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Chapter 22


Thanks to my hard work studying throughout my high school career, I was able to attend my first choice: a private university.

In middle school, I hid my secondary gender as an omega and didn’t get close to anyone. I thought high school would be the same, but I made amiable friends and spent vivid days together with them.

And life from now on will be spent… with my “mate”, someone I thought I had given up on and would never have.

Life with Amami Ren, an alpha and my “fated mate”, was more pleasant than I thought it would be.

I was in charge of cooking and Ren was in charge of cleaning. We sometimes took turns doing laundry, groceries, and taking out the trash, or whenever we had free time to do it.

Our first year in college together was busy. I didn’t think it would go all that well, but it seemed like it was a needless worry.

I got a grasp of the school system, and after the first month I spent in a panic buying textbooks and thinking about which classes to take, I finally had the leeway to begin the lauded college life.

That’s right, it was right to say college life was “lauded” with such a good start.

I was currently at the peak of a fierce “popularity period”.

△△ Spicy Omega University Arc △△

When you think of the phrase “popularity period”, some things may come to mind, such as continuous confessions from girls, getting invited to show your face at drinking parties, going to hotels with people that interest you, and having no time to rest your body. That was what came to my mind.

But unfortunately, my popularity period took hold in a slightly different form.

When I first enrolled, I gathered in the auditorium with other students of the same department for orientation.

Side-eyeing the scattered people forming cliques, I heaved a sigh.

I could never greet people I met for the first time with such a cheerful voice.

I regretted not asking one of my friends in high school, who was able to get along with anyone, for some tips on making friends.

I didn’t even have any acquaintances and was left alone in an instant.

But I came to college to study after all, and I had only just enrolled, so even in the worst-case scenario where I made no friends, it still wouldn’t hinder me… Which was what I told myself as I forced myself to face forward and swallow back my tears. But then I felt the presence of someone hovering near the seat next to mine.

“Can I sit next to you?”

“Ah! Please, go ahead.”

I hurriedly picked up my bag and the stationery strewn across the seat next to mine and looked up at the owner of the voice.


The person was so beautiful that I couldn’t tell what gender they were for a moment.

Large and bright black eyes, with eyelashes so long they might even make a fluttering sound. Gentle and thin eyebrows, a tall nose bridge, and tiny lips so plump and glossy they seemed like they were from a lipstick commercial.

Even with silky black hair and a short stature, if you looked closely at the small yet sturdy build, you could tell that he was actually a guy. However…

(This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a pretty man…)

Perhaps it was because I was staring at him so rudely just now, but the boy sitting next to me looked over at me.

The sudden gaze in my direction made me feel nervous.

“…Hey, you’re also part of the English Literature Department too, right?”


“My name is Wakatsuki Aoi. You?”

“I’m Karasawa Shinya. N-nice to meet you.”

“Yes, nice to meet you too. I hope to get along with you, Karasawa-kun…”

Laughing with smiling eyes, he called himself Wakatsuki, and he was so surprisingly charming, beautiful, and cute that even I, who didn’t swing that way1, was seized by his overflowing attractiveness.

After that, Wakatsuki sat in the seat next to me in every required class we had together, and we ever so slowly deepened our friendship.

He was the first friend I made ever since I became a college student.

Although I thought Wakatsuki was someone who was as beautiful as a doll, he was friendly and skilled with his words once you talked to him—a man with a rich vocabulary who laughed a lot. Unexpectedly, Wakatsuki was also good at martial arts, and he has apparently even been a part of a kendo club ever since he was in elementary school.

After a few days, I had gotten used to his unworldly beauty, and my initial feeling of awe toward him developed into a typical friendship.

Right around then, even I, who was dense, could sense the odd environment around me.

Freshmen were pretty busy, being the majority of people who still attended classes until the evening five times a week. I was also one of them and attended a ton of classes every day.

Whenever our schedules aligned, I ate lunch in the school cafeteria with Wakatsuki.

Day after day, though slowly, the number of people in my surroundings grew.

In the beginning, I thought it was because Wakatsuki was so beautiful that he drew people in like moths to a flame, though that might’ve been a rude comparison to make.

I was just sitting quietly in a corner of the cafeteria, sensing something odd about how Wakatsuki was chasing away the people who always seemed to be around me. When he came back in my direction with no one in tow, I thought, “Isn’t that weird?”

