Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 1-7: What It Means to Show Mercy

“The same coffee as yesterday—”

Sungmin interrupted Haraedo while he was in the middle of making his request.

“More importantly, the 750 yen for yesterday’s coffee!”

“That was abrupt.”

Haraedo looked at the hand thrust in front of him, and his eyes wandered around in bewilderment.

“If you’re not going to pay, you’re not a customer. You’re not allowed in our store!”

Sungmin blocked the entrance to the store with his whole body.

“Let him in. I’ll feel bad if he gets soaked in the rain any longer.”

Uta intervened.

Haraedo walked past Sungmin and said in annoyance.

“If you want money that badly, go to the Fuda shrine and ransack the offering box.”

Come to think of it, Haraedo-no-kami was enshrined in the Fuda shrine. 

Sungmin promptly objected.

“Why must I resort to stealing from an offering box?!”

“It’s fine since that money was given to me.”

“But, I’ll look like a thief! I can’t recover money in such a risky manner.”

“Surprisingly, you’re not as foolish as I thought.”

Haraedo laughed.

As Uta listened to the conversation from the side, he held out a towel to Haraedo, who was soaked from head to toe because he did not have an umbrella. His Japanese clothes were considerably drenched.

“Could it be that you walked all the way from the Fuda shrine in the rain?”

“No, I came from an appropriate spot.”

“Appropriate spot?”

“Appearing and disappearing from anywhere I want. That’s what a god can do.”

He shrugged his broad shoulders.

“Then, you can dine and dash all you want…”

Sungmin grumbled.

“Ah, you wanted Blue Mountain coffee, right?”

“Mana~ger! Please stop spoiling your god. If you want to give him something, we have a blend that’ll be thrown out in two minutes.”

As Uta reached out for the shelf in the back, Sungmin pointed to the carafe in front of him.

It was a store rule to throw away brewed coffee 30 minutes after it was extracted. This was done because, after a while, it would oxidize and the flavor would be compromised.

However, Haraedo appealed with his eyes. Uta picked up on this.

“It looks like he hates blends…?”

“What does that mean?! It’s a luxury! All of our coffees are delicious!”

Sungmin was enraged.

“Even so, don’t you think we should make our cups so that they match each person’s preferences?”

“Yes, if the person was a customer.”

Their conversation was running parallel.

And, Haraedo-no-kami, who was supposed to be involved, must have lost interest as he sat down at the counter seat and let out a tired yawn.

His profile looked slightly lonely.

Uta put down the towel.

“I’ll brew the Blue Mountain coffee.”

“Why, mana~ger…?”

Sungmin stuck out his lips in a pout, but he had already resigned.

“Why, you ask? It’s because he’s my god.”

“Is your god that important?”

“Important? …Hm~ Yeah, I guess he’s important… More importantly, he’s like family.”

Uta voiced the answer that came straight from his heart.

It seemed that Haraedo-no-kami was born when Izanagi returned from the realm of the dead and cleansed the corruption he found here. In other words, Haraedo-no-kami was a god who cleansed corruption but had also been born from that corruption.

And, he was someone who was abandoned by his parents.

“I don’t think it’s good to be so sympathetic about this.”

“Being sympathetic isn’t something bad, you know.”

Uta lightly smiled as Sungmin continued to grumble beside him and began to grind the coffee beans.

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