Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Millinia

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Chapter 2-3: The Bare Minimum that Must be Done

(What’s with this situation…?)

Uta’s body grew hotter from the gaze that was looking down on him.

“Your face is as red as an apple.”

Haraedo’s hand invaded the inside of his pajamas, slid past his side, and made its way to his chest.


Even though the coldness from that palm felt good, his face grew hotter at the fact that he was being touched.

“Hey, Haraedo…”

“Just leave it to me.”


Being left in the dark gave him goosebumps.

He didn’t know what Haraedo was planning, but he should be fine trusting his god.

“Haraedo… you’re my god.”

“Why are you saying that now after all this time?”

“I’m confirming. I mean, being touched like this is making me a bit…uneasy…”

Uta looked to the side, and the household shrine in the Japanese-style room next door caught his eye.

He remembered that, because of all the commotion this morning, he hadn’t placed any offerings.

“Are you always watching me from there?”

“Yeah. I’m generally watching you. When you let your mind wander, when you’re doing embarrassing things alone… So, why are you asking now?”

The god’s thick body lowered onto his own. His lips softly touched Uta’s neck.

Then, he moved away. As Uta watched him, he realized something.


“What’s with that blank look?”

Haraedo said as he looked at the thermometer.

“38.6℃, huh? Your fever’s quite high…”

“Could it be…you were only grabbing the thermometer?”

“Because it was ringing.”

Uta hadn’t noticed. Or rather, he had forgotten that it was still being held inside his armpit.


Embarrassed, Uta let out a voice that sounded like a cry.


“I was really surprised that you suddenly touched me.”

“I had no ulterior motive.”

Even though Haraedo said that, Uta was still stuck underneath him…

“Can you move then?”

“Don’t want to.”


“I quite like this view.”

The god of Uta’s family was unfair and selfish.

Furthermore, he said unnecessary things.

“It’s also fun to see you being a little conscious of me.”

“You’re mean. Don’t enjoy this.”

“But you don’t usually make such a flustered face. I want to see more of it.”

“You’re making my fever worse, so stop…”

Uta covered his face with both hands.

“Stuff like that really excites me though…”

Uta heard his god grumble.

It was true that he was conscious of Haraedo, for better or worse.

He felt some attraction since Haraedo was his family’s god, and he viewed the god’s appearance and behavior as favorable.

And, the god’s existence was strange and mysterious in the first place.

When such a man came onto him so forcefully, Uta couldn’t help but be suspicious.

That said though, the god had only taken the thermometer…

Uta had nothing to say in return and remained stiff; Haraedo brought his face close again.

“Want to eat?”


“Water? Or some sacred wine?”


It appeared that today, it was Uta’s turn to be cared for.

After some thought, Uta told him.

“Write and hang the message ‘We’ll be temporarily closed for today due to circumstances’ on the store entrance.”

This was the bare minimum that needed to be done.

“Ah, okay. Got it!”

Now, Haraedo obediently got off from on top of Uta.

Only after sensing that he left did Uta let out a relieved sigh.

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