A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 24

Author Note:

Long time no see, Horikita-san.

In the morning the next day, we spent the time lazily in our room.

The first group discussion was to take place at 1 p.m.

There was nothing to do in particular until that time.


“Good morning, Haruto-kun.”

Two of us lay down close together, facing each other. 

It gave some sort of sense of immorality as if we were binding each other.

It felt very comfortable that I had a hard time getting out of bed these days.

Ever since I enrolled in this school, she had been trying to let me sleep longer. 

She wouldn’t complain even if I stayed in bed until noon during holidays, and if Arisu-chan woke up ahead of me, she would wait until I woke up naturally.

We would lay down like we were right now, and even if I unconsciously used her like a body pillow, she would stay in place so as to not wake me up. 

If she were a normal girl instead, I think she wouldn’t like it. It was said that a man who woke up early on holiday to go on a date was a popular man. It was hard to find a man as boring as I was who would sleep until noon when the girl was awake. If I were a woman, I would say goodbye to a man like me.

However, not only did Arisu-chan not condemn that, she even recommended it. It made me think there were no other girls as kind as she was, and I had no idea why she was so tolerant about me sleeping so much.

“I think I can’t live without Arisu-chan anymore.” 

“…Those are the words that make me the happiest. Thank you very much. I love you.”

D-did it mean that much to her? 

She smiled very happily.

“I love you.” 

“Yes, I love you as well. Let’s be together forever.”

U~hn, she was cute. 

I got the desire to drown in Arisu-chan without thinking about anything difficult all the time.

…At this rate, I might become a useless person.

However, I recently thought that wasn’t bad as well.

There was the genius Arisu-chan, who could easily unravel the mechanism of an exam just like last night. 

Then there was the other Arisu-chan, who spoiled me thoroughly just like she was now.

I had no idea which was the real her or maybe both were the real her.

One thing I could say for sure was my girlfriend was too attractive. 

Around 11 a.m., Kiyotaka came to our room with Karuizawa. 

Since they took the trouble to visit us, I guess Kiyotaka still wanted to hide their relationship after all?

“Good afternoon, Kiyotaka-kun. Is it about the VIP student?” 

“Aah… since it’s Arisu we are talking about, I’m sure you already have your guesses, right?”

“Fufu, that’s right.”

When I looked next to Kiyotaka, Karuizawa had her mouth wide open, exposing her idiotic expression. 

She must have no idea what they were talking about, this fool.

Well, it wasn’t like I was that much different, but she was a type of friend I’d never had before.

It felt fresh in a way, and I personally liked it a lot.

“I’ll tell you in advance. The VIP in our group is Kei.” 

“Eh, wait… is it okay to reveal it like that?!”

As it was revealed suddenly, Karuizawa was surprised by the sudden turn of events. 

Since I had been surprised by these two several times, I wouldn’t react that much.

I guess my senses got numb… I think Karuizawa will eventually become like me.

“I understand. Then let’s set up for result 4.” 

“Aah, I also think that’s the best outcome.”

Arisu-chan expressed her opinion and Kiyotaka agreed. The conversation progressed at an amazing speed. 

It seemed that, in a conversation between geniuses, saying the conclusion directly was enough. The style was to think about the process themselves.

“Eh? Eh?” said Karuizawa, as she was perplexed, but the two continued without minding it.

“We will discuss the details later in the afternoon. I think it’s better to invite Honami-san as well at that time.” 

“You’re right. Should I investigate the VIPs of my class?”

“No, we have Kikyou-san so she can handle it. As for Kiyotaka-kun, please think about Kei-san.”

“Of course, I always think about Kei.”

“Y-you’re always thinking about me…”

If you heard the words at face value, it sounded like an embarrassing line. It made Karuizawa flush red. 

Well, it was most likely not what it sounded like. It was too much to ask Karuizawa to guess correctly, though.

“I guess it means I can move freely for this exam.” 

“That’s right. I’ll leave the point distribution to you, including how many points to put in for Class D.”

“I’ll think about it, but there’s no problem with this group alone. There’s an aspect that makes it more convenient that way.”

“…Certainly, that sounds about right, now that you mention it.”

They began to conclude their discussion while leaving the two small fries behind. 

I was just listening silently. Hey, were they trying to scheme up bad things?

It was practically saying they were making this exam their private property.

As I thought, having Arisu-chan and Kiyotaka work together created terrifying results. 

