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Chapter 125 – Removal Work Successfully Completed

Recently, Yuuta had been taking lessons from the hero. He told me that, when the hero was busy, he’d joined forces with the higher-level party [ Platinum Lion ] and got their butts kicked, but they apparently hit it off well. [ Platinum Lion ] was a top party that even I knew of, and I’d heard they were really nice people. It was amazing that Sage-san introduced them to the hero. Dungeon searcher endorsed.

As for me, I had come to help remove the nest because the cute little bluetail chick had finally left the nest.

Looking around, almost everyone who was there at the time of the discovery had shown up. Or had it doubled? There seemed to be twice as many people bustling about, eager to get to work.

“I guess I won’t have much to do…”

I murmured unintentionally, and the person standing next to me, who had moved together with me during the discovery, laughed.

“That’s a good thing, isn’t it? We’ve gathered so many volunteers. If it were just one or two of us, who knows how long it would take to deal with such a massive nest.”

“Well, that’s true.”

It was clear that I would be jostled and pushed around if I tried to enter the crowd of people, so I resigned myself to standing a little off to the side.

At the spot where the ivy had grown, guild staff members were already standing to prevent people from coming down. It seemed that even the material collection site had been secured by guild staff members, preventing unauthorized access.

Therefore, even if we released water without reservation, it seemed that no one would be harmed. That dungeon was already abandoned by everyone, and the inside had been thoroughly explored by the guild staff members. I couldn’t help but admire the incredible dedication of the guild staff.

“Thank you all for gathering here today. I will now explain the work procedures and safety precautions, so please listen carefully, and let’s work safely!”

The guild official’s voice echoed, and several precautions and arrangements were quickly explained.

I was assigned the task of chopping up the nesting materials into small pieces.

I was told that the nesting material must not be thrown into the river. It was considered an important resource. It was out of the question to blast it into the river with explosives.

Besides, there was a village downstream, and if the wood was blasted there, it could cause serious damage. A sudden surge of water could cause flooding in that area as well.

Upon hearing that, a considerable number of people thought about visiting the village. However, the guild staff members promptly advised them, “It would be best not to overwhelm the villagers by arriving in large numbers. Please choose an appropriate time to visit. Additionally, bringing a gift would be appreciated. Since there are no inns, make sure to prepare for camping. It’s a small village, so please be considerate and avoid causing inconvenience to the villagers.” With that, they emphasized the importance of being considerate, and everyone nodded in understanding. 

I wanted to visit too, but I’d wait for the right time and go quietly. I wondered what would be a good gift. And I wondered if there would be any good materials along the way. Right, let’s gather information before visiting. 

While pondering these thoughts, I started chopping the first piece of wood that was brought over with the saw provided. It was surprisingly tough work.

There was a large net stretched across the waterfall, and the team responsible for removing the nest worked together to carefully remove one big log at a time, passing them along in a relay, to prevent them from flowing away. It seemed quite challenging to move all the way to the middle of the river along those ropes. Compared to that, our task here was much easier. It’s understandable why they needed manpower for that.

Incidentally, the bluetail feathers that were in the nest would apparently be collected in one place and later passed out to everyone. There were a lot of them. Fluffy blue down that had just been molted. Adorable. Even just the feathers were cute.

One by one, the logs that were brought in were chopped into small pieces and passed to a person securing them to a cart. Thanks to the perfect assembly line process, the work was completed in about three hours from the start. Hah, I was so tired.

And afterward, the waterfall flowed magnificently, restoring the river’s water level to its previous height.

When we strapped down the last tree, everyone was applauding. I was too.

It seemed the carts would be teleported by Emily-san and Crash back to the city. Then, one by one, the guild staff handed out the bluetail feathers and three days’ worth of cafeteria tickets.

I was also handed a feather and tickets, and I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow,” at the softness of the feather.

The bluetail feather Vidello-san gave me was an amulet made from an adult bluetail feather, so it wasn’t fluffy, but sleek and smooth to the touch.

While playing with the feather, I checked my status window and found that my LUCK stat had increased by +3.

On the way back, guided by guild staff, we descended one by one down the cliff-like rocks where rope ladders were hung.

It seemed the rope ladders would remain there, and from now on, we could access this area too. The map had expanded.

From the bridge, we split into two groups, one going to Tre and the other going to Due, and walked in groups for about an hour.

I walked back to Tre while chatting with the players around me.

At the north gate, the gatekeepers congratulated us with a “Well done,” which was also nice.

Since we received our rewards, the quest was cleared, and a new path to the east was marked from the bridge, but no one went straight there, just as the guild official had advised. I wondered if they were going to buy some souvenirs in town before heading there.

I made my way through the crowd of people heading for the Adventurer’s Guild to my workshop.

