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Chapter 49 – Development

After capturing the third prince of the Lenart Empire and returning to Deal county, I was greeted by the scene of a fraudster being tied up and hanged. Under the new policy system, citizens were part of the nation’s labor force, but many problems naturally occurred. Data camouflage, omission, embezzlement, obstruction… Every crime under the sun had been done, so the National Preservation Unit was created as a countermeasure.

Their job was to watch for illegality. If they caught someone, it was their duty to immediately capture and turn them into slaves. Thanks to them, my slaves kept increasing. Since slaves had no human rights, it was fine to withhold food if they didn’t work. If possible, I would like to turn all the citizens into slaves.

I also used the lie-detector artifact to manage this unit. Every day, they had to say “I didn’t commit anything illegal today as well,” in front of it, so it was hard for them to do anything.

Sure enough, the artifact glowed when the fools currently tied up said the phrase. Even though I paid them handsomely for their intelligence, it was sad to see the organization rot in just a few months. Moreover, they didn’t commit minor offenses like overlooking trivial mistakes out of kindness or taking longer breaks than others, but intentionally tried to corrupt the organization. If they didn’t repent, I would kill them.

To note, the person who used the artifact was prohibited from committing anything illegal. Did they think I wouldn’t check the people who wielded the artifact? To be frank, I couldn’t help but worry about rehiring those already committing crimes, but tragically, we were low on human resources.

For the time being, I held the artifact and asked them one by one.

“Could you swear that you will serve the nation without committing anything illegal from now on?”

“Yes. I swear I will never commit anything illegal!”

If the artifact shone, they would be shot down without mercy. I shot the head of a person who had no room for rehabilitation with a freshly made pistol, and the blood splurted out like a faucet, it must be quite a shocking sight. Unfortunately, the force still wasn’t enough to penetrate through their skull, so it was still difficult to use in actual combat.

That said, everyone repented from the bottom of their heart upon witnessing how I shot someone after the artifact glowed. Ah, there were no second chances under my rule so if something like this happened again, it was instant death. As the lord, I would deliver the execution. Let’s hope the fraud rate will decrease in the future.

Thanks to the National Preservation Unit, the castle wall expansion progressed considerably, and the royal capital had become a construct that couldn’t be felled even against an army of tens of thousands. Since more and more people gathered, in the worst-case scenario, the conscripts could defend the capital on their own. It would first mean that diplomacy failed and I was politically defeated, but there weren’t any citizens that cared about that. So far, I think this nation is doing pretty well. 

Due to the new policies, the vassals were worried that their income this year would be halved, but thanks to the land survey, we found that only 60% to 70% of taxes had been collected. So the annual tax would be raised 1.5 times from this year onward. However, since it would be halved, it would only be 0.75 times for some.

…It was funny how they thought a 1.5-times tax increase was a good deal. Thanks to the increased labor force, the productivity of the nation increased, but even though I purchased slaves using surplus funds, it had reached the limit due to the small supply of slaves. The rest of the surplus money was used to invest in research. I would have the guns improved and produced in large quantities as armory stock for future wars.

I would like to make something like an atomic bomb. Since there was energy that wasn’t available on Earth, like magic and mana, is it possible to create something like nuclear fission? If possible, I’d like some method that would allow me to destroy a city or two. I would use them to take cities hostage.

If I were to explain in layman’s terms… The way nuclear fission bombs work is when neutrons hit the nucleus of an atom such as uranium or plutonium. Some fissile material and some neutrons would be ejected. At that moment, energy would be generated, and upon collision of those neutrons with other atomic nuclei, nuclear fission would occur in a chain reaction and generate explosive energy. I wonder if something like this could be imitated using mana or something.

The Uranium bomb on Hiroshima and the plutonium bomb on Nagasaki were famous stories of America’s experimental explosives. For the time being, I had no choice but to repeat mana experiments likely to cause a chain reaction.

Although it was small, there were benefits to becoming an independent nation. After repelling the Estoani royal army, I would be focused on domestic affairs and land expansion through looting.

…The problem lied with the Estoani Kingdom army crushing Duke Agnes and Count Joachim’s forces in the Estoa duchy. Even though the Estoani Kingdom had been defeated by the Borghardt Kingdom and won against the Carling Imperial Army, it was amazing how they handled the successive battles well.

Since the Estoani Kingdom army attacked with numbers that exceeded 10,000, there was no doubt that they hired mercenaries. It was unlikely to hope for reinforcement from Duchess Jeremias, so I was on my own. The number of hypothetical enemies could easily increase, and since mercenaries were both reliable and troublesome… for the time being, I guess I should recruit mercenary groups as well.

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