Looking at the two enjoying their discussion, I was thinking about that, but…



“Are you sleepy?” 

“Sorry, sorry. When I listen to their conversation, I just can’t help it…”

As Kiyotaka got interrupted by a huge yawn, he had a wry smile and patted Karuizawa’s head. 

You shouldn’t laugh silly like that, Karuizawa, and you didn’t look like you hated it either. Geez, she was really…

It charmed me for a moment. That was how cute she was. 

She looked quite pretty to begin with, and I thought she would be better off not pretending to have a bullish personality. It couldn’t be helped considering her past… but I couldn’t help but think it was a waste.

However, educating someone like her seemed to be not a simple task even for the masterpiece of the White Room. 

It was rare to see Kiyotaka dragged around like that. I honestly thought it was interesting.

Arisu-chan was staring at the two of them with a surprised face.

As I looked at the clock, it was about noon. 

We have to take our lunch before the group discussion begins. Let’s conclude it here.

“It’s almost noon.” 

“So it’s already that time. Let’s meet again during the group discussion.”


We started getting ready to leave in a bit of a hurry. 

Although we left the room properly, everywhere on the ship was crowded and I was sick of it.

The only topic I heard about was nothing but the VIP student.

We walked around while I was thinking how enthusiastic they were.

I only found one empty table seat in the café. 

I was thinking we should sit there for the time being, but…


At exactly the same time, there was another person who tried to sit there. 

It was Horikita Suzune.

“…It’s okay, I’ll give the seat to you, so just go ahead and sit.” 

After saying that, I decided to look for another seat. It was clear that things would only get troublesome if we got involved with her. 

Arisu-chan also followed me without changing her expression.


When we tried to ignore her as we left, she pulled Arisu-chan’s hand. I couldn’t ignore that. 

Please stop that, really. What would you do if Arisu-chan got injured?

“I told you to wait, didn’t I?” 

Horikita was especially persistent today. Was she anxious about something? 

Shaking her off now might lead to further trouble later.

We resigned ourselves and sat across from her. I never thought there would be a day when we would share a table with Horikita. 

“Haah… Is there something?” 

Arisu-chan brushed off Horikita’s hand and sat next to me. 

Judging from her deep sigh, it showed that Arisu-chan really didn’t want to get involved with Horikita.

“Sakayanagi-san. Why are you…” 

“Obsessed with him? Even if I answer that, I don’t think Horikita will understand.”

Arisu-chan answered before Horikita completed her question. 

Horikita was clearly surprised. It probably matched what she was trying to ask.

Reading through other people’s thoughts, interrupting them, and answering ahead of time. I think only Arisu-chan was capable of that.

I felt like Horikita would only get hurt more after being shown something like that.

“I see. Then why-” 

“Do I get along with Kushida-san, right? I know about her true nature and her darker side. While I understand that, I have a good impression of her. You have no right to any say in this matter.”

Horikita bit her lips. She must find it painful as Arisu-chan didn’t allow her to complete her sentence. 

It wasn’t the first time for Arisu-chan to behave coldly toward someone she wasn’t interested in.

However, it was rare for her to be this particular. Perhaps Arisu-chan had some other intention.

“Arisu-chan! Haruto-kun!” 

As the atmosphere became darker, I could hear a bright voice. 

When I turned around, Kikyou-chan was there.

“Kikyou-san, so you came here.” 

“Yes, I just found the two of you after all. The table over there is empty, so let’s eat together!”

She smiled brilliantly. The cuteness attracted the attention of those around her. 

She seemed like she couldn’t be happier. Perhaps Kikyou-chan heard what Arisu-chan said earlier?

“You’re right. Let’s go.” 

Arisu-chan stood up and took Kikyou-chan’s hand. 

Horikita glared at Kikyou-chan for interrupting her, but both Kikyou-chan and Arisu-chan didn’t care at all.

“Let me ask one last thing. Sakayanagi-san, what do you dislike about me?” 

“…Arrogance over one’s own ability, naivety because of not knowing defeat, and the baseless confidence that thinks one could endure solitude. Fufu, who do you think I was talking about?”1

Horikita stiffened, perhaps due to receiving great damage. 

Well, what should I take that as?

As I was thinking about Arisu-chan’s words, we moved to other seats.

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8 months ago

I just realized, but is Arisu-chan trying to do to the MC what he did to her ? Making him useless and dependent on her so he can’t live without her ?