After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Editor: Lilia

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Chapter 02 – Meeting Time

Standing on the podium, I surveyed the faces of the three students.

In turn, one met my gaze with sparkling eyes of interest, the second didn’t even look at me and seemed uninterested, and the last one grinned and looked like she was making fun of me.

They were definitely the three main protagonists that would appear in the sequel game.

“Err~ I’m Haruto, who will be in charge of your class from now on.” 

I was so confused that my behavior as a member of society from my previous life came out instead, and I politely introduced myself. 

No good. My role as an arrogant and scum trash hero was collapsing. Well… not that I need to continue to act as one anymore.

“I’ll be serving as the cadet instructor in charge of three of you, so let’s strive to get along well. Well then, to start, three of you should introduce yourselves……”

“I’m Erin! Nice to meet you, teach’!”

The moment I urged them to speak, the fashionable blond student raised her hand and called out with a huge burst of energy. 

Guwaaaahhhh! My body was complaining how unwell it became because I was hit by an outgoing character’s overly bright aura!

“Err, may I ask your surname?” 

“Eh… just call me by my name.”

Erin pouted cutely, but I could tell she was starting to get angry. She was very expressive. 

I quietly looked to the side. The vice principal, who was supposed to be there, was no longer there. Hey! At least give me some student information in advance! I understand that you think I can handle the situation well on my own, but still…!

“Aah~… I see, I understand.” 


I glanced at the two long swords that Erin had hanging on her waist and nodded. 

As expected, the sequel had a more cheerful atmosphere compared to the first game, but I remembered that the circumstances faced by the three main protagonists were quite serious.

For example, in Erin’s case, her family house was extremely strict, so she decided to enroll in an adventurer school out of rebellion and feeling abandoned, and debuted as a gal. 

……I remembered the basic backstory itself, but I merely cleared the sequel, not delving as deep as I did in the first game.

Unlike the first game where players could see various endings each run, the main story of the sequel was generally linear.

There were rumors that there had been a change of the internal scenario writer, and the developers also officially confirmed during the live broadcast that there was indeed a change in writer. Of course the atmosphere would feel different.

“It’s supposed to be SwordX, isn’t it? …It is, right?” 1 

I recalled my memory and spoke Erin’s surname. 

I only remember vaguely, but I think she came from some idiotic family who were crazy about swordsmanship. They define themselves not as human, but as blades wielded for a great cause, which showed the ridiculous policy of that hurtful family.

“……Heeh, so you knew about it~?”

The moment I mentioned that name, the temperature in the classroom dropped. 

The other two students didn’t flinch, but I was drenched in a cold sweat.

Erin had a wide, polite smile frozen on her face, but her eyes weren’t smiling. It was the sense of intimidation that only someone who had undergone rigorous training could unleash. It was a wonder that the classroom floor wasn’t physically creaking.

“I guess it’s a name that shouldn’t be used too much, isn’t it?” 

“I dunno.”

I looked at the black-haired student for help, but she didn’t even glance at me. 

I had no choice but to turn to the last student who was clearly looking down on adults. As expected, she wasn’t helpful at all.

“A~ah, that’s disappointing. It seems sensei is surprisingly a scaredy cat. The sounds of your heartbeats are amazing though, so I don’t mind listening a little longer~ ♡”


Why has this girl been listening to my heart rate for a while now?

Well, I already knew she was that kind of person, though.

“Hey, teach’, I heard from the vice principal-chan.” 

“You actually called her using –chan?”

“I heard that teach’ is supposed to be a pretty famous adventurer, right? You don’t look like one at all, though~”


Contrary to her relaxed tone, Erin’s gaze was that of a warrior, or rather, a swordsman.

She was observing my every move closely. Moreover, it wasn’t done blatantly, but naturally.

…That was weird. 

It was just a guess, but I think she was using the [Appraisal] skill.

“CHORD FRONTIER” was a game that made use of both active skills, which were utilized in battle, and passive skills, that could be utilized all the time. 

After being reincarnated, I could no longer check my skills from the status screen (there was no status screen), but people who had those corresponding skills could still cast their skills.

The problem was that [Appraisal] was a skill Erin unlocked when she reached level 40. 

Wasn’t it weird for a level 40 person to attend adventurer school? The average level for mob adventurers was 32.5, you know?

Eh? And besides, the prologue for the first game just concluded the other day, you know? 

Why was the protagonist of the sequel already at that high level? She was already strong enough to kill mid-level bosses.

“…For the time being, can I ask the other two to introduce themselves too?”

