A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 78

The next day after school.

Class B’s classroom was buzzing.

“Well, now that everyone’s names have been written… it’s decided.” 

Honami smiled sweetly and picked up the contract with a total of 39 names written on it. 

There was only one reason why the students were excited: the contract with Ryuuen, which had been undermining this class for a long time since summer, had finally become invalid.

The content of the contract that Class B just signed was very simple. In exchange for everyone in this class giving their praise vote to Honami, Class A would give everyone 20,000 points every month. This resulted in canceling the contract for the uninhabited island, to which the right had been transferred, ending the exchange of private points.

Well, both Arisu-chan and I had no such debt to begin with, so the contract would simply make us receive 20,000 points every month… but there was no point in mentioning it after all this time.

“With this, everyone has been freed from Ryuuen’s curse. However… I was thinking of continuing to transfer points to everyone in Class B. It’s because I want to reward everyone’s support for me until now.” 

Honami’s warm words, combined with her gentle tone and her beautiful appearance. 

All of that intertwined together and grabbed the hearts of the students in the classroom. Since she did so much for them, they had to be loyal… Class B was no longer a group that was forced to obey, but instead voluntarily chose to obey instead.

After that, Chihiro-chan came in and gave a detailed explanation. Due to Honami’s “goodwill,” it seemed the class point difference of the two x 10 would be transferred for them each month.

“As expected of Ichinose-san!” 

“Thank you!”

Words praising Honami flew around. That scene felt somewhat cult-like and felt a little eerie. 

Arisu-chan and I got up from our seats and quickly left the classroom.

On the way back to the student dormitory, Arisu-chan was staring at her terminal. 

It was already dangerous for her to walk normally, so I would like to be spared from her playing with the terminal while walking since it was bad for my heart.

However, it was her personality that she wouldn’t stop until she thoroughly investigated things once she got interested in something. I held her shoulders tightly and kept her out of danger.


Arisu-chan muttered. What she was looking at was the group chat of Class A. 

Since we were called by Honami last night, although we were from different classes, we were also participating in the discussion.

“What’s wrong?” 

“About the contract between Ryuuen-kun and Honami-san, it seems some clauses have been added.”

Please look at it, said Arisu-chan as she passed me at the terminal. I stopped in place and scrolled down the screen. At the bottom of the chat, there was an uploaded image of the contract. 

  • Students of Class A are not to give criticism votes to students of Class D.
  • Students of Class D are not to give criticism votes to students of Class A and Class B.

“What’s this?” 

It was difficult to express, but I could see that the content was very “Honami-like.” I had no idea which side brought up those clauses, but there was no doubt it was decided after a discussion of both sides. 

“Honami-san is truly a scary person. She really doesn’t see anyone but Haruto-kun…” 

The reason this restriction was made was very easy to understand. It was to ensure our safety. 

That purpose could be achieved this way. As long as the criticism votes of Class D could be avoided, then only Class C could give us criticism votes. Regarding their movement, Kiyotaka and Kikyou-chan could control them to some extent.

Even from Ryuuen’s perspective, the fact his class would be protected from all of Class A was a pretty big benefit. This was practically a ceasefire agreement.

…However, I didn’t expect the criticism votes from Class B would be excluded.1

“But isn’t this a roundabout way of saying they will be attacking Class C?” 

“That’s right. I begin to see the whole picture a little bit.”

Arisu-chan seemed to be getting closer to the answer, but I still had no idea even now. 

While talking about various things, we arrived at the entrance of the dormitory.

I got a little confused. I just wanted to take a moment to organize my thoughts slowly.

While lying on the bed, I lost myself in thought.

Watch out for the contracts that restrict actions. That was certainly what Arisu-chan told Honami yesterday, yet that was how the contract between Honami and Ryuuen ended up. Moreover, Ryuuen seemed to be on a somewhat disadvantageous side.

Did he really need points that much? Or perhaps he had another purpose…?

As I was rolling around the bed while thinking, Kikyou-chan and Kiyotaka came to my room together.

“Haruto-kun, I missed you!” 

“Kikyou-chan. Now this is a rare combination.”

“Is that so? We just happened to meet in the elevator.”

Although they didn’t get along badly in particular, they didn’t seem to get involved much. 

It seemed neither was interested in the other side… that was how I felt.

“I come here to discuss things from now on. Since it’s something that involves Kushida as well, I just thought I might as well tell her.” 

Kiyotaka spoke with an expressionless face. 

For the time being, I urged two of them to sit down and prepare drinks.

“Is it the continuation of yesterday?” 

“Aah, that’s right. Kei decided to accept the contract with Ryuuen.”

Kiyotaka replied calmly to Arisu-chan’s question. 

Although I expected it, it seemed he didn’t seem to have thought about it.

After I placed tea for four people on the table, I also sat down. The room heating was quite effective, making me feel quite warm.

…It calmed me somehow. Perhaps because the members were people I was on good terms with? 

