After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Chapter 12 – After the Trouble

Regarding the affairs of the countryside adventurer school, it was decided that it would continue to operate as usual for the time being. 

There was no damage to the school building, and only the nearby mountain was destroyed. All the students and staff were uninjured, so it was natural to come to such a conclusion.

The area where Sharon burned down the trees and I transformed the roots had been completely wiped flat and clear, and the soil was clean and full of nutrients, so the vice principal said we should turn the area into a vegetable garden. 

It was conveniently located on the way back to the staff and student dormitories, so it would be easy to take care of.

Originally, the vice principal was the one who had been growing a vegetable garden behind the school building ever since she was my homeroom teacher. 

It was nostalgic to remember how the big vegetables were harvested for meals.

After all, this location was basically self-sufficient. If we didn’t add more variety on our own,  we would have no choice but to cook the food that arrived in bulk, otherwise, the ingredients would rot.

Perhaps, because of that conversation, I suddenly became curious and left the dormitory earlier than usual. 

I was wondering whether the vegetable garden behind the school building was still running safely.

“Teach’ is surprisingly suitable for farming~” 

As it turned out, the vegetable garden was beautifully maintained and even seemed to have been expanded. 

Since I came early in the morning, I was watering the area like how I used to help out in the past, and before I knew it, Erin was resting in the shadow of the school building and looking at me.

“It’s a garden that the vice principal carefully tended for a long time after all. I’ve helped out a few times in the past.” 

“I see. Then perhaps the food we’re eating……”

“I think they sometimes used things harvested here, you know.”

Basically, the vice principal and I decided on the menu for the week, and the person in charge of cooking that day did their best to make it …… but well, it was only five people’s worth of food, so it wasn’t too difficult of a task, compared to the school lunches in my previous life.

Of course, that didn’t change the fact that it was difficult, though.

“Sharon would eat all the vegetables without leaving anything, but she would sometimes share her rice with you guys.”

“You should never say that in front of her, okay? She is concerned that her constitution may gain weight easily.”

Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t mention that? 

I got a piece of information that I didn’t need, and I let out a sigh.

“Hey hey, which one is delicious?” 

As I wiped my sweat under the sun and sprinkled water on another row of plants, Erin, who was staying in the shade, asked me a question. 

She probably didn’t want to feel hot when it wasn’t even a training session.

“Let’s see……This one tastes like okra and it’s quite tasty.”


“It goes well with liquor. It’s exquisite when seasoned lightly.”

“Don’t you think you shouldn’t say that to someone like me?”

Erin made a pouting expression. 

Well, I guess that was true. I could be a scum hero, but right now I had to be a morally upright teacher. 

“The fruits around here are imported from the west, and they taste sweet and juicy, so I recommend it.”  

I quickly plucked a red fruit from an overhanging branch. 

“Eh? ……Eh?! Wai, wait, don’t you think that’s bad, teach’? T-the vice principal will scold you.”

“It’s okay. She said she didn’t mind us taking the ripe fruit.”

She had that stance since back then. 

She said she didn’t mind if she didn’t get the harvest, since she enjoyed the process of nurturing them. It would go to waste otherwise if the fruits were just left on the trees. 

“I-I see……”

I walked to the shade and handed the fruit to Erin.

“Do you want to try it? Just eat it like this. Be careful since the juice will drip.” 

“Ah, okay.”

After bending over a little to avoid getting her clothes dirty, Erin hesitantly put her mouth on the fruit. 

The sound of teeth tearing through the thin skin of fruit and digging into its fresh pulp echoed.


The fruit juice that splashed out stained Erin’s cheeks. 

However, her eyes widened at the vivid and refreshing flavor.

“I-it’s delicious……!”

“It’s good, right?”

As expected of the vice principal, it seemed she did a great job this year as well. 

Even as I laughed, I stretched out the towel around my neck and touched Erin’s cheek.


“Ah, don’t move please.”

I gently stroked her cheeks that were covered with red juice and wiped them with a towel. 

As expected, I couldn’t let her go to the class with the juice sticking there.

If she wiped it with her clothes, it would get stained after all.

“Okay, it’s all good now.” 

For the time being, I wiped all the juice sticking on her cheeks. 

Hm, huh? Why was her face still red even though I wiped off the juice?

“……Teach’, you’re a bit close.”

As I realized that and looked up, I saw Erin’s face right in front of my eyes. 

“Uowahh?! S-sorry.” 

“What’s with that apology?! Isn’t that rude!”

Erin gave me an ambiguous gaze. 

“W-well, I don’t really mind… or rather, even though you used to be an adventurer, why aren’t you used to women?” 

She asked me a really tough question. 

It was so sharp that I couldn’t stop bleeding from the words stabbing into my chest.

I think it was an emotional weapon that went against human morals.

“Ku-kufufufufuh……I just can’t waste my precious time on stupid women. Well, while ordinary people waste their time, I────”

“Ah, you can quit that act.”

“Ah, yes.”

Ever since Kuyumi revealed that my act was a routine to calm myself, both Erin and Sharon began to ignore my scum hero mode. 

“I know that teach’ needs that so you have no choice but to do it… but I think you should stop that…” 

“I’m aware of that. I really am.”

“In the first place, I don’t really understand how it has a calming effect.”


It just made me calm because back then, it was faster and easier to act than it was to desperately think up reasons for my choices.

It was an idiotic Pavlov’s dog conditioning.

