Violant of the Silver

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Editor: Evelet

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Chapter 109: The Long-Distance Ride (VI)

In the end, the rain continued until the following morning.

Vio drowsily opened his eyes to the light streaming into the cave. The sound of breathing coming from nearby reminded him of his current position. All at once, he was jolted fully awake.

Waaah, I gave in to Legi’s pushiness and fell asleep in this position!

Except when they went out for errands or for food, things sometimes ended up with Vio just giving in when Legion made demands.

It was so warm, I couldn’t help it…

Vio made an excuse in his mind, even though there was no one to give it to.

Even though it was summer, the cave at the foot of the mountain had been cool. If he had known it would have been this cool, he would have chosen a different cloak.

But Legion is so amazing… He can sleep sitting like this with no problem.

Vio sat quietly, impressed with the way Legion had given absolutely no signs of waking up at all.

He had been holding Vio on his lap for a long time now. Vio thought that by now his legs should be numb considering how heavy Vio was.

Vio tried to move away from Legion gently so as not to wake him. But as soon as Vio even pulled away slightly, the arms around him tightened into a hug, pressing him against Legion’s chest.

“Since it’s cold, just a little more…”

“A little more?”

Vio’s question woke him up. Legion’s eyes open gently. Hazel-colored eyes shimmered like topaz, sparkling in the morning sun.

Legion blinked slowly and looked at Vio.

Vio saw Legion’s smile up close and felt his heart skip a beat.

“Good morning…”

Out of the blue, Legion gave a light kiss to Vio’s forehead.


Vio was so surprised that he silently screamed in his head, but Legion fell to the floor with Vio in his arms.

“Let’s sleep just a little more…”

“Eh, hey!?”

As he was still being hugged, Vio was forced to roll onto the planks of wood. The magical light he had made had disappeared while they were sleeping, but it had been replaced by an eerie glow as the sunlight bounced off the insects in the cave.

“Hey, Legi! Get off me! There are bugs in here!”

“Yes, yes… just a little longer.”

“Are you listening at all?!”

Vio wondered if Legion actually had still been asleep this entire time.

Vio gave up the ghost and he stopped resisting.1

Does he actually have trouble waking up…?

Vio was surprised because he never saw Legion look tired in the morning.

Vio gave up and turned away so he couldn’t see the wall. Then he remembered what had just happened and his face heated.

This guy seems so serious, but he’s so sweet to his lover…

How sweet of him that he would kiss his lover when she wakes up, Vio thought to himself.

Maybe his parents did that too, but unfortunately, in a nobleman’s house, parents and children lived in separate spaces. Vio wouldn’t know such a thing.

The babies were often raised by nannies, and even when they were next to their mothers, they were tended to by their wet nurses.

I’ve never seen this before, but since my father and mother are close, I’m sure they kiss when I’m not around…

While Vio was thinking about this, about five minutes had passed since Legion had gone silent. At that moment, Legion woke with a start. It seemed that he had awakened.

“Oh, I’m sorry! That was a mistake …No, it was nothing!”


Vio got up and looked at Legion with cold eyes as he hurriedly apologized. He felt a little uneasy.

Did he mistake me for one of his previous lovers? Vio thought to himself. Then he called out to Legion, “The rain has stopped, let’s go home.”2

Then he tapped Legion’s thigh lightly and stood up.

Legion, whose legs seemed to have gone numb, was cowering.

“Wait, please just wait for a second…”

Seeing Legion’s pale face, Vio felt bad for being so mean.

“I’ll be waiting for you… but Legi, I’m pretty sure your girlfriend will break up with you for this.”


“Well, I think you might have been a little overzealous taking care of me like that.”

Suddenly Vio felt like causing some mischief.

Vio lightly pressed his lips to Legion’s forehead, the man still paralyzed in place and unable to move.


“Yeah, payback.”


Legion turned as stiff as a board and his voice squeaked. Vio chuckled to himself, thinking that his little prank was worth the payoff.

“Yeah. You should make sure who you’re with first, or you’ll just end up getting dumped again.”

“Eh? Make sure? Wai— please wait a second. Please explain what you meant by that detail… Ow, ow, ow!”

Vio walked towards the horse as Legion slumped over in pain.

“William, wait a little longer until your master gets back on his feet. We’ll get you a drink of water from the creek first, okay?”


William stomped his hooves against the ground impatiently.

Translator’s Note: Oh no. Have we entered the “misunderstanding” arc? I can’t deal with a “misunderstanding” arc unless the enemies-turned-lovers trope is involved. I’ll need Eve’s cats to get me through this one.

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