Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 53 – Beast VS Beastman [B]

◆◆◆◆『Alternate Timeline』


“Fay, be careful out there.”


It felt great to hear Maria’s refreshing greetings in the morning. Even though I responded in a cool manner, I was heading to the gates of Britannia. It seemed there was a mission today.

I arrived at the gate first and waited… 


“Fay! You sure are early!” 


Bouran arrived with a smile while waving her hand. She sure acted childish as usual… 


“Fay! You sure are early!” 


Since I didn’t reply to her greeting, she seemed to think I didn’t hear her so she gave me the same greeting again. The greeting felt slightly changed… but I stayed in character and ignored her as usual. 


“Oh, Tlue also came.” 

“Good morning, Bouran-san. Fay is also early.”




I ignored him in my usual style of crossing my arms. Come to think of it, it seemed another paladin would be coming with us. They seemed to be a 2nd grade paladin… but well, I guess they weren’t that big of a deal for me, the protagonist. 


“I am already a 4th grade paladin, but what grade are you, Fay?” 


“Ah! Fay is still in 12th grade!”


Bouran acted like a college student who boasted about their academic background. Well, a protagonist should be at the highest or the lowest grade, so I didn’t care which one as long as they stood out from the rest of the characters. 


“It seems you’ve all gathered.” 


A tough-looking man with glasses appeared. The self-introduction section began and he turned out to be the 2nd grade paladin named Vai. 


“You’re Fay-kun, aren’t you?” 


“I have heard things about you.”


Oh? This guy was really staring at me… perhaps he was fascinated with my talent as the protagonist? 


“I’ll say this first. I don’t like you very much.” 


“I have heard about the ruckus in the Free City recently. The katana in your hand… is said to be related to the exorcists. There is also that girl named Aliceia… as you know, paladins don’t really like their members carrying uncontrollable factors with them. In combat against the abyss, having someone who messes with the order of the brigade could directly lead to death and upends our group’s efforts of protecting civilians.”


He talked for a long while. 


“Fay-kun, I heard that you often ignored orders so far, from that paladin of the Garethia family until now. I don’t mind if you consider this mission as a test to judge your nature. If you understand, please follow my instructions this time.” 

“I refuse. I will follow my own will and move according to my soul.”


I was able to give a cool answer while rhyming. Vai raised his glasses up and turned around. 


“I’ll also act according to the mission given to me.” 


He walked away as he said that. Fuhn, you sure are second rate to not be able to notice how awesome I was as the protagonist, senpai-san. 

And so, we were heading to the beastman village. Bouran seemed to be a beastman, so she was tasked to guide the way. 

Bouran walked next to me for some reason. 


“You see, I was banished from my village a long time ago. My father had many wives, but he didn’t care about my mother at all… because she was sick, my mom died… around that time, I was treated harshly, seemingly out of the decision of the village chief. See, I do have beastman’s blood, but my appearance is completely human after all…” 


“I thought I’d never go to that place again, but I guess we never know what will happen in our future.”



Bouran spoke about a lot of things I had a hard time commenting on. It was a pretty heavy story after all. It felt wrong to say anything as that had nothing to do with me… well, I could say that though. 


“I see… it completely has nothing to do with me, but I guess there’s a fight in a place I don’t know about…” 

“You’re right!”


I tried to say something innocuous, but it really helped that my words were translated in a good way. The translation function of the protagonist is the best! 


“Ah, oi! That person seems to be injured!” 


Bouran saw an injured beastman and rushed over. Tlue and Vai-senpai also rushed over, so I approached as well. 

When I heard what he said, it seemed the chief of the beastman went on a rampage ―― in other words, that’s the cue of my event!

Bouran’s group and I headed over with a ferocious dash. When we arrived at the village, it was already devastated and one beastman was rampaging. 


“Fay-kun, you have to step back.” 


Since Vai-senpai said so, I did as he wished by slipping through the side and headed to the beastman. 


“Wha?! I told you to step back!” 


There was no way the protagonist like me wouldn’t play an active part after all. Of course I have to go ahead. 


The beastman who was rampaging seemed to have bloodshot eyes, but I felt he was in a similar state as when Yururu-shishou fell into darkness the first time. 


“We, kill each other, overflowing with power!!!!” 

“It’s hard to tell what you’re saying… but it doesn’t matter. There’s no need to exchange words in combat.”