While eating the snacks that Kikyou-chan bought for us, I spent my time peacefully for a while.

The next thing Kiyotaka said was something surprising for me.

“Accepting that contract will be a big mistake for Class C.”

My hand that was trying to bring the cup closer to my mouth stopped. 

A big mistake. Did that mean there was a trap included in that contract that made him declare so?

Since he was the one who said it, it meant that was definitely not a joke. It seemed Kei-chan committed a fatal mistake.

“I didn’t see the content of the contract, but I somehow already imagined that would be the case.” 

“I guess it’s natural for Arisu to notice… In order to protect the students of Class C, refusing that contract is necessary. Unfortunately, it seems Kei hasn’t grown enough to see through Ryuuen’s strategy.”

In other words, even though Kiyotaka knew the contract was no good, he didn’t stop her. How ruthless. 

…I forgot about it. He only cared about Kei-chan but was not interested in how Class C would be affected. As long as there was something she could learn, that was plenty for him.

Experiencing a big failure would lead to growth afterward. I was sure that was how he saw it. For him, he didn’t give a damn how the rest of the class would become.

“Fufu, I guess it can’t be helped. Even so, I didn’t think Kiyotaka-kun would actually find a way to make use of Ryuuen-kun. I guess that means expelling him would only occur at a later date.” 

“I was thinking of using that man as a stepping stone for Kei’s growth. I think declaring his existence as useless can wait until after I exploit him a little more. He can still make things more interesting.”

The two talked excitedly. 

I couldn’t keep up with the exchange between geniuses.

“I never knew that Arisu-chan and Ayanokouji-kun are actually this compatible…” 

Kikyou-chan said that in surprise. 

To be honest, I still haven’t completely gotten rid of the feeling that Kiyotaka was more suitable to Arisu-chan than I was. Of course, now that he had Kei as his girlfriend, I had no intention of changing the relationship after all this time…

“Really, they get along well.” 

I definitely think that Kiyotaka was better in terms of ability and conversation partner. However, Arisu-chan needed support in daily life… and on that part, I would be superior. 

Of course, as long as he felt motivated, I think it was possible for him to support her better than I could. However, “could” and “would” were different. I was the only person who “would” do this much for Arisu-chan.

“You’re right. I like Kiyotaka-kun very much. But in case you misunderstand…” 

Arisu-chan leaned over my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek. 

Seeing that, Kiyotaka nodded twice.

“We are the best ‘best friends.’ That’s what you mean, right?” 

“Yes. I find our current relationship is the most comfortable. There’s no way it will develop more than this. In the first place, if that kind of thing occurs, Kei-san might stab me.”

Although she spoke in a joking tone, that was also true. 

I couldn’t see Kei-chan’s inside. Be it her dependence to Kiyotaka and her strong desire to monopolize him…



A sudden sound interrupted my thoughts. Kiyotaka’s terminal seemed to be ringing. 

“…Aah, I got a call from Kei.” 

Kiyotaka stood up and took the call in the corner of the room. 

I could hear a sobbing voice from his terminal.

“Sorry, I didn’t contact you. I’m at Haruto’s room now.” 

Kiyotaka made excuses throughout the call. The three of us looked at each other and smiled a little. 

“…So that guy also has a cute side. I only saw how he behaves at school, so it feels weird.” 

Kikyou-chan was happily looking at Kiyotaka’s back. 

I think Kei-chan most likely felt lonely because she couldn’t find Kiyotaka in the room. She found it hard to spend her time alone, so she called him even though she was worried it might make him scold her later.

…Wasn’t that pretty cute? It made my heart throb.

“I’ll embrace you as soon as I return, so please don’t cry.” 

The content of Kiyotaka’s words was filled with kindness toward his girlfriend. 

If anything, I was more surprised about that. So he was able to say something like that now.

After talking for a few minutes, Kiyotaka tapped his terminal to end the call.

“…That’s how it is.” 

“Okay, just hurry and go home. There’s probably no other person who loves you that much, you know?”

“You’re right. I was thinking of talking more about the contract, but I guess I’ll continue at a later date.”

I said my thoughts frankly. Kei-chan’s single-minded and heavy love was certainly something that Kiyotaka produced. Of course, there was no one other than him who could accept that. 

Kiyotaka apologized briefly and left our room in a hurry.

“Kei-san needs Kiyotaka-kun. In that case… how about the other way around?” 

Arisu-chan smiled. Her attitude was like an elder sister watching her younger brother’s growth. 

Some men might think Kei-chan was a troublesome woman. However, to move the heart of a machine-like person who had no idea about love, such a strong emotion was necessary.

For Kiyotaka, Kei-chan was already an irreplaceable person. That was how I concluded it.

The next day, Kiyotaka had big dark circles under his eyes. 

Even without showing it through his expression, it was clear that he was sleep-deprived.

…Well, I guess both of you make a passionate pair.

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