myself, I would be stripped of all my possessions.

So far, the established pattern of going out on Saturdays was to spend the day with Gilliam, and then have the baton handed over to Farangis to send me home. 

…Even after that incident, Farangis’s attitude hadn’t ostensibly changed. 

However, he no longer showed up with his horse. 

When he would escort me home, we often walked back along the road to the gate of the royal castle exchanging some random, trivial conversation.

“It’s time for the last fun of the week!”

I walked out of the inner gate of the noble district and cheered in high spirits. 

Passersby around me were giggling, but I didn’t care. 

Try thinking of nothing but work, training, and how to get a man to f*ck you for an entire week without leaving the castle. 

How stress-relieving a half-day of freedom could be!!

…I had no complaints, though, because the castle was huge. 

I could also go out on Sunday if I asked someone to accompany me, but I just didn’t have anyone who would talk to me, a loner. 

Gilliam and Farangis were exceptions. 

However, since they’d been keeping me company the day before, I didn’t ask them since I believed they also needed some time to themselves.

I was ready for the day’s trip; a cloth bag was slung over my shoulder, and I had my money from my part-time job tucked away and at the ready. 

I looked up at Gilliam, who was standing next to me and gently watching over my odd behavior.

“All right then, let’s go.” 

“Market tour as usual?” 

“After that, I think I want to peek into the underground world for a bit… You know, the red-light district on the west side of the city… I am ok with just a peek.” 

“In that case, let me take you to my regular pub.” 

“… Isn’t that infinitely purer?” 

“If you go to an unsafe place, you will get kidnapped, okay?”

And just who exactly is the five-year-old child here?

At the familiar stall that sells fruits by weight, I asked the old-man shopkeeper to give me a freebie.

“Thank you for buying as always. I’ll give you a bit of a freebie.” 

“Thank you very much.”


I was fine with being treated as a child.

Gilliam, who was from the commoner district, has an impressive range of connections. 

I learned about this store from the man behind me as well. 

While I was choosing goods, Gilliam was chatting with the shopkeeper in a friendly manner. 

Thanks to his interactions, I often received freebies as a benefit.

“Where to next?” 

“I’ve already bought souvenirs for Hans and the other attendants and finished restocking the sweets. That’s right… huh?”

Noticing music coming from across the market, I turned my head in the direction of the sound.

“Isn’t it a wandering minstrel? Anyone can do business in the market as long as they pay for space…You want to go see it?” 

“Yes, let’s go.”

Gilliam and I both started walking towards the melody being played by a string instrument. 

There was a sparse gathering of people at one corner of the intersection. 

Grabbing the coins I had ready, I approached the minstrel.

“…Keigo, he is…” 


“…Oh! My lord is surely…”

With his beautiful voice, the minstrel who was singing along to the melody noticed me and Gilliam and halted the music. 

I already knew this man. 

Long golden hair, gentle purple eyes, and a sexy mole around his mouth. 

And a hairless naked body. 

No, I’m sorry, but that impact was so strong…

“I apologize for that time.”

It was him, the minstrel who I remembered taking into the bath in my room.

“My name is Levin. It must be fate that we have met again in this way. If you’d like, I can just sing, so please continue to patronize me.”

The bard bowed his head, his long hair flowing smoothly.

“Ahh, I’m Keigo. Nice to meet you. This is Gilliam.” 

“Are both of you lovers?” 

Gilliam interjected, “You’re mistaken.”

You answered too quickly, Knight-sama! 

No, seriously, I was going to deny it too, okay? 

Please don’t look at me with such an indescribable expression after you’ve said it either. 

It makes me want to cry a little.

Then, at my request, Levin agreed to talk with me about a few things. 

I wondered what kind of occupation a minstrel was. 

In his case, it seems that he strolled around the streets during the day, and sang around various pubs at night. 

He said that if someone fell for him during that time, he would go along with the person who approached him.

I inwardly apologized, realizing that he’s missing an opportunity to meet someone while he’s talking to me. 

When I quietly put the money I was clutching into the bowl at his feet, he smiled and bowed.

“My lord, If you don’t mind, I’d like you to listen to a song for that fee.”

Levin’s singing was good. 

But why is it “Tankō Bushi”1?

The explanation I received was something along the lines of how “it’s a song from another world that passed down from generation to generation in Shirokia,” but what the hell happened, Sakura-chan?! 

…Erm well, I supposed it was a common song of Bon Odori2, though.

T/N: Levin, my beauty appeared. Gilliam is a total mother hen.

Аlѕо! Неу thеrе, rеаdеr! Wаnt mоrе сhарtеrѕ оf Ѕеduсtіоn Ѕtrаtеgу… FОR FRЕЕ?!?! Іn сеlеbrаtіоn оf Каgurа’ѕ bіrthdау, wе’rе hоldіng а Ѕеduсtіоn Ѕtrаtеgу fаnаrt соntеѕt. Drаw уоur fаvе сhаrасtеrѕ frоm Ѕеduсtіоn Ѕtrаtеgу аnd уоu саn gеt еаrlу ассеѕѕ tо thе Осtоbеr Раtrеоn сhарtеrѕ! Wе’ll сhооѕе 3 wіnnеrѕ. Соntеѕt runѕ untіl 9/26, wе hоре уоu јоіn оwо Lіnk tо ѕubmіt іѕ hеrе.

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Oh my gosh my mental image of the minstrel is that the visual of Ah Tai from Legend of Exorcism donghua TvT

2 years ago
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DBDJKSLA ME TOO!!! I can’t believe it I found someone who also watch it and immediately thought of Ah Tai when it comes to Levin! I just watched the donghua around a month ago, and I’m currently still waiting for the update of the novel. Eeeeekkkk!!! I’m so happy to see fellow watcher of Tian Bao!!

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Thank you!!!

Batata Anisia
Batata Anisia
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Thanks for the chapter