The beast attacked me at a breakneck speed, but I was already used to it. I often saw people faster than him. He was way slower compared to Mordred who I sparred with often back in Free City. 

Even the masked man I fought in the dungeon was stronger than this beastman. 


“You’re so slow, it’s like you stopped.” 


I countered him with a roundhouse kick. 



“Where are you looking?”


As it was, I unleashed a left jab and right straight neatly at him. I thought I had an advantage in hand to hand combat, but it seemed I couldn’t defeat him that easily. 

Things wouldn’t be interesting if I won easily after all!! 

My opponent seemed to use a black colored art which felt ominous as it swirled around his figure. With the beast at the center, heat generated like an explosion. I could have dodged it, but I noticed a beastkin woman lying down with her leg injured. 

It couldn’t be helped. I guess I have to protect her. Tanking damage also makes the plot development spicier after all. 


“Blow awayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!” 


The whole area exploded and I got caught up in it. The upper half of my clothes was tattered, but the beastman woman seemed to be safe. 

Tlue and the others deployed defensive magic to protect the other beastmen. I couldn’t use magic after all!! 

I felt like my inner organs were crushed a little. My vision looked a little blurry. 


“Gahahahahah!! Destruction, slaughter, power. It’s mine!” 

“…Kuku, I guess I’ll cut you down.”


I chose to tank the explosion magic. I wanted to take it, because I could win too easily if the fight continued as it was. That wouldn’t be interesting. 

I drew the katana where Baragi was sealed in. It was the “Tsumehagi.” It seemed to be a demonic sword, but there weren’t many situations to use it, so I was happy to get the opportunity. 

I was sure she was happy within the katana as well. 

I ran toward the beastman who prepared to explode again. I felt the taste of blood in my mouth. Bouran seemed to look a little worried about me while Vai-senpai and Tlue seemed to be taking care of other beastmen that were collapsed nearby. 

Everything seemed to be in slow motion. My katana cut well. 





It seemed the other party sensed something. Perhaps it was out of a beast’s instinct. This katana has the characteristic of absolute cutting. It seemed he sensed that he would die if he tried to block it. 

So he didn’t choose to hit it head-on. Instead, he stopped the blade by catching it between his hands. If I was in my optimal state, I could forcefully swung the blade as it was, but because of the damage I suffered from the explosion magic, it was stopped just like that.

Could I cut him as it was, or would the other party keep holding the blade tightly…? 

Nice, I liked this kind of clash――


“Gahahaha, we compare strength, you, weak. Inferior, to me. I’m already stronger than you are!!!!” 

“Tell me about it. I’ll show you that I’m stronger.”


The beastman held the katana’s blade between his hands. He laughed with composure, but maybe I should use my art soon? 

I hadn’t used it all this time, you know? 

It seemed the other party thought I already used it, though… I was competing using pure muscle strength all this time, you see? 

I guess it was time to finish this. I already feel excited enough after all. You served well as a stepping stone. I’ll cut him down ―― but just as I thought of that, the beastman who held the blade became pale for some reason.


[“――Who gave you permission to touch my katana? I’ll kill you. Take your hands off me immediately, you vulgar beast.”]

“What, the?! What is, the thing that dwells inside…?! That’s definitely not normal!! It’s a monster!!!” 


What happened to him, all of a sudden…? 


[“Immediately release your hand. Don’t make me repeat myself. Let go or I’ll kill you. It’s uncomfortable.”] 

“U-unbelievable, the thing that dwells inside is a genuine ―― yet you manage to tame such a thing… what are you?!”


Ah, was he talking about Baragi? He suddenly started speaking so fluently that I wondered what’s going on. That Baragi fellow, even though she said she hated me, she still helped me in secret, didn’t she? 


“――There’s no way I could win against this.”


After saying those words, he released his hands. I managed to defeat my opponent without using art. 

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9 months ago

Every significant arc of now only took 3-4 part, remember the good old free city arc where we have more than 10 part ? Haizz love this story so much, that why i want this to be like the old day… Thank for translation as always~

9 months ago

Where noir until now not re-appear!?

Akatsuki Chan
Akatsuki Chan
9 months ago

Thank you for the chapter!
Baragi actually helped Fay not destroy his body?!

Yup, best girl already!

Though I guess Fay would be a bit disappointed for not using his art XD

9 months ago
Reply to  Akatsuki Chan

No,the best girl is maria

9 months ago

Yup, Still pretty much Insta-Kil. good for u Mr.Protagonist Fay