Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 58 – You Are Not Human!! [A]

Morgol POV

There was an old woman named Felmi. She was the former leader of Romeo, one of the greatest legions in Free City.

She was someone respected by those who knew her. However, be it Fay, Aliceia, or Mordred, none of them seemed to show such respect. 

Not only do they casually freeload in her house, they even behave rudely. 


“Um, I have something I want to seek consultation for.” 

“Before I knew it, you’re also freeloading here.”

“Ah, yes, I’m sorry.”


Morgol sat in front of Felmi and coffee was placed on the table. 


“What do you want to ask me? An old woman like me can’t offer much advice, though.” 

“Um, it’s about Fay.”

“What about Fay?”

“Um, don’t Fay and I look like siblings?!”

“I can’t see it.”

“Eeh~! B-but don’t you think if he had a little sister, it’d be someone like me?!”

“I don’t think so.”



Morgol had a look of astonishment. She had suspected that Fay might’ve been her brother. Although Fay himself denied it, she was still skeptical. 


“Personally, I can only see him as a monster who deviates from common sense. It’s hard to think that he comes from the same womb as a child as normal as you.” 

“Certainly, there are times I also think he is inhuman. But that’s not what I meant, someone called him Morgan! He was certainly called Morgan!”

“Isn’t it just you, misunderstanding?”

“T-that’s not true! He was certainly called that and, come to think of it, even our eyes are similar!”

“You’re just like Aliceia calling that brat ‘brother’, aren’t you?”

“It’s not the same! Aliceia only calls him that out of affection, but I really think he is my brother!”

“Even if you say that, I don’t think he has the same blood flowing in your veins.”

“E-enough already. I’ll just ask the person himself.”


Morgol thought consulting with Felmi didn’t help at all, so she gulped down her coffee and left. 


Certainly, only our eyes look similar. But he was most certainly called Morgan. Morgan had his art stolen away from him. And since the very art thief recognized him as such, wouldn’t it be too premature to conclude that we just happen to have similar eyes? 


Morgol went toward Fay, who was sleeping in his bed while wrapped up in bandages. 


“S-sorry to bother.” 


“I have something to talk to you about.”


Fay was injured from his battle with Molgan and still had bandages wrapped around his body. Only one of his eyes was barely visible. 


“I think you might actually be my bro-“ 

“You’re wrong.”

“Hey, I haven’t even finished saying it yet!”

“There’s no way I could be your brother.”

“Y-you can’t be so sure, right!?”

“No, I’m definitely not your brother. There’s no way a sister of mine could be this weak.”

“R-really? U~hn, but I want you to meet my father and mother at least once.”

“I refuse.”

“Aren’t you too quick to refuse? Ah, I could just bring you there. Yep, let’s do that.”

“Are you done with your nonsense?”

“That’s rude. Ah, come to think of it, there’s also that talk with the Ballrail legion. Did you refuse their leader’s invitation?”

“I refused it immediately.”

“Uwah, what a waste. That ‘Ballrail’ legion is a really amazing legion, you see. It’s about as amazing as the ‘Romeo’ that Felmi-san once led. It’s one of the four great legions.”

“Aren’t you freeloading in the house of the former leader of one of those four great legions?”

“Ah, you’re right. Well, it’s because you, Aliceia, and Mordred suddenly left, so it just happens to be that way.”

“Can I consider that as the end of this conversation?”

“No, let’s talk a little longer. The leader, Patrick, is well known for being very hungry for strength and being a strict person. It is said that entering his legion was harder than becoming a paladin. He almost never tries to personally scout out a person for his legion. That’s why I was surprised that he did exactly that for you, after all.”


As Morgol spoke to Fay, she was observing his appearance carefully. His black hair and vile eyes were somewhat similar to hers. 


After that, she tried to compare him to her father. 


He is similar after all, to my father. 


“It sounded boring, so I refused. His group didn’t seem capable enough to contain someone like me after all.” 

“Eeh, you sure cut things off cleanly. My father isn’t someone who would say something like that based on his personality, but it is said that personalities aren’t hereditary.”

“You’re still skeptical?”

“Of course I am. You might be the person my parents have been searching for all this time after all. Now that it has come to this, fight me, we did talk about it before.”

“I don’t mind.”


Fay, who was immediately motivated when it came to combat, exited the room ahead of Morgol. 


It was dark and slightly chilly outside, and the two were facing off against each other in a certain vacant lot within the Free City. 


“Speaking of which, are your injuries okay?” 

“I’m not fragile enough to need your concern.”

“I see.”


His strength is his overwhelming physical ability. But he seems injured, so maybe it’s better for me to hold back? No, just as he said, he isn’t weak enough for me to worry about him. 


Morgol drew her sword. She fought using magic and swordsmanship, and excels at close and medium range combat. 

However, she has witnessed Fay fighting, so she got to see aspects of Fay that went beyond human. 


“Hey, what are you doing?” 


Just before the fight began, Aliceia interrupted the two. She looked a little angry.


“Fay is still recovering from his wounds, so you shouldn’t spar together.” 

“It’s more rare for me to not be recovering from my wounds.”

