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Chapter 47 – Learning

After dispatching an army to Poitiers duchy to defend against the Holy Lenart Empire, I received a notification of excommunication from the pope, a vassal contract dismissal from the emperor, and a declaration of war from Wagner. What the heck was up with these turns of events? It was dangerous, but I think I could manage somehow?

It seemed that Wagner declared war on me in response to a request for reinforcements from the Holy Lenart Empire. Perhaps there was someone from the Holy Lenart Empire among Wagner’s concubines?

And the moment Wagner declared war on me, the Borghardt Kingdom under Alfred’s reign declared war on Wagner. The justification being the claim over Upper Terrence duchy and Klaus duchy. He asked for Klaus duchy on the side while Upper Terrence seemed to be the main goal. This was the reason why it was annoying for siblings to have justification over each other’s territories.

In no time, the area around the Carling Empire was engulfed in war. I would be the one who bore the brunt of it for the time being, but I also got information that His Majesty Paulus’s health wasn’t very good at this time. Well, not only was he already at an age where he had tons of grandchildren, but he was also exhausted mentally due to troublesome vassals, so it couldn’t be helped.

I wanted to use the army I dispatched to Poitiers duchy to clash with Wagner, but I couldn’t help but worry whether Duchess Jeremias could hold off against the Holy Lenart Empire’s army alone. I should send a small number of soldiers to hold off Wagner’s army first while waiting for the main force to defeat the Lenart imperial army.

In the first place, it was questionable whether the Holy Lenart Empire could send their army here while the Borghardt Kingdom stood. For the time being, if I were to recruit conscripts in Deal duchy, I would get about 3,000 people. Despite how I acted, I was actually quite popular as a lord among my people. While other territories suffered from famine, our territory alone had banquets often, so of course I would be popular. I was glad my people had a generous temperament that didn’t care about where the food came from.

With this number of conscripts, in addition to anti-Wagner fortresses and citadels, they should be able to last a few weeks against Wagner’s army of 5,500 soldiers. The problem now would be how the emperor moved in this matter… but perhaps because the defeat at the hands of the Estoani Kingdom was really painful, or perhaps because the emperor was unable to physically move, he didn’t attack at this great opportunity. While these events took place, I received information that Agnes-kun managed to seize a county, making him now control 3 counties.

Immediately after that, he requested to become Duke Estoa, so it was certain that he would become a duke. Among the 500 elites I lent him, I took back 400 to be sent to the frontlines against Wagner. The army was led by Marshal Gramilian and I. Ah, and also Cornelia.

“I guess we made it in time. I’m glad I destroyed the infrastructure that connected our territory to the outside.”

“There are about 2,000 soldiers on the enemy side. To think that he still raised an army to attack our territory while the Borghardt Kingdom is attacking them…”

Gramilian already controlled 3 baronies, which meant that his territory was the second largest among the vassals under me. The first would be Count Joachim, who owned his own county. After that would be Wright and Hans who also controlled 3 baronies respectively, but scale-wise, Gramilian’s was greater. Among my vassals, excluding Count Joachim, I could safely say the difference in territories translated directly to the difference in their competence.

Basically, this Gramilian was a capable person. That was why, when Gramillian noticed that the enemy forces were fewer than expected, and mentioned that he had a bad feeling, recommending that we only bring a small amount of soldiers to the frontlines, I didn’t doubt him.

…Immediately after the conscripts on the frontlines clashed with enemy forces, a roar echoed across the battlefield. The conscripts were felled. I guess the bad feeling Gramilian had was because Wagner likely learned from us and made some cannons for their own use. Since we had already clashed with Wagner’s army once, I expected the idea of cannons to be stolen, so I wasn’t that surprised. Rather, I was surprised that this was the only reason we didn’t send more soldiers to the frontlines. If it were the slave soldiers who could endure direct hits from the cannons, they could make use of the momentum and charge as it was.

He would be a capable tactician for a normal army, but it seemed he wasn’t that competent in using slaves despite being a former slave himself. The enemy cannons seemed to break down after shooting a few rounds, so we could overwhelm them with numbers. The improved crossbows were simple enough for conscripts to use, and since we mass-produced arrows, even a conscript had at least a minimal amount of combat power. We had tons of crossbows and arrows in our fortress, so it wouldn’t fall that easily.

I couldn’t help but wonder why they were attacking us despite being attacked by the Borghardt Kingdom at the same time. It would be troublesome if the Borghardt Kingdom expanded any further though. And sure enough, Wagner’s army retreated after shooting their rounds. In the end, I had no idea whether they came to show off their cannons or to shave the amount of soldiers we had.

It would be a problem if they lost against the Borghardt Kingdom, so I hesitated in chasing after them. Wait, the Borghardt Kingdom actually broke the ceasefire period and declared war on Wagner. Well, his territory was already surrounded by enemies anyway, so I guess there was no need for Alfred to care. And that also applied to me.

With my vassal contract terminated by the emperor, I had become a completely independent lord. Well, I hadn’t even paid my taxes last year, so it couldn’t be helped. I immediately sent a vassal contract to Duchess Jeremias and Duke Agnes, and once they accepted, their duchies became part of my territory. With this, I controlled 3 duchies and became a king.

At times like this, the nation’s name would be from the name of the duchy that was originally owned by the king, so my kingdom’s name was Deal Kingdom. I also changed my name to Palmer Klaus Deal. I think the notation would be Palmer K. Deal from now on. I would seize the Klaus duchy someday, so this was fine for now.

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