So the Medieval Age Has a Split Inheritance System…

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Chapter 01 – Action

Even though I surely had to do something, I couldn’t even leave the mansion. As two years passed while learning how to manage the territory and training my swordsmanship, I went to the church for the ceremony that everyone took when they reached 10 years old. It was to confirm one’s characteristics once again. I already knew of my level II fire attribute when I was 5, but it seemed commoners only find out when they are 10 years old, and only the person themselves knew the details.

I dutifully waited my turn for 30 minutes. It seemed confirmation for the other aristocratic children had already concluded, so I was invited to enter a private room in the church… As I proceeded while being cautious of possible assassins sent by my siblings, I saw the statue of the goddess in this world.

Just like last time, I got down on one knee, clasped my hands together, and closed my eyes. Then something that clearly looked like a status screen popped up in my head. At the same time, I heard a voice.

[“Hello, hello. Can you hear me, Palmer Klaus-kun? Hey, hey. How does it feel having to soon protect your territory from your brothers and other mighty aristocrats?”]

…Eh? Goddess-sama?

[“That’s right, I’m the goddess that reincarnated you. Ah, don’t think that you are a special existence just because I’ve talked to you, okay? I talk to all the reincarnators, after all.”]

…AAahhhhhhhh… so there are other reincarnators. I’m totally stuck then.

[“No, no, you are the only reincarnator of this world. If several reincarnators are sent to the same world, then it would lead to technological competitions with tremendous momentum, which would then lead to a war of annihilation.”]

Apparently, the goddess-sama that reincarnated me was quite the frank person. I couldn’t see her, but her voice suggested that she was a young woman. And judging from the teasing lilt of her voice, she seemed to be a vicious goddess who enjoyed observing me when I was in a predicament.

[“I’m not vicious. What are you complaining about after I reincarnated you as a son of a ducal family? Perhaps you would prefer to have begun as a slave instead? But if we follow this nation’s system, you’ll stay a slave your whole life, you know?”]

No, if I had a choice, I would have preferred to be the heir of an emperor who could live a life in comfort… or I could have just been born in a remote county and led a slow li-

[“I hate that kind of thing. I think people who demand rights without doing anything should perish, and a society that tolerates such people also deserves to perish.”]

[“Also, do you really think the heir of an emperor could lead such an easy life? With the split inheritance system, there would be more siblings, and the eldest son would have it worst, you know?”]

…………I see.

[“Ah, time is almost up, so let me give a word of advice. If you really think you’re stuck, you can just choose to disclaim your inheritance. The fact that you didn’t choose to do so means that you aren’t really stuck yet. So do your best and aim to become the emperor of your dreams.”]

That goddess-sama just encouraged me a little and ended the conversation one-sidedly. From this ritual, or rather, from the information on the screen, I got to confirm that, in addition to my existing fire attribute level II, I also got swordsmanship level I. I only got to learn that I didn’t have any other special characteristics, unlike my brothers.

Eldest son Wagner: Saint Lord, strong heart, swordsmanship level I, pikemanship level III, fire attribute magic level III, water attribute magic level III, wind attribute magic level III.1

Second son Alfred: Intimidation, iron mask, evasion level II, spearmanship level III, swordsmanship level II, shieldmanship level II, lightning attribute magic level IV, fire attribute magic level II, wind attribute magic level II.

Third son Palmer (me): Swordsmanship level I, fire attribute magic level II.

Uwah, the difference was so terrible when comparing them side by side. I couldn’t win even if the other party were to fight me upside down. Moreover, my two brothers had these many characteristics while hiding their trump cards from the other brother. It was a huge difference to me, who only had two in total.

…Perhaps I really should consider disclaiming my inheritance.

However, there was no point in worrying about the overwhelming difference in characteristics, so I went to buy some slaves using the allowance I had saved up. I didn’t buy any female slaves, but male ones. Even if I bought a female slave, I could only see a future where she gets taken away, so it couldn’t be helped. Rather, there were no female slaves that could fight in this other world.

At a time like this, the protagonist of the story would buy a high-quality slave at a bargain price due to some circumstances. But reality wasn’t that convenient, so I just bought 20 normal male slaves. All of them were slaves possessing self-maintenance level I in their characteristics.

This self-maintenance characteristic wasn’t that uncommon, with 20 to 30 percent of commoners having them. Rather, it was so common that one might acquire such characteristics while living their days like normal. That said, the effect was minimal, just shortening hemostatic time.2

Even so, if the policy was to train slaves and create a strong army, there was no choice but to bet on this self-maintenance characteristic. In this world that was akin to a shitty game, especially for me who didn’t have anything good personally, I would need either an army or money to rise up.

…I had been doing magic training since I was little. However, one’s magic capacity was already determined from birth, and it wouldn’t change no matter how much one trained. I also trained my swordsmanship. I did tens of thousands of practice swings that would serve no use in actual combat. It did increase my strength to some extent, but my instructor kept telling me how much worse I was compared to my brothers. 

Even when it came to domestic affairs, my brothers were probably better at it. I could do the simple task of giving instructions, but what really mattered was the relationship with the barons under one’s command and the priest who stayed in the church’s territory. If one couldn’t do well on this part, the tax that could be collected would be greatly reduced, or worse, they would ignore the command altogether.

It could be said that communication was one of the things I was utterly incapable of. That was why I chose to depend on slaves. They were people who would definitely listen to my orders. I had no choice but to rely on the most pitiful existence in the world that was contractually bound to me.

Palmer Klaus, 10 years old. I don’t dream of turning the tables in one go and I wasn’t even capable of it. Even so, I will do my best and try to live on. If I forever lament the circumstances I am in, then I ought to just perish just like what that vicious goddess said.

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