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Chapter 38 – Training 

When I asked the new slave, Anne-chan, what part of her new job was hard, she said ‘Everything.’ I was wondering if she had a weird diet, so I tried to drink the green liquid prepared for her, but it was the usual, with its vomit-like taste. As a healing potion, it couldn’t be helped, but drinking this would raise the drinker’s acid resistance and poison resistance steadily, so it was more beneficial than a normal healing potion. It was also full of nutrition.

When I asked Linde-san to hit me with a whip, she took off enough skin that I could see the bone. Yep, I could still feel a little pain. When I applied a healing salve, it felt tingly but the wound gradually closed up… Oh, come to think of it, how much pain would it be for the person without pain resistance?

…Well, nobody had died from the shock yet, so it was okay. I guess the person’s psyche should be taken care of as well. For the time being, I made both Anne and her little sister Eva hold swords and had both of them fight each other. When I told them that the loser would have to continue their prison life for an additional three days, both of them cried as they confronted each other, so it must be quite painful. 

It was surprising to see that both of them gained a monster-like regeneration ability. As expected, it was more effective for younger children. Among the slaves I caught last time, Anne and Eva were the youngest of the bunch. Since they had the potential looks that might turn into a beauty in the future, they might have been able to sell for a high price, but since Anne had a talent in swordsmanship, I didn’t sell them.

In addition, the younger sister also became capable of using a sword to some extent. Because of her ability at such a young age, it meant that her growth and capacity should be quite high. I guess I harvested some good slaves. Both of their eyes were dead though.

“Come to think of it, what does the healing salve taste like?”

“Palmer-san, please don’t try to take the powerful drug that’s stronger than deadly poison.”

“No, it should be okay to try a little bit… hurk. I can feel my mouth melting. Ah, but it tastes like cider when it goes down the throat, so maybe it’s actually quite tasty?”

“10 grams of it is enough to instantly kill an ordinary person, you know?”

The healing salve seemed effective even when ingested, so I tried to drink it, and the flesh that was gouged from whipping closed. I tried to recommend it to Linde-san, but she refused with a smile, so I would make the loser of the sisters drink it instead. It was supposed to be poison, but since they had poison resistance, they shouldn’t be dead just by that.

The duel between the five-year-olds, which seemed to be a friendly quarrel from the side, was won by the elder sister. Where was the brave figure who tried to protect her sister? She sure became a shura-like character who voluntarily pushed her own sister to hell.

Since Eva was knocked unconscious from the hit to her head, I dropped a bit of the salve into her mouth, which caused her to wake up coughing violently, only to faint once again. Her body quivered, but she didn’t seem to die, so it was safe.

Suddenly, I realized I was cut from behind with a sword. Anne had pierced her sword through my side but had only managed a shallow cut. U~hm, sure, she was sturdier, but her lack of power showed she wasn’t usable on the battlefield yet.

That said, she was supposed to wear a slave collar, so she normally wouldn’t be able to attack her master. Rather, she would experience massive pain the moment she tried, so she shouldn’t be able to move satisfactorily. The fact she still managed to cut me showed how amazing her tenacity was.

Obviously, Anne’s sword was taken away and her left and right hands were slashed. She was a rebellious girl, so I think she would be pretty strong in the future. As Anne glared at me, I put my right hand on her head.

Then I used my left hand to cut her throat and spilled a large amount of blood. Be it toward slaves or people, fear was the easiest method to rule over them. After that, I revealed my good side little by little, which raised their evaluation of me by the end.

If their initial expectation was high, it risked disappointment upon seeing reality, and thus, satisfaction and evaluation dropped. However, if their initial expectation was at its lowest, other than the time they were trying to rebel, the expectation could only rise up, so both their satisfaction and evaluation would rise.

It was similar to how an honor student’s evaluation would drop to the ground just by trying to smoke one time, compared to a delinquent who smokes on a regular basis and a single good deed would raise their overall evaluation. For the time being, I talked to trembling Anne to settle the current situation.

“I won’t kill slaves, including you. Your current environment is hell because you were weak. Should you become strong, I will eventually free you from slavery. Until then, endure it with all you got.”

The important point was, while I did say I wouldn’t kill them, I didn’t say that I wouldn’t let them die in the process. If I really wanted to kill a slave, I would send them to the battlefield as vanguard. But there were many slaves who grew stronger, with several who were already released, so this speech was more effective the more veteran a slave was.

Even though the loyalty of new slaves was low, there was no problem with honesty. The important ones were the veteran slaves with monster-like fortitude. All was well as long as their morale and loyalty were high. The terrible abuse they received during their new slave period would eventually fade with time, and I did things with that as a premise, so I think there was no problem.

After that, well, Anne and Eva were quite promising, so I guess I would have them educated properly. They might grow enough to become captains that would lead a squad in the future.

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