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Chapter 47 (Part 2)

――And this was the point where my soul began to scream. 

I’d come to the conclusion that it wass impossible.

I shouldn’t have even thought about cooking. There was no microwave, no oven, no refrigerator, and no rice cooker. Nothing except a stone oven used for baking bread. Maybe I could use it for making pizza? Become a pizza chef? …No, that wass impossible, totally impossible. How could I not even have a stove?

There was something that resembled one, but it used firewood as a heat source. It seemed like it could be used to handle simple miso soup or simmered dishes, but to be able to make something even close to a gourmet dish would be totally farfetched.

“I see, I’ve never seen these types of cooking devices before.”

A chef in a white apron came in and let out a hearty laugh when he figured out the reason for my surprise. I looked up at his smile which looked genuinely happy. At first glance, I couldn’t even believe he was a chef. He had a handsome face and a large muscular body.

Oh, it was rare to see a man with a beard in this world. It wasn’t well-groomed, but rather it seemed like stubble that arose out of laziness. 

This is a chef? …No wait, if you are careful about your hygiene it doesn’t matter what you look like.

“Well I’ve never seen electricity or gas. Here, we use firewood or charcoal as heat sources. I’ve been using some devices and equipment that Sakura-sama invented though. I think she called it a whisk or something like that…”

“…Oh, that’s useful.”

“Oh, are they still used in Japan? …If you don’t mind, maybe you could tell me about all the new devices, utensils, equipment, and recipes from the other world? What are the current trends over there?”


“Eh, oh, that’s right!”

The young subordinate who had been guiding him around scolded the chef, and the chef put away the notepad he had taken out of his pocket.

“Did you want to cook food for yourself? You already eat delicious food as it is, don’t you? But you want to cook for yourself?”

“Haha… ha…. well… I was wondering if I would be able to make something.” 

“Hm? Do you feel unsure about it? Leave it to me! I’ll do my best to help you.” The large chef pounded his wide apron-clad chest with a fist. “Well I’m going to make some baked goods for snacks, so would you like to bake some cookies too? Oh, but you have never used a stone oven, right Keigo?” 

“I have not.” I answered without hesitation. I had some experience with an oven, but I knew that this would be nothing like that here. “I mean, I’m sorry. I’ve only baked cookies when I was in school during cooking class.” 

“Whaat? Don’t worry. I’ll help you out. I’ll be in charge of baking, and I’ll be teaching you how to cut the cookies using molds.”


“We can chat while we’re baking, Keigo. I have plenty of questions to ask you anyway…” He proposed as we got to work. 

“…So, recently it seems like exotic seasonings have become increasingly popular in Japanese cooking due to something called ‘yoshoku’1 becoming popular?”

…This chef had a lot of passion about what he did. He was really earnest when he asked questions about the current trends in contemporary Japanese cuisine.

At any rate, I dug through my memory and shared some of the recipes and techniques that I could remember and knew how to do. He was especially pleased to hear about kansui2. It’s a brine that you put in when making ramen, but it seemed that ramen wasn’t a thing in this world.

Fun fact: you can use the ashes of plants and put them into the noodle dough as a substitute for kansui. Don’t ask me to explain it further; I studied liberal arts.

I also roughly explained how to make soups and broths like soy sauce, miso, and tonkotsu. A big “Thank you” to the magazine I bought a long time ago that had a featured article on ramen. With this knowledge, I may be able to slurp ramen and enjoy the delicacy in the near future…

Anyways, I baked a bunch of cookies. And they were all handmade by me; proudly made in the land of Keigo.3

I didn’t knead the dough and left the baking up to someone else. All I did was cut out the dough using molds and put on the toppings.

…I’m not even sure if I can eat these all by myself, maybe I’ll share them with people around me?

I’d already completely given up on the idea of defeating the dragon using cooking.

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4 months ago

I finally catched up! But it seems like this is discontinued translator-san I hope you pick this up again in the future huhu

1 year ago

Dude just defeat the dragon with sex where you are good at

1 year ago

“made in me” HAHAHHAHA