After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Chapter 10 – Fake Hero

Scum hero Haruto was revealed to have several skills if you looked at the game files in detail. 

It wasn’t possible to watch his battle scenes due to various reasons (or rather, his battle animations didn’t exist; once his minions were defeated, it only took a single direct attack to defeat the frightened Haruto), but since his skill data existed, perhaps there had been plans for direct combat.

That data was ridiculed by the players as a waste of resources, but I was able to fight thanks to that left-behind data. 

I really appreciate the development team for that. Well, I did think it was too much to make Haruto based on a recolored model of a common caterpillar monster. 

Anyway, I developed and used skills that Haruto never used in that game. 

Among them, the one I used the most was the active skill [Salvation Device (Fake)] that I’m currently using.

The way this skill worked was that when I recognized the object in my hand as a weapon, the skill would override the recognition and re-recognize said object as the [Hero’s Sword].

At first, it wasn’t overriding recognition but forcibly adding an attribute, so when I tried to use the ability of the [Hero’s Sword] before, the weapon would evaporate in a few seconds, since it was unable to withstand the power. But as the level of the skill rose, it evolved to its current form. 

From watching the three girls, it seemed things would go well as long as they didn’t give up on anything.

“……And so, although it looks like a training sword, this is the [Hero’s Sword] at the moment. That’s why light could be emitted like that.”

“The mountain was destroyed by the aftermath of that, though?!”

After giving a rough explanation, Erin was the first to scream. 

Well, this was a completely broken skill. Game version Haruto, you ought to have done things more seriously. What a waste!

“I won’t be able to last if you were violent like that♡”

“Kuyumi, it’s better not to say things in that manner again… I just fired it a little stronger earlier, but if I control the output properly, it’ll end up like this.”

I thrust the [Hero’s Sword] into the ground, and it radiated divine light. 

To be more precise, rather than into a random spot in the ground, I drove it into the spot where the Demon Lord’s shadow had appeared.

The Demon Lord’s shadow, which was still trying to regenerate, was constantly being burned by the holy light.

“Somehow, you seem used to dealing with it… maybe teach’ has encountered it before?”

“The last time was when I fought a greater demon, and it was in a dying state when it tried to summon…… which caused the technique to fail and summoned a weird chimera instead. This was the first time I saw the Demon Lord’s shadow successfully summoned.”

I was quite nervous the moment the Demon Lord’s shadow was summoned. 

If I recall correctly, the technique was supposed to be an extremely advanced ritual in which the very soul of the person who activated it would be sacrificed, according to the game description.

Just because the person using it was an intermediate demon, the potential of the ritual couldn’t be underestimated.

If I tried to explain it in modern terms…… it would be doubtful if a window would break if a pebble was thrown toward it.

However, if the mass of said pebble was converted to energy through the formula “E=mc²,” things could go awry.

Converting the soul itself into energy was a large-scale ritual that had nothing to do with the strength of the original existence.

Rather, the Demon Lord’s shadow often appeared just before the Demon Lord himself was actually revived, and it would appear like a strong mob encounter in the last dungeon just before the final boss. 

It was definitely not an opponent that showed itself during the tutorial stage of the tutorial.

“……They failed last time, but it seems they are successful this time.”

“It seems the demons are also developing♡ It’s so gross, it might be the worst thing ever♡”


Hearing Sharon and Kuyumi’s words, a heavy sigh almost escaped me.

The fact an intermediate demon could use something like this meant it would be bad if this wasn’t reported to the government.

That being said, that demon was probably a special individual since he was tasked to assassinate Erin…


Erin looked toward me, or to be more precise, behind me and her mouth dropped open. 

I swung my sword as I turned around── and the Demon Lord’s shadow blocked my slash with both of his arms.

Sparks illuminated both of our faces. 

The Demon Lord had long white hair. His androgynous face could be mistaken for a man or a woman.

He wore an amorphous costume that seemed to be wrapped in darkness itself.

“How did you teleport there?!” 

[“I burrowed a part of me into the earth to escape, and then regenerated. Aren’t you quite terrible, destroying me with no warning like that?”]

Your existence is what’s terrible! And I wasn’t even able to destroy you, anyways! 

I blew away the Demon Lord’s shadow again and called out behind me.

“Kuyumi, protect the two and run away.” 

“Oh? That’s pretty noble of you to say♡ Does an adult have to say such a heroic thing at a time like this?”

“Rather than have to, it’s obvious that I would protect my students. So obvious that it’s not even considered an obligation.”

