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Chapter 64 – Doctrine

According to the report from our spy, it seemed like the Masia Kingdom was trying to make the pro-Masia prince of the Estoani Kingdom the next king. This particular spy often collected useful information more so compared to other spies, but in most cases, his identity would still be busted by the nation he was infiltrating. Even though he perfectly disguised himself as an old lady, he was still found out to be a spy, so it made me wonder what was wrong with him.

Regarding the Masia Kingdom, since it was in close proximity to the papal region, all of its citizens were believers of the Knut religion, and it seemed like the tax for religious people was paid to the pope instead of the king. It was clear that the pope was greater than the king.

Although I wondered why I never heard much about that nation, I decided to strengthen the Palpal religion instead. Currently, the fanatics of the Palpal religion had conveniently assumed that they could “do anything they wanted,” so as the current pope and the founder of the Palpal religion, I decided to notify them of some commandments.

…A religion had to include some common sense in its teachings or it would be no good. For the time being, I included three commandments for murder, theft, and destruction to prevent the deterioration of security in the territory. I wouldn’t be listening to the complaints of “the pope was violating all three!!” I have already lost count as to how many times the centerpiece of the royal capital, the coliseum, was destroyed in the experiment.

I also declared that fraud was considered theft of property, and rape was considered destruction of other persons to draw a line. Since nobody complained, it seemed like most of my citizens were good-natured people. Well, it has been proven that there was no human eviler than I in this world, so I didn’t need to worry about that.

…I mostly waged war and looted, and if the most dangerous thing that I committed was mentioned, it would at most be the cause of economic destruction and famine by counterfeiting currency, right? If I didn’t loot, I wouldn’t have enough for logistics otherwise, and the famine I caused in the Carling Empire only claimed the lives of 400,000, so I was unconvinced that I was to be designated as the most evil person in the world just because of that. Although Stalin, Mao Zedong, Hitler, and Polpot belong to a different world, I thought I was still more decent compared to them.

I also added another doctrine to the Palpal religion that stated that anyone who heard of the teachings of the Palpal religion was considered a believer of the religion. With this, you are also a believer of the Palpal religion. Other religions were fussy regarding believers having multiple faiths, and the Knut religion even banned it, so I would make use of that.

Well making others who know the doctrine a believer should be good enough. From now on, not only armed clashes, but religious clashes were likely to occur as well, so it was essential to remodel the religion in a way that would be easier to increase the number of believers. Since people were defined as believers with something as simple as that, the current Palpal religion should have quite the conversion power, but it still needed to be improved.

Several months have passed since I acquired the Miller duchy. The uprisings subsided and the subordinates who were formerly slaves were given their respective baronies there. Among the middle managers, I thought being a baron was the hardest. They were basically village heads or city heads, but they would have a hard time if they couldn’t control the locals.

Since the outsiders were placed at the top, the villagers and townspeople of the barony wouldn’t like those ex-slave barons. Since most of them lacked the charisma needed to get along with locals, most of them would end up suppressing them through force.

…But well, I had no choice but to choose the baron candidates among the immortal slaves who took an active part in wars. If it were them, they wouldn’t die even if they were poisoned or ambushed. Their endurance was so absurd to the point that if a knife was thrust at them, the knife would break instead of stabbing into their skin.1 Custom-made weapons crafted properly by a blacksmith could scratch them, but it was still quite difficult to cut them.

Also, all these slaves were followers of the Palpal religion without exception. I told them to do missionary work properly and that I would come check regularly, so they should do it properly. They also have a responsibility to gather conscripts during wartime, and they also have to make sure to collect taxes during peacetime, so they have a lot of things to do despite being freed from slavery.

These slaves had the goal of being released from slavery, but the fact they could only be freed to become barons with black schedules made me couldn’t help but pity them a little.2 But so far, there has been no rebellion from these slaves and they governed their territories properly, so there was no problem.

The former slaves who were competent like Wright and Gramilian had become counts, and with the increase of barons who were former slaves, things began to get organized… It would be troublesome if they rebelled, but since the demerits of such an action were greater than the benefits, I doubted that they had the courage to do so.

In the meantime, the army of the Estoani Kingdom’s second prince clashed with the army of the first prince. It took place in the duchy south of Estoani duchy — the Melville duchy. This place bordered the Anon Kingdom, so the population and crop yield were also large.

Since it was also the territory of the first prince, it seemed like the second prince was the one who launched the attack. Even though full recovery from the earthquake was still far away, the fact that the second prince could do such a thing should have come from the support of the Masia Kingdom, right? I still did not have a clear picture of the Masia Kingdom so I wanted to prevent them from expanding their territory, but even if I sent my army, I would just be stuck at Estoani duchy.

I still didn’t know which side would win, so I guess I should wait for the information from the spies. In the worst-case scenario, I guess I should tell them to assassinate the second prince if he was victorious. The King of Estoani was still alive, so I would be happy if both of his successors died. Since there was no security in other nations, I hope they made good use of the bombs and poisons I gave them.

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