A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 36

The second trimester has started.

Classes started again today, but the atmosphere in Class B was completely relaxed.

They were talking about how and where they played, things they ate at the restaurant the other day… Everyone was still in the summer break mood.

It was a situation that was unfit for the meritocracy policy this school adopts, but I think this was fine. 

This was how high school students were supposed to act. They reluctantly attended school after the long break ended, and after being scolded by the teacher, began to switch their minds and thought processes. There was nothing weird at all.

In a sense, they just returned to “normal.” 

However, even if Class B was in that state, the conflict between classes… the special exams would come equally.

As long as they were in this special school, they couldn’t escape that no matter how unmotivated they were.

The homeroom set for two hours in the afternoon would be used to confront that reality.

After Mashima-sensei sighed once, he distributed the printouts. 

As expected, the students weren’t completely uninterested since the classroom became quiet after a while.

“Everyone, please read the content carefully. In preparation for the upcoming sports festival, the proportion of physical education classes will increase until the beginning of the next month. Detailed rules will be explained from now on.” 

The first printout was a new timetable. 

There was certainly a lot of physical education there. It meant there would be more time for Arisu-chan to stay on the sideline…

“For this sports festival, all grades will be divided into two groups. Our Class B is the white group.” 

The second and subsequent printouts contained the rules of the sports festival. 

Class B and Class C… it’s hard to tell for a moment, but it meant Kiyotaka’s class was also in the white group.

It also meant Honami-san and Ryuuen would be in the red group. That was correct, right?

It really became confusing. I was confused for a moment as to who belonged in which class. 

It was only natural since all the classes were already different compared to when we first enrolled in the school.

No one could have predicted such a change occurring in such a short period of time.

…With the exception of some geniuses, that was.

We were very glad that Kikyou-chan would be part of our team. It meant during the time men and women competed at different times, I had someone to entrust Arisu-chan to. Even though it was a coincidence, it worked for our convenience. 

“In addition, Sakayanagi is considered ‘not participating’ instead of ‘defeated because of abstaining’ from the competition. To be more specific, she would be excluded in all calculations.” 

While I was reading the printout, I was surprised that Arisu-chan was suddenly mentioned. 

What did he say? She wouldn’t be participating?

“May I ask a question?” 

“What is it?”

Katsuragi raised his hand and stood up. 

“Does being excluded in all calculations mean she won’t receive the penalty of not participating that’s mentioned in this printout?” 

“There’s no problem in that recognition. In light of her unavoidable circumstances of having a heart disease, we decided to take this measure as a humanitarian consideration.”

This special exam was a big minus for students. Their points would be taken away whenever they got the last place in the competition, and the 10 people with the lowest total score would have their points deducted from their written exam, so to be blunt, it was nothing but a shitty event. 

Being able to receive no damage without participating in any of them was a frightening preferential treatment.

“Isn’t that just unfair? Just because her body is weak—” 

“Totsuka, I have not permitted you to ask a question. Besides, your way of thinking is unacceptable as a member of society. Be careful since it might be fatal in the future.”

Totsuka might be irritating, but I think it was inevitable to have such thoughts on this occasion. 

Did they twist the rule just for the sake of Arisu-chan?

I was confused since I had no idea why this happened. This could be considered an anomaly.

However, the reactions that other students gave were… white eyes. 

Perhaps only a small number of students were really concerned about Arisu-chan. If anything, they just hated things that became even more troublesome.

Laughter and sighs around him pressured Totsuka to stop talking.

“…I’m sorry.” 

It seemed Totsuka himself realized that so he bowed his head and apologized to Mashima-sensei. 

He sat down in his chair again and had an embarrassed expression on his face.

“I’ll continue the explanation.” 

The rest of the topic didn’t register in my brain. 

…A person who could do such a major thing could be narrowed down considerably. It was because only a few people could tamper with the content of an exam in the first place. Was it the student council? Teachers? Or someone with higher authority?

Who was the one who did it? 

I couldn’t find the answer.

After the general explanation was concluded, it was decided that the rest of the class time could be used freely. 

Katsuragi then began to suggest a strategy, but it didn’t work out well.

As expected, while there were no students who left without permission in the middle of the class, their attitudes were still terrible. There were girls who didn’t listen to the discussion at all and chose to study for tomorrow’s quiz instead. There were boys who stared blankly out the window with a grim expression. The overconfident group of elites seemed to have gone elsewhere. Only a languid atmosphere dominated the place.

“…If any of you want to participate in the recommended participation event, please tell me.” 

Katsuragi, whose shoulders dropped, said so in a low voice. 

Only the people of Katsuragi’s faction, which had become even fewer in number, reacted to represent the current state of this class.

