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Chapter 48 – Kingdom

Even though I rose to king from being duke, it didn’t solve any root problem. The Poitiers duchy became part of Deal Kingdom but was attacked by 8,400 troops of the Lenart Imperial Army, and Duchess Jeremias took the helm on resisting them.

In addition, since Agnes-kun switched sides from the Estoani Kingdom to the Deal Kingdom, the Estoani Kingdom realized what was going on and their king used their justification over the Estoa duchy to declare war. Wagner already retreated, so I thought I could handle it somehow. I still couldn’t afford to have Agnes-kun replaced, so I ordered Duke Agnes to protect the territory to death.

First, the conscripts and the slave soldiers who fought the Wagner army were brought as they were and were integrated into the standing army alongside the slave soldiers entrusted to Hans in advance. He led a total of 6,000 soldiers and joined forces with Duchess Jeremias. Since Duchess Jeremias had an army of 5,500, this made our army superior in quantity. Therefore, I instructed the slave soldiers to cut into their path of retreat.

Also, I had to do everything to secure the enemy’s third prince, the supreme commander of the enemy army. He was of valuable experimental elf material, and as a member of the royal family, belonged to one of the so-called “sacred lineages.” As long as we beat him, I think we could make him squeal.

Since the enemy army was exhausted from their travels through the Alan duchy, there was no way we could lose. Rather, I think we could easily win through the skill difference. I didn’t feel like losing on our home ground, anyway.

The problem would be the Estoani Royal Army, but when I instructed Count Joachim to send reinforcements to Duke Agnes, there was no incident, so the two of them could stick together until we could rout the Lenart Imperial Army. Originally, a vassal contract meant that, as long as they fulfilled their obligation, they could ignore their lord’s request to participate in war, but the first thing I did when I became a king was to strengthen the king’s influence. There were tons of slaves all over my territory who carried out punishment, so everyone there was already my pawn. All of them should work, fight, and die for my sake.

I made laws like the National Mobilization Law and Full Authority Delegation Law so their thought processes also followed mine. For the time being, after crushing the Lenart Imperial Army and the Estoani army, I should stabilize the government for a while.

Duchess Jeremias’ mercenaries were fighting hard to earn their achievements— they were really strong in this world. So strong that I wanted to hire them all. I guess I should scout them after the war. I wasn’t sure if I could bait them with food, but either way, I planned to increase the number of the standing army.

Three days passed since both armies first clashed. The battle had already been decided the moment my slave soldiers attacked from their only path of retreat. Our side had a ssuperior quality to begin with. Of course, we won. But the slave soldiers were struggling. Slave soldiers whom I thought would never die actually died, and considering that some conscript units were completely annihilated, I wondered if some elves there were actually absurd beings that could match a thousand men.

Lightning struck, tornadoes attacked, and storms destroyed our formations in the midst of the battle. Elven magicians were absurd. But in the end, it seemed the enemy elite forces were finished off by slaves riding simple bicycles loaded with bombs. It was a surefire method.

…Considering the cost performance comparison, performing a suicide attack using an airplane wasn’t worth it, but it was on the bicycle. The premise there was the slave’s survival. In addition, the suicide attack would be weak if the enemies weren’t densely packed together, so it was done under the assumption that they were. It wasn’t an applicable tactic in modern times.

I also imitated an enemy supply unit. I brought a cargo full of gunpowder within the vicinity of the enemy camp and blew it up. Perhaps it was effective because there was no organized resistance from enemy soldiers since, and led to the capture of their third prince. It was ironic how we successfully imitated an enemy supply unit because we attacked Lenart Empire’s supply unit many times. It was the pattern where good intention backfired spectacularly.

Such was how I caught the third prince, but it seemed like the goddess also disappeared from the Lenart Empire. They didn’t come here because the goddess goaded them to, but because my name came up in the oracle when they were searching for who was responsible for attacking the supply unit.

“Did the goddess tell you to say it this way? Yes or no.”


“Did this war occur under the will of the goddess? Yes or no.”


No matter how I worded the question, he didn’t seem to be lying, so the goddess must have truly disappeared. Having an artifact that glowed when it detected a lie sure was convenient. Perhaps it was a must-have item for a dictator. Personally, I think the lie detector had fallen into the hands of the dictator who should never have it — me.

If just anyone could buy it with 10 tonnes of wheat, they would. It was a simple artifact, so under normal circumstances, it needed to be hidden. Otherwise, anything I said jokingly would be revealed as the truth.

“…Did the goddess disappear by her own will?”

The artifact didn’t react to my muttering. No matter, if an uncertainty is clarified with this artifact, it would be a national treasure. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t react if the user didn’t know if it wasn’t true or not.

I was curious what its mechanisms were made of… the fact an artifact like this existed meant a civilization that used it perished once or twice before. I should investigate.

QC Note: A bit of an adjustment to the names. Duchess Poitiers was renamed that from Countess Jeremias because the naming system is “Title” + “Name of Land Owned”, but the raws have her as Duchess Jeremias for some reason, so we’ll try to stay true the raws.

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