“……I think that sounds a little too cool♡”


After nodding once, Kuyumi confirmed the evacuation route, grabbed the other two by the arms, and began to evacuate at breakneck speed without giving them a chance to raise their voices.

I could hear Erin and Sharon’s screams and yells of anger from a distance, but soon I couldn’t hear them anymore.

Although there were times Kuyumi made fun of me, she was really someone who could be relied on to make a rational decision when it got serious. 

I could entrust them to her.

With that conviction, I focused my attention on the enemy in front of me.

[“Descendant of the Hero ── so you are a descendant of that woman who wielded the holy sword. How hateful.”]

With one sloppy swing, light from my sword filled the entire field of vision again. 

The Demon Lord’s shadow tried to avoid it, but there was no escape. About 70% of its body evaporated in an instant.

30% remained. It gradually responded to my movement. I frowned at it.

“You sure have it good, as long as you have a little bit of your main body left, you can retain your battle ability! As for me, all I have is the motion of waving my arms around behind my goons, you know?!” 

As the Demon Lord still maintained its composure, I activated my skill on the ground through my feet. 

The trees in the area had been burned down by Sharon, but there were still roots in the ground.

I transformed all of them into light, and turned them into spears that split the ground and shot towards the Demon Lord’s shadow.


Piercing sounds echoed, overlapping each other. 

The Demon Lord’s shadow, which was still in the middle of regenerating, was pierced by the spears of light. It looked like a hedgehog, but the effect was only temporary as the rest of the body quickly regenerated.

[“It seems like I will be able to enjoy this game a little longer.”] 

A blow with all my might vaporized its entire body. 

However, its body regenerated immediately.

“……Well, I guess I’ll just consider earlier as a lucky fluke.”

Since I was able to vaporize him while he was still regenerating, I think his regenerative ability was impaired to some extent. 

From now on, I just have to keep killing him. I would have to keep swinging my sword and killing him as many times as it takes.

Fortunately, the Demon Lord’s shadow wasn’t connected with the Demon Lord’s main body, which was still sleeping. 

The experience and knowledge of the shadow wouldn’t be transferred over to the main body…… at least, it shouldn’t be. According to the game setting, that was.

The thought was a little scary. I guess I should narrow down the tactics to use, so I didn’t expose too much, just in case.

[“You are the first one who’s killed me this much according to my shared memory. I think you could be comparable to the first generation hero, just barely?”] 

“Shut up.”

I cut the shadow in two. It regenerated, as expected. 

It then unleashed a blade compressed with magic power from his palm. I crushed it with the [Hero’s Sword].

[“Be it your offense and defense, judgment ability, or battle continuation ability, there’s no gap in anything. Aren’t you a masterpiece?”] 

“Like hell that’s the case!”

Like hell I could call myself a masterpiece when I couldn’t completely kill you. I was just a powerless excuse for a scum hero who had no choice but to force the duty onto Mariemaia! 

[“Interesting──I feel like I’m going crazy with joy! Try to kill me more!”]

As the Demon Lord jumped and attacked with a joyful voice, I blocked its attack and counterattacked.

“I’m annoyed at that! Don’t drag all of humanity with their lives around as chips for your amusement!” 

Gradually, the time for the Demon Lord’s shadow to maintain its shape increased and the time to effectively regenerate in time to exchange blows decreased. 

It was gradually able to defend against me. Even now, it was learning how I fought and growing stronger.

The universal fear of the Demon Lord’s terror came from his strength. 

He was strong in all aspects. Everything about him was designed for max power.

Therefore, his growth rate was highly optimized too.

And this also held true for his tenacity of life. 

Even if I could kill him right now, I couldn’t completely kill him, and even if his whole body was vaporized, if the final blow was not done by the chosen one, he would be able to regenerate.

System-wise, the Demon Lord had no concept of death. Without the power of Mariemaia or Erin, victory couldn’t be achieved.

Because my opponent was his shadow this time, as long as I didn’t drop my guard and kept killing it, I would be able to win. 

I would be able to buy time. Indeed, I was just an existence made to pave the way for the ‘real’ chosen ones to come.

That was fine── that was what I was living for after all.




“Wait, wait I say!” 

In the forest, Erin struggled against Kuyumi’s arm and dug her heels into the ground. 

“……Hm, well, we’ve come this far, so I guess it is okay♡”


After confirming they were far enough from the battle zone, Kuyumi turned to her two friends, who were looking at her with grim expressions.