“So you didn’t have the time, huh… but you have the time now, right?” 

“Hm? Aah, that’s right.”

“I see, that’s good then.”

I had enough time to wake up early in the morning and look at the vegetable garden after all. 

Because of my previous life, I had the impression that teachers were extremely busy, but when it came to adventurer school, it seemed things were different.

Moreover, the students I was in charge of were a trio of geniuses who probably had no equal among their peers. 

I think both Erin and Kuyumi had already learned most of the curriculum.

Although Sharon was slightly behind in terms of knowledge, it was hardly a problem since she had excellent understanding and memory.

If not for their daily behavior that disrespected me and their demeaning behavior, I could clearly see that these girls were extremely talented students. 

Honestly, it was to the point it felt weird they chose to enroll in such a remote school.

“Then, you should try to get used to it from now on… that should be okay, right?” 


Get used to women?

In that case, it could only be with the vice principal.

As expected, if I asked the students to “please teach me how to interact with women”, I could no longer hold my head up around them. 

Or rather, might as well go with the momentum and start dating. That person really hadn’t changed in appearance, and her actual age wasn’t that much older than I was either.

……No, I guess it was impossible for me to date a woman.

“You’re right. Well, I guess I should try to get used to it.” 

“That’s right. I think that would be good.”

When I gave a satisfactory reply, Erin stood up with a smile on her face and seemed to be in a good mood. 

“Well then, I’m going ahead to the class. Make sure to take a shower first~!” 

“Okay okay, I know.”

After calling after her to remind her not to run in the hallway, I took one last glance at the vegetable garden. 

Seeing I was left alone in the garden, which had become much bigger compared to when I was a student, I felt a little lonely.

During the morning class, the three students sat together and concentrated on my lecture. 

No… I felt pressure from Sharon and Kuyumi somehow, but I couldn’t do anything since I didn’t know why.

“Therefore, a certain method of efficiency has been established for magic formulas constructed using magic power. As long as that premise is shared, the point of modern interpersonal magic usage is about how quickly one can shoot faster than your opponent, so it is recommended to omit the chants. Any questions so far?” 

“Why does Erin-chan smell like dirt while sensei took a shower?”

“……Please ask questions related to the lecture. Then, next, Sharon.”

“Could you please explain if there is a causal relationship between the fact that your hair is slightly wet and the fact Erin smells like she did farm work?”

“Hey, did you listen to what I just said? Please ask about things related to the lecture.”

It seemed they caught on. 

Erin seemed apologetic and cowered between the two. I had no choice but to give in.

“Haah… the vice principal has a vegetable garden behind the school building, you see. I met Erin when I was checking out the garden this morning.” 

“In addition to the smell of soil, Erin also carries a faint smell of man’s sweat, which is likely to be sensei’s though?”

Sharon pursued mercilessly. 

How did she know that? Did she have the scent ability of a dog?

“It’s because … well, I was sweaty, so it just got stuck there, something like that?”


Kuyumi rested her chin on her hands while swinging her legs and grinned.

“So it has nothing to do with the first thing that Erin-chan bragged in the morning about how you wiped her face with a towel, huh♡”

Wasn’t that all Erin’s self-destructing now? Why did I even sacrifice myself if she already revealed the truth to them, and was proud of it?

Erin looked really sorry and made an apologetic gesture with one hand.

No, I won’t forgive you even if you do that. It was really your fault.

“Sensei, I think that’s not a good thing. If you did farm work in the morning, you should have told us.” 

Why did I have to tell you? was what I was about to respond with, but Sharon’s eyes were too focused on me for me to argue.

It was really scary. Her gaze was so intense.

“Sensei has sure been bold since early in the morning♡ I guess you’re really used to women, aren’t you♡”

On the other hand, Kuyumi seemed to figure out what we talked about in the morning. Perhaps she actually knew?

How? Was she listening? Where? It felt scary, though.

“Okay, okay, I understand. Let’s continue with the lecture, okay? This topic is concluded!” 

I tried to shake off the voices and gazes that were pursuing me and resumed the class. 

I finished the lecture non-stop as it was, and there was some progress made on the curriculum.

I quickly left the classroom as soon as I was done. 

Without taking any detours, I walked down the hallway and ran straight back to the staff room.

“Oh my, thank you for your hard work, Haruto-sensei.” 

When I entered the staff room, the vice principal greeted me with a gentle smile. 

“I ended up in a terrible situation, seriously……”

I hung my jacket over my seat, sat down, and slumped my shoulders.

The vice principal approached with a beautiful smile on her face.

“I think you will continue to have terrible situations on a regular basis from now on.” 

“Why do you say that?”

I couldn’t help but let out the same pathetic voice I had when I was a student. 

She pushed up her glasses with her finger and held something out toward me.

“This is the most recent terrible situation.” 


The letter that was handed to me was written with extremely inappropriate words.

I have already received a number of replies from the places I sent letters to regarding Mariemaia. Every one of them readily agreed to my request.

When it came to letters that had nothing to do with that, I couldn’t guess the contents. 

When I turned the plain envelope over, there was a wax seal with a family crest on it.


I had seen this family crest before.

But no, I didn’t see it after I reincarnated into this world.

I had seen it during the gameplay I experienced before I reincarnated. 

If I recall correctly, it should belong to that family!

“It’s a letter from the SwordX family.” 

When I heard the vice principal’s words, I almost screamed. 

It was definitely a troublesome matter! Should I just throw it away without opening it…?

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