Then I sat down and took another peek at my quest column.

“『 Bluetail Nest Removal Work

A rare species of bluetail has built a nest in a waterfall in the upper Mezzo Valley.

After the chicks hatch and leave the nest, remove the nest to restore the water level in the valley.

Clear reward: LUCK value plus correction, Bluetail Feather, 3 days worth of free tickets to the Adventurer’s Guild cafeteria (1 drink per meal x 3 days, including 9 drinks worth of drinks, equivalent for minors)

Quest failure: Not involved in removal work, no LUCK value correction. 

【Quest completed!】

Bluetail nest was successfully removed.

Clear reward: LUCK +3, bluetail feather (downy), 3 days worth of free tickets to the Adventurer’s Guild cafeteria 』”

Incidentally, it seemed that the wood from the nest was being wholesaled to a place that dealt with lumber in partnership with the guild. Apparently, adjustments had been made to that wood, allowing it to be sold for quite a high price. Well, the source of this information was Crash. He mentioned that some of it would also come to his store. But instead of selling it, he was going to use it to build a stable in the backyard for the white horse. Crash was giving off serious prince vibes with his looks and that white horse.

By the way, the horse’s name was “Blanc,” which means white.

Even so, I pondered over the cafeteria tickets.

I hadn’t really been to the Adventurer’s Guild much, so I hadn’t used their cafeteria much either. I usually bought food from people selling on the roadside or made my own. The food from the roadside stalls was surprisingly cheap and delicious, so I sometimes bought a bunch and stored it in my inventory. It was really convenient when I had to go on a trip, and I could also have one as a treat.

But the roadside stalls were closed after 9 PM. On that note, I’d heard that the Adventurer’s Guild cafeteria was open 24 hours, which was very useful for people taking quests at the guild.

I should give it a try.

I put the bluetail down away in the storeroom, organized my belongings, and left the workshop. At times like these, having my own storeroom was really convenient. For producers whose livelihoods depended on gathering materials, a storeroom was a must. 

Thanks to my short detour, the road was quite empty. I leisurely walked to the guild, opened the door of the building, and entered.

“I should have waited a bit longer before coming…”

The cafeteria was so crowded with people that I couldn’t help but mutter to myself. There didn’t seem to be any tables available at first glance, despite its considerable size.

The staff also seemed busy, rushing around.

Yeah, I’ll come back later. I’m not that hungry anyway.

As I turned to leave, I heard someone call out, “Mac-san,” from the back.

I turned back to find the source of the voice, and I spotted the trio of middle schoolers seated at a table in the back. They were looking my way and waving at me. Perhaps they participated in today’s removal efforts. There were so many people there that I couldn’t be sure.

“Hey, there’s a chair open here, so feel free to sit.”

“Oh, you sure?”

Since Hayabusa invited me to sit down, I weaved my way between the tables and approached.

The seat beside Takuto DX was open, so I thanked him and sat down.

“Did you participate today?”

“Yeah. I was lifting the wood using the ropes. I’m exhausted.”

“I was loading the wood onto the carts for transportation.”

“I was on lookout duty for monsters.”

They were each placed in different locations, apparently.

I was the furthest away from the forest, so I was placed far away from them.

Maybe that’s why the three of them didn’t even notice I was there.

I ordered the same thing as Hayabusa and handed one ticket to the server who came right away.

As I nodded to the clerk, who smiled and said, “I’ll bring it right away,” Takuto DX was staring at the feather pendant on my chest.

“The feather I received today, I want to make it into an accessory, but is that possible?”

In response to the unexpected question, I tilted my head slightly.

“Of course, if you have that kind of profession, you should be able to make it without any problem, right? Even if not, if you’re skilled with your hands, you could try making it yourself, and if it goes well, you might even learn a skill. Or if you know someone who can make it, you could ask them to make it for you.”

“Is that so? Maybe I’ll try making it myself. Thank you.”

“Do you enjoy making things like that?”

“I don’t mind intricate work, actually.”

I see. Maybe I’ll ask someone to make mine into an accessory as well. Then I could give it to Vidello-san as a gift.

I wondered if Regalo-san would agree. It might be worth asking.

I wondered if Vidello-san would be pleased.

While thinking about such things, the food was placed in front of me.

As I listened to the middle schoolers getting excited about their exam results, I reminisced about those times and looked off into the distance while eating. Before I knew it, quite some time had passed.

After finishing my food and resting a little, I stood up from my seat and bid farewell to the middle schoolers.

Glancing at the bulletin board where the quests were posted, I didn’t see any interesting or useful quests, so I left the guild.

Now, let’s put some effort into potion-making.

With determination, I once again headed for my workshop.

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