“I understand you want to help sensei, but isn’t it impossible? I think you will just die without being able to accomplish anything♡”


“Even if it’s a long distance bombardment?”



“After all, sensei’s firepower is greater,” said Kuyumi, which made Sharon fall silent.

“But then, teach will……!”

“I don’t think he will lose fighting alone♡ I think he will continue to kill it until it can’t regenerate anymore.”

The logic made sense. 

There was no rational reason for them to interfere.

It might take until morning, or even last several days── but Haruto would definitely deal with the Demon Lord’s shadow.

While that happened… 

They had to leave everything to him, and couldn’t help even though they were worried.

That fact frustrated Erin, Sharon, and even Kuyumi. 

“……Is there really nothing we can do?”

Sharon looked at Erin and said. 

“That demon was targeting Erin. That means Erin has the power to threaten the Demon Lord.”

“……Gh. But given my current self, I think I could only use it for a moment.”

Erin put her hands over her eyes and murmured weakly. 

Erin had explained a little about her Mystic Eyes to the other two girls. 

It was because Erin realized they had something in common, became friends, and opened her heart.

“A moment, huh~……”


Kuyumi crossed her arms and looked down, her face growing blank as she was deep in thought.

After thinking silently for a few seconds, she looked up.

It was her usual smile── as if she had come up with her best prank.

“Nihih♡ Then as long as we don’t hold him back, it should be okay for us to support, right♡”




I cut the Demon Lord’s shadow in half again. 

I didn’t know how much time had passed since the battle began.

It was already night. The moon was high in the sky, looking down at us. 

“You are a disaster.” 


The regeneration couldn’t be prevented and the Demon Lord’s shadow completely regained its body again. 

“How can I prevent it? How can I stop it?” 

[“You can just give up.”]

Before I knew it, it expanded its wings and its arms became covered with sharp armor. 

I didn’t know that the shadow could use the second form, too.

I held the training sword in my right hand and a tree branch I had picked up in my left hand. 

Since I couldn’t reveal too many methods, I had no choice but to increase the number of [Hero’s Sword]s to two.

Compared to the game specs I remembered, this shadow was absurdly strong.

It was tough and could learn and adapt to attack patterns.

“It’s impossible for us humans to live with you. We aren’t strong enough to not be destroyed by you. And you won’t let us live in peace.” 

It was an emotional outpouring from the bottom of my heart. 

I was sick of it.

Mariemaia should have lived a life as a normal town girl who helped sell medicine.

Erin was deprived of her peaceful days of going to work in town and helping out at her home in the village.

Everything was his fault. 

It was because demons existed.

“That’s why I, in order for everyone to live on, smiling, have no choice but to destroy you.” 

Illuminated by the light of the twin [Hero’s Sword]s, the Demon Lord’s shadow was laughing. 

[“Then just destroy me, if you can.”] 

“You’re looking down on humans too much…!”

Cut it out, was what I almost screamed. 

Even though he was weaker than I was, how could he destroy the world?

It was unreasonable. What was even more unreasonable was that even though he was weaker than I was, someone like me wasn’t the chosen one, and thus had no hope of defeating him. 1

I gripped my swords again and tried to step forward to slam the blade into the being in front of me. 

It was at that moment.



A shadow fell on the ground.

As if floating in the sky, something blocked the moonlight above where I and the Demon Lord’s shadow were fighting.

Judging from the shadow── it seemed that the three girls, who were supposed to have run away, had returned.

The girls were clinging to an assault spear and moving back and forth in the air.

It seemed Sharon had used her magic power and made all three of them float. 

It was too unsightly to call it flying.

Perhaps it was more correct to say that they were forcibly elevated using thrust power?

“Sensei, look at us!!” 

It was Kuyumi’s desperate voice. 

Perhaps baited by that, the Demon Lord’s shadow suddenly looked up at the girls.


I completely ignored it and didn’t take my eyes off the demon lord. 

Rather, wouldn’t it be dangerous for me if I looked?


“There, he got it♡”

“Be exposed────!!”


I heard a familiar chant, or rather, something I had heard often before. It was Erin’s special skill activation voice when she used it in the sequel.

What was activated was Erin’s passive skill: [Mystic Eyes: Zero].

She hadn’t mastered it due to her insufficient level, so she was probably forcing herself to use it by limiting it to instantaneous activation. Was that actually possible? But watching her, it was actually happening. How? Why?

[“Mystic Eyes?! She could actually use them at this time……?!”]


With a squeak, the Demon Lord’s shadow stopped moving.

