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First Year

Fall Winds; Encounters; Beginnings.

Meeting Them at the Entrance Ceremony

In the beginning, humans were mere naked beasts.

In due time, the beasts began to envelop themselves in cloth to protect their bodies. It was the creation of clothes. And the moment the beasts became humans.

This was the first magic.

It was the original and most powerful magic.

Listening to the speech, Chloe Noiret battled her drowsiness.

It was tedious and boring. All who wished to become witches had heard of the story countless times.

And it was but obvious that they knew what followed ahead.

“And then, time flew. Before one knew it, clothes became the enchanted Magic Dress; granting witches the power to wield magic. For example, in ancient Greece, people draped large pieces of cloth and fastened them to…”

Rising above the Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantis Archipelago was the only fragment of the ancient Atlantis Magic Empire to have escaped the fate of being sunk. If one lived here; right from childhood, no, right from the moment you gained awareness; it was something you heard many times.

Who thought the first thing she’d here on entering the academy at long last would be this done and dusted tale…

Chloe curled her shapely lips and stifled a yawn.

She hadn’t slept well the previous night and was overcome by drowsiness. Her eyelids clung to each other, closing her eyes shut. Her head moved unsteadily, resulting in her braided light green hair swaying.

The gathering hall was thankfully dim, and the students’ seats too were surprisingly comfortable. She could fall asleep just like that, but that was bad no matter what.

Today was a special day. After all, it was the Entrance Ceremony.

Alstroemeria Academy.

The world’s best academy, established to nurture the foremost witches and tailors.

For Chloe, who was raised on the main island of Atlantis, it was no doubt an academy she yearned to be I’m. But it was all the more a place for countless other young men and women from around the world aiming to be witches and tailors to realize their great dreams…or so they said.

Currently, many new students in the hall seemed to hail from foreign lands.

All were dressed neatly in their brand-new uniforms and looked at the stage with earnest eyes.

…That’s right, I am in that Alstroemeria Academy now.

Chloe gently gripped her uniform skirt.

It was a gray dress made from excellent cloth.

On her chest was a large white inverted triangle yoke collar with a button. Her loose long sleeves had white cuffs at their ends. A skirt flared out from the waist to just below the knees.

And as Chloe was a female student from the witch department, a small cloth unfurled from the decorative ribbon on her left shoulder like a mantle. On the other hand, the female students from the Tailoring Department wore a white apron dress with no bibs.

The boys were all Tailors, so they all wore the same gray suit.

…The uniform I had yearned for since always, the uniform of Alstroemeria Academy.

I am wearing it right now. Surrounded by people wearing the same uniform, I am now attending the entrance ceremony!

Chloe, who was on her feet since the morning, no, the night before; finally experienced the feeling of being there. Her drowsiness blew away, and she was unable to hold back her happiness and nervousness.

Even the drab speech could not lull her to sleep.

“To close off, the Principal has a few words for the new students.”

With those words, a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties took the stage.

It was a familiar face to those living on the island. It was most likely that her name was known throughout the world.

Yumis Latrasta Atlantis. The head of Alstroemeria Academy, and the leader of the International Witch Federation that controlled the island.

Such a mighty existence would now speak. The new students waited for the Principal’s words and held their breaths in fear.

“Greetings to all the new students present here. And congratulations on your entry. …But haven’t a few of you fallen prey to sleep in this tedious ceremony?”

Bitter laughs rang through the hall. It seemed Chloe wasn’t the only one battling drowsiness.

“Then I shall tell you one last important thing before you all fall prey to sleep. In our Alstroemeria Academy, those who wish to become tailors and those who wish to become witches form pairs. These pairs are decided by the Academy based on information from the entrance examination results or through affinity deduced through divination among others. We usually do not accept requests to change partners. After all, we cannot change the person tied to you by the red string of fate.”

They did know it when they gave the exam, but tension ran high amongst the students.

Chloe was no different.

Chloe glanced surreptitiously at the tailor aspirants sitting amongst the new students.

An eighth of them were boys dressed in gray suits. The rest were female students wearing apron dresses.

It was well known that only women could become witches. However, men were said to be more suited for tailoring. In fact, in the past, a few countries stipulated by law that only men could become tailors.

What kind of kid would become her partner? She had to make sure to get along well with them. And most importantly, she had to know…what kind of dress they would make for her.

…I don’t care about the details, just quickly tell me who my partner is!

As such a restless atmosphere drifted amongst the new student, she heard her speak.

Then, I shall call out the first five pairs by rank. Please reply if your name is called out and come on to the stage.”

Principal Yumis read out the names from a sheet of paper.

It was obvious that the top ranks were all high achievers.

If one was ranked among the top ranks in Alstroemeria Academy, it would mean that they were the top-ranked witch and tailor aspirants in the world. It was quite a thing of honor.

“—Rank Seven, Witch Candidate Chloe Noiret.”


Although she knew it beforehand, she was called.

Chloe received envious gazes from the new students. She eagerly moved her hands and feet and turned to the brightly lit stage.

Her lustrous pale green hair, tied in pigtails, was clear even in the dim light. Her seemingly fickle emerald eyes shined with a strong will. Besides, she was a little taller than the other girls her age. Her supple long legs peeled out from the hem of her skirt.

Chloe’s appearance attracted the students’ attention.

There were already six pairs on the stage.

Then, wearing a gray suit, a beautiful girl, no, a beautiful boy with small build intently stared at Chloe.

…This beautiful kid is my partner.

When he opened his mouth, what came out was a voice lower than what she expected.

“I am Hino Soujirou…sorry, Soujirou Hino1. Nice to meet you, Chloe Noiret.”

“Yeah, pleased to meet you too, Soujirou.”

Her green braided hair swayed as Chloe tilted her head and smiled widely.

Witch Candidate Chloe Noiret.

Tailor Candidate Soujirou Hino.

This was their first meeting.

Hasr: Sorry for the long gap between the chapters, the story is a little slow to start and I thought it would be better to do it as a mass release when it reached the plot-heavy parts.

The number of chapters depends on how many I can plough through by the end of the day! Cheer me on, maybe that’ll help~

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