It was the situation that made people realize that the opposite of love was really indifference.

Twenty minutes passed without much discussion. 

How to say this, it really felt like a waste of time.

After a break, we were gathered in the gymnasium. There were many upperclassmen because it was a meeting of all grades. I could see Nagumo’s figure nearby, but I refrained from calling out to him.

When I was standing in the corner with Arisu-chan, a man approached me.

“Oh, the ‘Idol Killer’ is here.” 

“What did you say?”

That person called out to me with a playful tone. If I recall correctly, he was… 

“Kanji-kun, is something wrong? …Ah.” 

Right after that, Kikyou-chan came. 

I remembered when his name was mentioned. That was right, he was Ike Kanji. Coupled with Yamauchi and Sudou, they were referred to as the “three idiots” of their class.

“What do you mean by Idol Killer? Don’t give me such a weird nickname.” 

“Hey, you got too many achievements for that… you are one of the few men that could approach that Ichinose-san, you know? There’s also Sakayanagi-san next to you, and also…”


Before Ike finished speaking, Kikyou-chan embraced my arm. 

That sudden action surprised both Ike and me.

“Err, Kikyou-chan?” 

“I’m really happy to be in the same white group as Haruto-kun.”

She came to be spoiled while staying in her façade. What the hell was going on? 

…Arisu-chan looked expressionless, but that was the face she made while holding back her laughter. I could tell.

In other words, it was something already agreed beforehand by the two of them. In that case, I could just play along.

“Aah, I’m happy too.” 

“Really? Hooray!”

With a really happy expression on her face, she pressed her chest against my arm. Oi oi, were you going that far? 

On the other hand, Arisu-chan acted as if she was displeased, and Ike was dumbfounded.

“…I won’t give him to you, okay?” 

“Fu~hn. Well, that’s something for Haruto-kun to decide, you know?”

With a slightly louder voice, sparks scattered between the two… or at least that was how it seemed to others. 

As if to appeal their relationship to those around them, they continued talking while glaring at each other.

It was such a great performance that even I wondered if they were serious for a moment.

Although it was Kikyou-chan’s specialty to put on a façade, this was amazing.

“Y-you… seriously?” 

Ike backed away with his face twitching. 

It seemed the current behavior of Kikyou-chan was that shocking for him.

“I won’t give up on Haruto-kun, even if the other person is my best friend Arisu-chan.” 

“Fufu, I see. If you think you can take him away, try it.”

It was a declaration of war. After hearing this much, even an idiot like me could understand. 

I think these two wanted to show off their rivalry. Perhaps there would be an inconvenience if the distance was too close like before. Kikyou-chan had the official status of a student of another class, so it would be troublesome if people thought of her as a spy. If anything, I guess this had a strong meaning in preventing Kikyou-chan from being difficult to move.

U~hn, I guess I should reconsider what I will be doing at the sports festival… it might be better to ask Masumi-san to take care of Arisu-chan while I am away.

“I’m envious. What did you do to create such a situation…? I lost.” 

Ike raised his hands and assumed a pose of surrender. 

No, what kind of match was it? He just got defeated on his own.

“Eh, Haruto-kun’s group is actually in that kind of relationship?!” 

Also Honami-san, since when have you been there?

I beg of you, please don’t get deceived. Not only would the topic become messier, I could only see my reputation being dragged down further. Rather, you two should explain to her before doing it…

“Honami-san, it’s been a while.” 

“Uhn… I also wanted to be a candidate! If I say that, I wonder what will happen?”

What would happen, she asked? I would get beaten up. Perhaps I might get discovered as an unnatural corpse later. 

Seriously, please don’t do that, I beg of you. It was seriously dangerous for me if Honami-san tried that.

See, the eyes of the surrounding people were already piercing me. Even though it didn’t physically hurt me, it felt painful.

…Don’t tell me, was it already too late? Was that the meaning of the Idol Killer nickname? 

I was just enjoying our friendships, and I was never conscious of what other people thought of me.

After that, I learned that this disgraceful nickname had spread throughout the school. 

With Kiyotaka and Kei-chan obviously knowing that, it was quite amazing that even Ryuuen and Kanzaki knew about it.

Moreover, the nuance wasn’t that of making a fool of me, but somewhat out of fear. Because of the incident with Totsuka back on the ship, there were even rumors that if anyone laid hands on Takashiro’s woman, they would end up half-killed.

The topic was getting and getting more twisted and the situation getting out of control.

My stomach suddenly started to hurt. Personally, I was no longer in the state of participating in the sports festival. 

I held my head as I was surrounded by the “idols” of each class.

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Haruto is suffering from success. What a (un)lucky guy.