“That’s not the problem here.”

“You came at the right time, join us. It’ll be two against one.”

“No, I won’t do that, and I won’t let you fight either.”



Fay wordlessly drew his katana. It was just like him to say he didn’t care even if he was stopped through his actions. 


“Geez, I’m worrying about you here.” 

“Aliceia, I also want to fight him.”

“Well, Fay certainly has abnormal resilience. Fine, then I’ll fight as well. It saddens me to be excluded after all!”


Rather than saying it couldn’t be helped, it was more like she was pissed off so she drew her own sword. 


“Okay, come at me.” 


Fay spoke with a cold expression, but his eyes were sharper than usual and powerful enough to instill awe. 


“Fay is very strong, you know.” 

“Yeah, I know.”


Aliceia and Morgol started running toward Fay. Fay waited patiently and drew his katana the moment they entered within his range. 


“So fast?!” 


Morgol’s sword was blown away by Fay’s battoujutsu. Her wide eyes were filled with astonishment. 


Even though I didn’t close my eyes, I couldn’t see him move at all…?! I might be able to follow it if I reinforced my sight with art, but he didn’t use any physical reinforcement yet either. 

As I thought, he seems to have stopped being a human, hasn’t he?! 


Since Morgol’s sword was blown away, she had nothing to attack with. Since it couldn’t be helped, she decided to fight back using wind magic. 

On the other hand, Aliceia engaged Fay in a sword fight. 


“Fay, I won’t lose. If I win, I’ll have you fulfill a request for me.” 

“Try if you can.” 


Aliceia swung her sword, but Fay parried it easily. Rather than technique, it was more because of Fay’s abnormal reflexes.

But then, something strange occurred in Aliceia. She did strengthen her body with art, but the reinforcement gradually became stronger than ever. Or rather, it was more appropriate to say that it was a sudden awakening as her amount of art suddenly rose explosively.


Did Aliceia always have that much art?! Her output is abnormal! Yet Fay’s regular body manages to exert the same or even greater amount of power!! 

He’s too fast to follow. I don’t even know where to shoot my wind magic… 


Fay also noticed Aliceia’s extraordinary growth. However, compared to the people Fay usually fought against — Arthur and Mordred — Aliceia was still inferior. 


“You’re too soft…” 



Fay held down Aliceia’s hands as she tried to swing down. His strength was so overwhelming that she felt her hands going numb. 


No way, I can’t move at all. I guess it’s as expected of Fay? At this rate, it seems difficult to land a clean hit no matter how I try. 


“I surrender. There seems to be no point in going any further than this.” 



Feeling like he didn’t complete combustion, Fay silently walked back to Felmi’s house. The cold wind of defeat blew through Aliceia and Morgol, who were left behind. 


“Sorry, I couldn’t find the right time to shoot the wind magic.” 

“It’s okay. I know it’s impossible to hit him properly in that situation after all.”

“You asked him to fulfill a request if you won, what was it?”

“I was going to propose to him.”

“Isn’t that absurd?! From a duel (kettou) to marriage (kekkon)!!??”

“What’s with that? A gag?”


“Ah, okay.”

“I’m glad marriage didn’t get decided that easily. Speaking of which, isn’t your amount of art increasing?”

“You’re right. For some reason, I felt like my physical condition was strangely good. I have no idea why that is though.”

“I see. Maybe it’s a growth period?”

“Maybe? I don’t know. It’s nothing compared to Mordred’s anyway. It’s also ineffective against Fay. So what do you think after fighting Fay, Morgol?”


Morgol grunted once then squeezed out the words. 


“He’s dangerous to the point where I can’t understand him at all. That’s how strong he is. It felt like I was confronting something from a different dimension. It looked amazing when I watched from outside, though.” 

“Mordred said that his physical ability is considered among the best in the world. But his lack of art is a weakness.”

“That’s right, he doesn’t have much art.

“What do you mean?”

“You see, he might actually be my brother!”

“Stop saying nonsense. Let’s just return to Felmi’s house.”

“I’m serious.”

“No, Fay is my onii-chan after all.”

“No no, that makes even lesser sense. Your face isn’t similar at all, and you’re blonde. His hair and mine are black!”

“That’s not the point here.”

“That is the point! Besides, didn’t you say your brother was in Britannia?!”

“Aah, you mean the blood-related one. He is certainly there, but I no longer give a damn. I no longer care about being recognized by my mother.”

“Eh~ what’s with that… whatever. Anyway, he and I-“

“I’m sure you two aren’t blood-related since there are no similarities. Fay doesn’t feel human, while you are completely human, so you two aren’t similar. Let’s end this nonsense and go eat dinner.”

“E-eeh? Nobody believes me…”


Morgol felt a little depressed that nobody accepted her possible blood relation with Fay. 

But she didn’t give up. Her intuition told her that the same blood definitely flowed in his and her veins. 

He was definitely her brother! 

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7 months ago

Lmao. Anyway i wonder if any of that art will return to him? Hes already one of the strongest of this world as is so imagining even a slight buff to art is terrifyinh.

7 months ago

She’s human, Fey is not, simple right?