Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 53 – Beast VS Beastman [C]

“Yo, Vai.” 

“Sajinto-kun, huh.”


After the mission concluded, Vai returned to the royal capital and he was visited by paladin Sajinto. 


“Yo, it’s been a while.” 



Sajinto approached Vai with a slight raise of his hand. These two paladins belonged to the same generation. 


“What business do you have with me?” 

“None, I’m just curious about Tlue.”


Sajinot had been ordered by the first grade paladin Noir to keep an eye on Arthur and Tlue. He was asking Vai to see whether he might be able to gain some new knowledge from today’s mission. 


“He is a competent paladin like one in a painting. I think it’s only a matter of time before he is promoted to first grade.” 

“I see… is there anything strange about him?”

“No, I didn’t see anything like that from him.”

“I see…”

“I have no idea what you’re doing under the first grade paladin Noir, but I’d like you to refrain from gossiping.”

“Aah, okay, okay.”


Sajinto replied perfunctorily as he made a note about Tlue. Then he continued and asked another question. 


“How about Fay?” 

“As for him… I don’t think he is an enemy.”

“It is said that he is carrying the Sword of Exorcism with him, though.”

“He seems to have complete control over it. Besides, I saw that he had the capacity of protecting the beastman back then.”

“Who’s stronger, me or that guy?”

“You’ll lose.”

“Seriously… If I used magic, fully equipped with a magic sword and magic armor ――”

“――You will still lose.”


“He has the ability comparable to a second grade paladin. In terms of pure physical strength, I can say for sure he exceeds even a first grade paladin.”

“…I see.”

“I think it’s better to not interfere with him. Up until now, I thought that discipline and harmony among fellow paladins should be cherished, but what we are fighting against are beings out of this world. I think it’s better to have someone who is incomprehensible on the human side.”


Vai spoke fluently about Fay. It was because he was thinking of making a report about Fay to begin with. 


“There are fellows who said Fay should be banished.” 

“I will recommend him to be promoted to a second grade paladin. His master Yururu as well.”


“Yes, pushing down a bullish person like him is not a good idea after all.”

“You sure rate Fay highly.”

“I am just judging him objectively based on his combat power and other things. You’ll understand if you see his strength up close.”





“…What happened?”


A few days after the mission was over, Fay was training as usual when Yururu waved her hand toward Fay. 


“S-something happened! It seems both Fay-kun and I can raise our grade to the second grade! It is said there are several paladins who appreciate Fay-kun’s ability!” 


“It seems my reputation is rising because I have instructed Fay-kun as well!” 

“…second grade, huh. That sounds like a half-assed grade.”

“T-that’s not the case! It’s something amazing!”

“What are you going to do? You want to raise your grade?”

“U-u~hn, I’m not exactly liked so it worries me… there are other paladins who think differently as well after all.”


Yururu gave a wry smile and answered vaguely. It was because there were still paladins who remembered the tragedy her brothers caused. There were many people who weren’t amused by the idea of her rising up. 

But at the same time, it could be put this way. 

The fact she raised Fay was such a major accomplishment that she got a recommendation for promotion despite the bad reputation she had. 


“I’m not interested. It’s fine to stay as it is.” The second grade is a half assed rank after all. As the protagonist, my rank should either be the best or the worst. That would make my character stand out more after all… 

“Fay-kun, you don’t have to be considerate toward me in this matter.”

“I won’t take back what I have decided on. It’s not like I’m getting stronger just by raising my rank after all.”

“F-Fay-kun, to think you’re saying that much out of consideration to me!”


Fay wasn’t being considerate toward Yururu so he decided to just ignore it. Yururu’s eyes shone at his response, but she seemed to misunderstand the root reason of his answer. 

In the end, the two decided to stay as 12th grade paladins… 


“O~i, Fay~!” 

“Bouran, huh.”


After Yururu left, Bouran came. 


“Fay, I heard you decided not to raise your rank! The story of your consideration for your master is becoming famous!” 

“I’m not being considerate toward her.”

“Speaking of which, thank you very much for that time. You saved the residents of beastmen village… I might hate the people there a lot, but that place is still my hometown. My mom died there, so the grave is also there, you see…”

“I see.”

“You really are… moving forward. When I saw you fight, I thought that.”

“Of course it is. You and I are in different dimensions.”

“I guess so. The one you fought back then is my father. He was strengthened by weird art so he was stronger compared to his past self. If I was the one who faced him, I might have died.”

“I guess so.”

“Your physical strength is also amazing. I’m surprised how much stronger than me you are. I already knew that you are strong, but your movement showed the quality of your strength, how close you are to the truth of power, and how much you approached the core… it makes me feel lonely somehow. You are so different from when we first met.”

“This is a meaningless exchange of words. I’m returning to my training.”

“…I see. I guess it’s because you’re always working hard that you’re running that far ahead of me.”


Bouran chuckled and saw Fay run off. 


“――Maybe because you are like that, I…”


Bouran spoke up as if she noticed something, but then she recalled Arthur. She knew that Arthur liked Fay. 


“Ah~ whatever. This kind of troublesome feeling doesn’t suit me… thank you for a lot of things, Fay. Let’s eat together again next time!” 


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