After I became aware of this, I became curious about how many “moths drawn to a flame” were around me and deliberately observed them… and found out that roughly 20 of them were alternating while staying firmly near me.

Even now, 5 familiar faces were either sitting beside me or diagonally from me, eating their food.

“Um, hey, Wakatsuki…”

“What’s wrong, Karasawa? You’re making an abandoned puppy dog face.”

“I don’t think I was making that face… Wait, that’s not it! It might just be my imagination, but… there always seem to be people surrounding me, right? What’s with that?”

“You only just realized that? So slow!”

“If you knew that then you should’ve told me!”

As I thought, this huge number of people hovering near me, who didn’t even talk to me, wasn’t just my imagination…! 

Wakatsuki was shocked to see me quivering in confusion. This guy looked like a painting, even when he made a negative face, which was unfair.

“Wait. Karasawa must be shy. How about you all try to introduce yourselves so you can become friends?”

Wakatsuki said in a slightly louder voice so that the surrounding people could hear him.

When he did, the people near me immediately raised their heads and looked at me with apologetic looks.

“That’s right. I was only thinking of receiving Karasawa-kun’s grace… Sorry for scaring you.”2

“I’m Sugita. Nice to meet you.”

“My name is Aizawa. Do you do texts? Can we exchange IDs?”

After greeting the people sitting near me for the first time, I added them as friends on a messaging app as they requested, and ended up having 28 new contacts, from both male and female, by the end of a single week.

Perhaps it was because Wakatsuki’s little announcement went around easily, but the students who had previously lingered around me in the cafeteria all came up to me one after another to introduce themselves. To be honest, I couldn’t remember their faces or names at all.

And our friendships didn’t develop any further than adding each other on the app.

Other than talking to each other every now and then, teaming up with them for group work, and exchanging resumes with each other, we didn’t really get to know each other that well.

“Huh, how curious.”

“Right? But if I asked, ‘Why are you always coming near me?’ isn’t that kind of… you know?”

“Yep, totally.”

I handed a freshly brewed cafe au lait to Ren, who smiled bitterly.

When I sank next to Ren into the sofa, a sigh naturally flowed out of my mouth.

The odd interpersonal relations in university life that I was just getting used to. I was more tired than I thought and felt a little drowsy.


“…Mm, I’m fine. I’m going to go take a bath.”

I was barely able to resist the comfort of the sofa that nearly swallowed me whole and stood up to go take a shower.

Ren was also quite busy in the first month, but he recently got into the swing of things and returned to his usual calm atmosphere by my side.

Ren was an alpha and also my “fated mate”.

When we graduated high school, we moved into this place together.

Up until then, I was completely oblivious to the fact that I was Ren’s “fated mate”, which was typically noticed at first sight, so Ren was forced to bear with his one-sided feelings for 6 years.

Typically, an alpha who found their “fated mate” would either be unable to resist their instincts to attack their omega and forcefully mate with them, or both parties would immediately be attracted to each other like opposite ends of a magnet and become mates… apparently.

In this respect, Ren’s patience was tremendous. He neither scolded nor condemned me for not realizing we were “fated mates”, or for hiding my secondary gender, and merely stayed by my side as a friend. 

Ren waited for me, who was never able to accept being an omega and decided to pretend to be a beta for the rest of my life, to fall in love with him naturally. I couldn’t even figure out whether to admire him or be ashamed of myself—I was just so grateful that I couldn’t put it into words.

Sometimes I felt that Ren’s patience was so unbelievable that I couldn’t find a response for it even in magazines or dramas. 

“Shinya, I’m coming in.”


I quickly showered and buried myself in the bed, and Ren slid right in next to me.

I turned over and Ren hugged me, turning off the headboard light, the only light in the room.

In a room enveloped in darkness, Ren and my eyes shimmered faintly.

Ren laughed a little when I involuntarily yawned, and hugged me tightly against his chest. My pulse quickened slightly.

Just like that, I gently closed my eyes, and all that remained was the quiet sound of our breaths between us.

Yes, two “fated mates”, who were said to be instinctively attracted to each other in an instant and unable to control their impulses, were mutually in love, in the same bed.

We still hadn’t crossed the line yet.

A/N: The contents of the new year Side Stories will make an appearance, with no relation to the main story.

Please take a look, if you’d like. (※Kijima will not appear)3

I plan on inserting the Side Stories on the novel page after the conclusion of the main story.

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