A light was revealed to be dwelling in its chest.

Erin’s Mystic Eyes interfered with the enemy’s existence, revealing the core of their existence and exposing it to others.

“I said, the level required is too high……”


Although I was stunned, I was already in motion to take advantage of the situation.

The shadow of the Demon Lord stuck out its arms in an attempt to protect the emerging core of its existence.

I cut off both of its hands with the sword in my left hand, and then stabbed the core immediately with the sword in my right hand.

The tip just barely touched the core that had emerged. Even though it was shattering, the shadow still managed to forcefully push his core deeper. 

After breaking through a slight resistance, the holy light reached halfway into the core and completely destroyed it.

The final victor of this battle was decided. 

[“──What a blunder. I thought they escaped.”]

“I never told them to return.”

[“I see. I guess you’re loved.”]

“You shouldn’t talk about love.”

I pulled out the sword and canceled the skill. 

Both the training sword and tree twig reappeared as their true identities, and immediately overloaded and shattered, leaving no trace behind.

[“I thought I could enjoy it a little longer──…… Oh well. The joy from the blows I exchanged with you is enough for now.”]

The crushed core was scattered like sand blown by the wind. 

The Demon Lord’s shadow looked to its chest and smiled at me.

[“What a strange person… even though you are supposed to be the same as that hateful woman with the holy sword in my memory, something is different.”] 

A woman with a holy sword… that should be the first hero. 

[“Why are you desperately resisting even though you don’t have the right to even stand on the stage? I don’t feel the factor of destiny from you that I can feel from those girls.”] 

“I never had that. They will be the ones who will save the world, after all.”

The Demon Lord and I looked up at Erin’s group, who were still floating in the sky. 

“……Perhaps I was in too much of a rush. I thought there was no point in living if I couldn’t eradicate your existence. I think that’s also what my ancestors thought, yet they failed to eradicate you.”

[“That’s right, I am still alive. In that case, doesn’t that mean you want to overcome your ancestors’ defeat?”]

That wasn’t the case.  

Perhaps I wouldn’t be able to deny his words if I was still myself a little while ago.

But I could now clearly deny it.

“It might be a defeat if you just look at that part. But it’s not a true defeat. They managed to properly pass on the will and bravery to future generations. That’s why I’m here, and I can also pass it on to Mariemaia and Erin.” 

[“……I guess that’s how you humans think. The lifespan of a single human is extremely short, after all.”]

“I think so. But that’s the strongest weapon of us humans.”

Even though I told Sharon to depend on her comrades before, I actually didn’t manage to depend on my comrades until now. 

I guess I was helped more than I realized.

[‘You look happy.”] 

“My students taught me a lesson… even if you demons grow even stronger, we will also grow stronger.”

Apparently satisfied with my answer, the Demon Lord’s shadow deepened its smile. 

[“Interesting. In that case, try to use those thin, shining blades to defeat us.”] 


[“……I can’t refer to the memories of the other shadows, but I can assure you. Among all the shadows summoned so far, I’m the one who was able to fight the most exciting battle.”]

The shadow of the Demon Lord reached out its hand. 

Magic power swelled in the sky. I waved my hand to stop Sharon from firing.

The shadow of the Demon Lord’s hand began to crumble from the tips of its fingers and disintegrated all the way to the elbow.

[“My existence will definitely disappear here and now. But Haruto, I’m proud to have met you.”] 

“Shut up, that’s disgusting. Just die already.”

[“Fufuh… I’ll be waiting for you in hell.”]

“Why are you saying I’ll be going to hell as the premise? Not that I deny that, though.”

Although I said it with a sullen expression, he only showed a joyful look on his face. 

[“Regardless of the place, next time I want to have a more skillful competition. I’ll hone my skills and wait.”] 

“……Aah, I’ll approve that wish. If it’s that much, I’ll accompany you as much as you want.”

The annihilation spread from its shoulder to the core, until the core disappeared without a single speck of dust left. 

The eyes of the existence who wanted to destroy the world kept staring at me the whole time.

Seeing the shadow completely disappear, the trio cheered and waved at me. 

I looked at them, smiled bitterly, and patted my waist.



The three of them tilted their heads, as if they didn’t understand what I meant.

I shrugged and raised my voice.


“──Stop flying around in your skirts! That’s a violation of public decency! Are you even wearing anything under-”


A few seconds later, 

Slashes, magic bombardments, and wire anchors flew toward me, and I had to seriously take evasive maneuvers. 

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