As I shrugged off the probing gaze, I barely managed to smile. 

After a few seconds of silence, the black-haired girl slowly opened her lips.

“……Sharon Peer.”




All she did was just say her name.

“Ah~, thank you. Is there anything else you like?” 


“Ah, I-I see…”

It seemed impossible to ask more than this. 

I glanced at the object that was propped behind the classroom, an assault spear equipped with a magic bombardment mechanism.

It was Sharon’s default weapon. It looked too rough for her.

If I recall correctly, she was supposed to be off the charts in terms of magic power value. It didn’t just seem off the charts, it was actually so far off as to be completely OP. 

Sharon, a black-haired girl with a downer atmosphere, was the character with the highest magic power accumulation and magic power efficiency out of all main characters, or rather, all characters.

Utilizing that, she could use a certain series of skills that caused her to activate a spell with maximum attack power every turn whenever her attack timing came around, something not intended by the developers, but it would be bad taste to nerf her.

I had no idea how exactly to do that since I cleared the game before I knew about that, though.

“T-then, the last one is…” 

When I turned my face, my gaze collided perfectly with the gaze of that mesugaki. 

The gaze of the other party was filled with boiling killing intent. I was sure it would take less than a second for her to kick the desk away and reach me.

If I wasn’t careful with my words, I might be forced to have to use the sword attached to my waist, even though this was a classroom.

“Oka~y. I’m Kuyumi Rangan. Let me have some fun, okay~?” 

“……It’s bad for my heart, so please restrain your killing intent. This is a classroom, after all.”

“Kufufu. Did you fail to react just now? Or did you not react on purpose~?”

“Although it’s not official, I’m still here as an instructor. I wouldn’t do anything stupid to my student.”

It was very nasty of her to test me with real killing intent to bait my behavior! 

Seriously, what happened to their levels!

They had demonstrated power that should never have been reached before the tutorial even began.

Even if I let them graduate right now without teaching anything, they could easily tear apart the tutorial monster without much problem.

“Okay, now that’s concluded… for the time being, I was told to use the first class for self-introductions, but…” 




“Ah, okay, I guess I should leave. I see.”

All three of them were telling me with their gazes to leave. 

It was scary. I couldn’t behave like a normal teacher, much less an asshole hero in front of these kids.

Well, I had achieved the life goal of YEETing the first game protagonist, so there was no need for that, though. That’s right. No more pressure.

As I was about to leave the classroom empty-handed, I suddenly called out to Erin.

“Aah~ that’s right. Erin.” 


“From the next class onward, please put your sword field away.”



The sword field referred to the area where her sword could reach. It was spread out in a circle centered around Erin, who was sitting on the chair, and stretched out pretty far.

Since she gave off an extremely sharp aura, I might end up countering without mercy if she attacked when I wasn’t careful, you know? Was she really a student of an adventurer school?

“……Oka~y. So you’re strong after all. Wouldn’t it make you cooler if you acted more firmly?”

“Really? ……Kuku, it’s a hundred years too early for you to give me advice, but well, you can say as you like.”

“Uwah, that’s lame. It doesn’t suit you at all.”

Those comments made me cry as I ate my meal that day. 







“So he didn’t remember after all.” 

The meeting time was over, and Haruto left the classroom looking exhausted.

Sharon muttered this to herself while she remained sitting in her chair.

“……In my case, it’s before I become ‘SwordX’ after all. So I guess I wasn’t expecting much~”

“He became somewhat quiet, didn’t he? It’s totally different from last time, when I saw him killing a high rank demon without flinching in the slightest ♡”


Haruto was upset that the characters in the sequel were different from what he expected.

He thought there was no way they could be that strong when the first game plot had just begun.

But it was him who was mistaken. 

As a result of trying to align all the premises in the first game, all the premises were messed up in the second.

In order to YEET Mariemaia, he set out on an adventure with his comrades. 

In order to create the situation where Mariemaia was YEETed from the strongest party ── they needed to become the strongest.

Because he believed in the scenario too much, he didn’t notice that there were obvious contradictions to the timeline of the first game. 

From gathering the comrades until they actually reigned as the strongest, it took Haruto two and a half years. In his mind, he barely made it in time according to the premise of the story.

It was a crazy rush to become the strongest in two and a half years. 

The obviously impossible preconditions that had arisen before the prologue were forcibly cleared by Haruto. 2

How distorted has the world become? And whose lives have been destroyed? 

He still didn’t realize the weight of his actions.

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